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Found 220 results

  1. Version 1.0.3


    This sample mod provides a file, savable_infinity.lua, which when modimport'ed allows storing correctly the following numerical values as savedata: Plus and minus infinity (i.e., math.huge and -math.huge); NaN (Not a Number, i.e., the result of invalid arithmetical operations, such as 0/0). The game's save system is patched transparently, so other than modimport'ing savable_infinity.lua no other steps need to be taken: simply feel free to store the above values in savedata. The patching of the game's DataDumper function uses the fact that Don't Starve's savedata is simply Lua code to store these values as arithmetical expressions: plus infinity is saved as 1/0, negative infinity as -1/0 and NaN as 0/0. The method used for the patching is more hackish than I would like (making heavy use of Lua's debug library), but it is the cleanest method of doing so I could think of, other than simply overriding vanilla's dumper.lua. The rest of the mode code, beyond savable_infinity.lua, is just a test suite to see the added functionality in action. The file savable_infinity.lua is modimport'ed in modworldgenmain.lua, so that all savedata is stored correctly (but it can safely be modimport'ed in modmain.lua instead, if worldgen savedata is not a concern). In modmain.lua, the global variable ENCODE_SAVES is set to false, causing save files to be stored as plain Lua instead of zip compressed Lua, allowing visual inspection of the saves' contents. Furthermore, modmain.lua adds the included infinitysavetest component to the world entity: this component simply returns the mentioned values in its OnSave method and checks the validity of the loaded savedata in its OnLoad method, which prints the following to log.txt: ../mods/SavableInfinity/scripts/components/infinitysavetest.lua(17,1) Running InfinitySaveTest:OnLoad() for [100013 - cave] ../mods/SavableInfinity/scripts/components/infinitysavetest.lua(28,1) Testing savedata entry 'positive infinity'... PASSED ../mods/SavableInfinity/scripts/components/infinitysavetest.lua(28,1) Testing savedata entry 'negative infinity'... PASSED ../mods/SavableInfinity/scripts/components/infinitysavetest.lua(28,1) Testing savedata entry 'NaN'... PASSED ../mods/SavableInfinity/scripts/components/infinitysavetest.lua(30,1) Ran InfinitySaveTest:OnLoad()
  2. Version 1.0


    THIS WORKS ON THE VANILA VERSION OF DONT STARVE WITHOUT THE REIGN OF GIANTS DLC. This mod is an uptaded version of the original Madman666 Books mod Now every character in dont starve can craft and use the 5 books that were only available to wickerbottom. Really big thanks to Madman666 for being a great inspiration for this mod since he made another version a long a time ago but never uptaded all the credit goes to him mostly. Original mod: http://forums.kleien...e/66-books-mod/ Remember to report any bugs that you might find while using this mod so that i can repair it as soon as i can.
  3. Porta-Grill



    Porta-Grill is compatible with RoG -The Porta-Grill is a portable grill. -The Porta-Grill is fueled with wood,charcoal etc. -The Porta-Grill has an on\off switch to help save fuel. -The Porta-Grill has a small amount of light when switched on. -The Porta-Grill must be switched on in order to cook! -The Porta-Grill only shows fuel level when in your inventory. -The Porta-Grill has a small amount of heat when switched on. -Craftable under the FOOD TAB -Recipe = 1 Heatrock,4 Charcoal and 1 Hammer. Have fun,comments and suggestions are welcome.
  4. Wilson's Cabin



    Wilson has grown tired of his tiny mud hut,and has moved on to bigger and better things.He has been working very hard to collect the proper resources to construct a cabin.At this point he has built and furnished himself with a bed,table ,chair,chest,log suit,football helmet,backpack,spear ,lantern,beefalo horn and fridge.Although these things are none clickable.I thought it would be cool if when close enough, you were able to gaze in to see all the work he's done thus far. Very tempting to make "Wilson's House With Light and Wilson's House" mods little more than a tent, I won't. To many people use them as is! So for those of you In need of a more balanced home,I give you the chance to do just that with Wilson's Cabin. -Wilson's Cabin uses at the moment = -Wilson's Cabin sleep times before perish = 100 -Wilson's Cabin light = infinite fuel, with auto light switch on near/off far distance to cabin -Wilson's Cabin calories/hunger boost on sleep = 37, this is why there is food in the recipe.Besides who comes home after a long day and doesn't eat? How much? "Comments welcome!" -Wilson's Cabin sanity gain on sleep = 50 -Wilson's Cabin healing on sleep = 60 -Wilson's Cabin TUNING = dont starve\mods\workshop-207754436\modmain.lua TUNING.CALORIES_CABIN = 37 TUNING.SANITY_CABIN = 50 TUNING.HEALING_CABIN = 60 TUNING.FINITEUSES_CABIN = 100 -Recipe = 60 logs, 10 light bulbs and 5 meaty stews "Suggestions welcome!" -Meaty Stew Recipe Info = -Note: Light bulbs perish very fast,I suggest you put them in frige,freezer or lunch box along with stews
  5. Survival Gear



    Mod has 3 craftable items -Beefalo Coat keeps you warm as Puffy Vest -Beefalo Coat calms redass mood to make poop collection easier -Beefalo Coat is repairable with use of sewing kit -Basic Punisher has damage of spear with hammer tool -Punisher With Teeth has damage of tentacles spike with axe tool -All 3 are craftable under the SURVIVAL TAB Recipe = -Beefalo Coat = 2 heatrock,5 rope and 20 beefalowool -Punisher = 4 flint,4 rope and 4 boards -Punisher With Teeth = 1 punisher and 15 hounds teeth -Note all 3 items have their own minimap icon for easy location
  6. Version


    Rechargeable Mega Light Wilson has finally done it! He's learned how to capture the energy contained in a lightning bolt. Using the transformer unit, he's storing it in batteries inside the unit. He now plans to replace his ol lightning rod with his new and improved super lightning rod. -Mega Light features = -Mega Light functions as a lightning rod -When struck by lightning it holds a 3 day charge -Never runs out of power at night ,always at first light -If hit by lightning before charge runs out, it will receive a full charge -Mega Light will light up your entire base in most cases -Mega Light has a cool electricity special effects -Mega Light is craftable under the LIGHT TAB -Mega Light Recipe = 3 gold nuggets, 2 gears and 10 light bulbs -TUNING = Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\dont_starve\mods\workshop-217475502\modmain.lua -TUNING.CHARGE = 3 "This is days" -Note: You gotta have a lightning rod anyway,why not have a Rechargeable Mega Light
  7. Fish Farm

    Version 1.3


    Base and RoG compatible The Fish Farm is a self sustaining food source. While exploring one day,Wilson came across what looked to be an old wash tub.Upon closer inspection he discovers that bees had built their hive on it.So Wilson the honey lover that he is,wants to collect the honey. Paying no mind to the water in the tub,starts to collect the honey,and when some droped into the warter he was startled.Wow what a big fish!So he looked into the water and noticed several big fish.At that point he decides to salvege the whole tub hive and all,so he could rebuild it for furture use. -The bees collect pollen from flowers,so the more flowers you have the better -Bees use pollen to make honey -Honey oozing from the holes you made in the box,feeds the fish -Fish then grow and multiply -There are 3 stages of growth,indicated by the number of fish you can see in the water -0 fish = you can harvest 0 fish -1 fish = you can harvest 1 fish -2 fish = you can harvest 2 fish -3 fish = you can harvest 3 fish -Growth speed depends on amount of flowers nearby. -Tip: With new DLC from Klei comes new seasonal bees, so don't build in your base if RoG is enabled,because bees are very dangerous! Otherwise your safe! -Recipe = 10 boards,2 fish and 4 bees Have fun! As always comments and suggestions are welcome
  8. Farming For Light



    The Power Of Nature! -Farm the Cave Flowers with 1,2,3 bulbs or all -Eat the Cave Flower's bulb and take on the power of light -Fuel your lantern or Monkey Skull Lantern with the Cave Flower's bulb -Cave Flowers are craftable under the FOOD TAB Recipe = -Single bulb flower = 1 light bulb,3 poop and 1 fungal turf -Double bulb flower = 2 light bulb,5 poop and 2 fungal turf -Triple bulb flower = 3 light bulb,10 poop and 3 fungal turf -Note: -Fungal Turf is found in caves -Cave Flowers are now digable, loot = 1 bulb -Remember they give light when in bloom state
  9. Evergreens



    -Nice Tall Evergreens! -This modifies the growth cycle of the Evergreen Trees to randomly grow bigger -When chopped down at max growth they produce double log loot -Giant tree life is only 2 time segments,so is best to chop when first grown to giant.This is to keep fov under control -Note: If a Treeguard spawns from one these trees a true GIANT is born!
  10. Craftable Skull Chest



    Chest is fireproof Chest has 12 slots Craftable under structures tab 4 boards 1 nightmarefuel
  11. YoungBeefalo

    Version 1.02


    INFO: »»» Here is now my first release of "Young Beefalo". It can be and will be your strongest companion in your journey if you protect him, feed him with berries, or plant things or wood, grass, care him! it's a very young beefalo baby when he get's in trouble he fight for his life and will focus anyone which hits him or his owner. Of course he have some favorite enemy's like Spiders or Tentacles etc. NEWS: WIP: "Standalone" Version of the Young Beefalo without the required: "Youngbeefalo Homesign" & "Younghorn". HOW TO GET THE YOUNGBEEFALO: 1. Find the "Younghorn". (Where: Spiderqueen, Spiderhole, Graves, Deerclops, Monkeys and Monkeybarrels) 2. Build a "Youngbeefalo Homesign" and place it somewhere on the ground. 3. Now wait some seconds and the "Youngbeefalo" will spawn near to you. 4. Have Fun & Enjoy Features: » Accept Owner Targets: Fight in a Team together! » Growing Stages: Gets Bigger, Stronger and Older in 4 Stages. » Backpack Feature: (soon). » Tree Chop Feature: (next update 1.05). » Standalone Version: (next update 1.05). » Health & Hunger Bar/Meter Display: (soon). Youngbeefalo Homesign Features: Research Level: Science 1 Recipe Tab: Structure Cost: Boards 6x | Log 5x | Twigs 5x Preview: Version: 1.02 - WIN32_STEAM [uNTESTED API UPDATE] Compatible: "DON'T STARVE BASE"/"REIGN OF GIANTS" Bugs: PLEASE LEAVE A MESSAGE BELOW IN COMMENTS SECTION! The MOD is still in development, so do not take it too seriously! Thanks to everyone for using my stuff! thanks & enjoy! regards DontStarver InstallNotes v.1.02: ABOUT "STEAM WORKSHOP" AND "DON'T STARVE TOGETHER": NO ONE HAS THE PERMISSION TO SHARING/UPLOAD ANY PARTS OF MY MODS. THEY ARE ONLY FOR PEOPLE ON KLEI ENTERTAINMENT FORUMS. ANY VIOLATION WILL BE REPORTED IMMEDIATELY!
  12. Stinky in Here

    Version 0.4


    BETA [DS, RoG] Warning: This mod is not yet completely tested; please keep in mind, that it might crash on use. Im looking forward to change to a release stable version. Please test this mod and send messages, if you find any bug! Stinky in Here Have you ever had an ice box full of nearly spoiled food and didnt know, what to do? Just throw it on ur new fancy compost pile and get extra poop! This new compost pile (requested here: can turn veggies, meals, twigs, grass, seeds and lot more into poop. You dont have to run to your beefalo-plains to find poop, you can generate it by yourself! Features: Rotting veggies, fruits, eggs, meals, grass, twigs, cones, flowers, mushrooms and seeds (mandrakes, too ) Dropping 1-4 Poop after a few days (~1.5-10 days) with given criterias (amount of stuff, spoilage ..) Burnable with 0-3 ash (amount ~poopamount) Probability of fireflies (usual: 2%, 90% in a specific case) Design: ~Farm + fancy poop-flies, New UI(5 Slots) Tech-Category: Food (Science Machine needed) 6xRocks 3xPoop 4xLogs Future changes: Custom minimap icon (possible?) Special thanks to @Malacath for the great support! Balance and Variables:
  13. Version 2.0


    Changes your trusty Chester into even more trusty and lovely Companion Cube! <3 Update 2.0 • Added Snow Cube and Shadow Cube • Fixed some clipping issues, opened state can't be fixed though. • Works with RoG!
  14. Version 2.0


    When you put bird into a cage it will drop feathers from time to time. Feather drops are based on time. You can now configure time of feather drop chance to: (480 IS ONE FULL DS DAY) -Rarer: 4800 + random number from 10 to 30 -Rare: 480 + random number from 10 to 30 -Less: 336 + random number from 10 to 30 -Default: 240 + random number from 10 to 30 -More: 144 + random number from 10 to 30 -Many: 96 + random number from 10 to 30 Limit of feathers on the ground around birdcage, when limit is reached no new feathers will appear until you picke them up: -Rare: 2 -Less: 4 -Default: 6 -More: 8 -Many:10 Amount of named seeds (chance to get additional named seeds along with default game rewards): - No Seeds (default) - 1 Seed - 1 - 2 Seeds - 2 - 3 Seeds - 2 - 4 Seeds Works with Shipwrecked
  15. Version 1.3.2


    The mod formerly known as "simplex testing". Its goal is to aid in mod testing (being aimed at modders), focusing on being extensible through custom code to suit a particular purpose. To add custom code, place it in a file inside submodules/ and add that file's name (minus the ".lua" extension) to the Submodules.Include call in modmain.lua. Such code will have access to the variable imports performed in imports.lua and the conveniences defined in conveniences.lua, alongside the usual mod environment capabilities. The default submodules do (at least) the following: Enable debug keys. Add a new row of buttons to error screens, with a button for reloading the game state (like the previous mod) and another one for going straight to the main menu (without any saving). Run consolecommands.lua and export a few additional console utilities, listed below. Export an utility function called regen_level(), which regens the current level (erasing it). The additional console functions are: This mod will be listed as outdated in the Steam version. This is necessary to keep compatibility with standalone.
  16. Dormant Curse

    Version 1.0.1


    Prevents Woodie from triggering his curse on a full moon if he sleeps through the night.
  17. Insanillumination

    Version 1.1


    Insanillumination is designed to make the NightLight a more useful and valuable addition to Don't Starve. I have reballanced the crafting recipe so that it is a more viable light source. I have also retuned how the NightLight works and interacts with the player as well. Key Features include: -No longer drains sanity while standing near it -New Recipe: 1 red gem, 4 logs, 2 gold nuggets. -Now lights up on player approach if it was extinguished, however doing so costs sanity. -Still consumes Nightmare fuel for maintaining light levels. The main objective with this is to have the NightLight act as a path marker of sorts, or at the very least, make keeping an extra large base well lit without having to burn down a sizable forest.
  18. Version 1.2.1


    While enabled, suppresses the automatic updating of Steam Workshop mods, adding a button to the Mods screen for that purpose.
  19. Serious Poison

    Version 1.0


    As requested WARNING!!! SERIOUS POISON WILL KILL YOU IF EATEN!!! -This poison will kill most anything I could think of that eats with the exception birds and rabbits. -Beefalo arn't eaters but were modded to eat. -The poison does have a shelf life of about 10 days -Serious Poison is craftable under the FOOD TAB -3 monster meat 3 red cap mushrooms and 3 rot -Use at your own risk.
  20. Hound Poison

    Version 1.0


    If Ever I Needed This! -Instant death -The Poison Meat only attracts Hounds and does so like bees to honey! -Hounds are the only animal that can eat Poison Meat -Poison Meat is crafted under the FOOD TAB -1 monster meat 1 red cap mushroom -Poison Meat never spoils -Hounds beware theres a new treat
  21. Revenge of The Dead

    Version 1.2


    Features: Within 3 to 13 days after a grave has been dug, more frequently the older your world, the spirits of the dead will come for their revenge! These revenge events happen when the moon rises and for each dug grave lightning will strike that grave and it will be undug, then there will be a ghost that attacks you, some of these ghost will have special properties and special prizes. All Revenge seeking ghost will disappear at sunrise. Revenge events won't happen a night if you sleep at dusk but once it has started you can't sleep until that night ends. Special Ghost: There are 6 special ghost that only spawn during revenge and they are distinguished by having a constantly angery face (except green) and faintly glow a different color but as they group together it can be challenging to distinguish. Each ghost drops their respective colored gem if killed. Red Ghosts: Double the health of regular ghosts, *New* and hitting them slightly raises your body temperature. Blue Ghosts: Hitting them lowers you body temperature (works on enemy to.) Purple Ghosts: Super sanity drain. (-200 per/minute) Orange Ghosts: *New* A quarter faster than regular ghost, and hitting them has a chance to randomly teleport you somewhere onscreen. Yellow Ghosts: Very bright. Green Ghosts: About half the health as regular ghost and timid, always looks sad. Pics: Other Feature: Non-special ghosts from graves and during revenge attacks have a chance to drop a random trinket (can be configured.) TL;DR: Mod makes graves re-dig-able so grave items are renewable. Special ghosts drop gems so all colored gems are renewable in overworld. (gem drop rates configurable) Configurations: Open up modmain.lua from the Revenge of The Dead folder here are the default configurations: ----Config-----local special_ghost_percent = 2/3 --the chance of a ghost being special during a revenge attack, set to 0 for no special ghost, ghosts by any other means will still always be normal.TUNING.special_ghost_drop_gem_chance = 1 --1 means 100% chance 1/2 would mean 50%, and 0.5 would also mean 50%local specialOnlyGems = true --if true special ghost will not drop trinkes or other loots added to normal ghosts.local trinket_chance = 1/3 --the chance for normal ghost dug from graves and during revenge attacks to drops a random trinket, 0 will disable this option. Also special ghost if specialOnlyGems is set to falselocal all_ghost_extra_loot = { --items in this table will be dropped by normal ghost dug from graves and during revenge attacks, also special ghost if specialOnlyGems is set to false.--this one below is just to give an example of what a normal item would look like. Just add your own without the double dashes.--{item = "nightmarefuel", chance = 1/3},}--disable a perticular colored ghost by commenting out that color below with a double dash like this --"red",local colors = { "red", "blue", "purple", "orange", "yellow", "green",}------End Config-------- Discuss: Any tips or suggestions are welcome and appreciated but go easy on me, A n00b I am. You can talk to me about the mod, tell me how much you like it, or just say hi below. Also ratings do make me happy, especially the 5 star variety. Acknowledgements: This mod was heavily inspired by an idea by John2022. Boring Legal Stuff: Feel free to use anything from my mods in anyway you like, acknowledgement is not necessary but it is appreciated. As school and life take up more of my time I may have to give up on updating these mods, if I fail to update them to the current version of Don't Starve for several weeks, assume my mods are abandon and feel free to start your own version using any and all of my assets. It sure has been a lot of fun! This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License. To Install: Just go to steamsteamappscommondont_starvemods and place the folder located in the .zip archive Start Don't Starve and go to the "Mods" menu and enable this mod.
  22. Monkey Skull Lantern

    Version 1.0


    Love That Old Monkey! Waldo's father has passed and Wilson can't bare to part with him So he's decided to make a lantern with his skull! Craftable under the light tab 1 firefly 2 gold nuggets 1 hammer lantern fueled with fireflies or light bulb Cool new graphics! Thanks Blackbow!
  23. Haunted House

    Version 1.0


    Steam Download Spooky Stay the night and get your prize Craftable under the Structure Tab Or you may search the world for it IMO the best version you have to craft
  24. Know It All

    Version 1.6


    I would like to introduce Neuron Industries latest invention, the Know-it-all-atron! Let it provide you with valuable information about your surroundings so you don't have to! Let me share some of the wonderful features of the Know-it-all-atron: Features: Thank you for considering crafting the fabulous Know-it-all-atron, first keep in mind the recipe: That's 3 gold, 2 gun powder, and 1 gear. Now to access the Know-it-all-atron data base by wearing it on your back like so: It is a bit heavy though, so don't be trying to out run monsters with it on your back. And you will Notices that it's niffy control panel will open up on the right hand of the screen: Now that you know how to use it, lets take a look at its features: Sanity Rate- It measures you sanity by scanning your brain and definite not irradiating you, it will than tell you the current rate in sanity per minute your sanity is going up or down. Example: Naughtiness - It keeps track of the the naughty things you have been up to, and before sharing it with the government and Google AdSense, it tells you your naughtiness level and the naughty threshold that will summon a Krampus if reached and the amount of time in seconds until your naughty level drops by one. Example: Beard Level- By analyzing your manly pheromones it will determine information about your current beardieness, how long you've been growing it, when it will grow more, and how much you will get for it if shaved. Example: Temperature - Feeling cold, or over heated? Well your just in luck, because the Know-it-all-atron can tell you just how much you are being killed by the environment.. If (body temperature < 5 degrees (10 for RoG)) you start to get the icy screen and if (body temperature < 0 degrees) you start to take 1.25 damage each second, read more about Freezing. Example: You can also put the Know-it-all-atron on the ground and interface with by right clicking, useful so seeing the affect of being fully clothed has on your temperature, the panel is slightly to the left to accommodate backpacks. Season- Witness as it has the power of divination and can tell you the number of days left in the current season, the outside temperature, and the phase of the moon even if it is day or in a cave. Precipitation- Rain is serious business, and the Know-it-all-atron always takes care of business. If you are in the overworld the basic information given is: How long it is until rain or snow will start or stop and, "Moisture atmo_moisture(moisture_floor/moisture_limit)" When it is not raining atmo_moisture will go up and when it reaches the moisture_limit it will start to rain and moisture_floor will change, if it is raining then atmo_moisture will go down and when it reaches moisture_floor rain stops and moisture_limit will change. If it is raining (or snowing) this information is also given: ", precip rate precip_rate" which means how hard it is raining and is useful for the next information. If the condition for lightning are right (which usually means if it is raining) then this information is also given: ", lightning nextlightningtime" Which is how much time in seconds until the next lightning strike When nextlightningtime reaches zero in a normal type of world: If precip_rate > 0.75 then lightning will strike near you if precip_rate > 0.5 then you will hear thunder and see a flash if precip_rate < 0.5 then you will hear the faint sound of thunder. Example: If you are in a cave you will get the time until the next quake in seconds, how much debris will drop and how long the quake will last. Example: Hound Attack- Built in urine sensors will detect how far away the next swarm of hounds will show up. Giants - Giants, majestic and mysterious, they don't show up with any guarantee, rather they have a chance of making themselves known and the Know-it-all will attempt to track their movements, normally you will just see this: Example: But if one attempts to become active, it will tell you how many days before it might show up, and if one becomes present somewhere in the world, asking the Know-it-all-atron will alert you to it's presents: Threats- Finally underground if you click the threats button, it will tell you information about the activity of the worms, it should also detect any other threats like them should they be implemented in the game or by a mod. example: If for some reason the information you are requesting is not valid at the time, like asking about hound attacks in a cave or beard level if not Wilson or Webber, you will get a message telling you as much. Example: Notes: Any reference to about of "days" means in game but seconds and minutes are in real time but may or may not be actual seconds and minutes but I am like 616% sure they are. For Magic Horn users: The Hound Horn does initiate a regular Hound attack therefore it will reset the next time until a Hound attack. The Krampus Horn does involves committing a very naughty act therefore it will reset your Naughtiness. The Deerclops Horn does NOT initiate a regular Deerclops attack so using it will NOT change when the next Deerclops attack happens. Though two Deerclops can still never be in a world at the same time. For Rain Manipulator + Quakeometer users: Hitting the Rainometer makes it start raining without changing the humidity in anyway so if your atmo_moisture is low then a low moisture_floor is chosen but that means it will not rain particularly long or hard.(insert joke here). If you are in a cave the Quakeometer functionality works from 500 seconds until the next quake being all the way in the yellow and 0 being all the way in the blue, and hitting it with a hammer (which by default is equivalent to detonating a single Gun Powder) will reduce that time by 200 seconds.Discuss: Any tips or suggestions are welcome and appreciated but go easy on me, A n00b I am. You can talk to me about the mod, tell me how much you like it, or just say hi, below. Also ratings do make me happy, especially the 5 star variety. Acknowledgements: My first iteration of this mod was originally inspired by Mini tools. Thanks to tehMugwump, WrathOf, chromiumboy and anyone else that helps create it, I could do none of this with out you. The Worms feature was first suggest by ioioto Boring Legal Stuff: Feel free to use anything from my mods in anyway you like, acknowledgement is not necessary but it is appreciated. As school and life take up more of my time I may have to give up on updating these mods, if I fail to update them to the current version of Don't Starve for several weeks, assume my mods are abandon and feel free to start your own version using any and all of my assets. It sure has been a lot of fun! This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License. To Install: Just go to steamsteamappscommondont_starvemods and place the folder located in the .zip archive Start Don't Starve and go to the "Mods" menu and enable this mod. Support My Mods: If you would like to help me out, follow this like link wait for 10 seconds and click the "Skip ad" at the top right of the page.
  25. Waldo With Eye_Bone

    Version 1.2


    To get started craft Waldo's EyeBone.Waldo is able to pick all pickable products Waldo will not pick (FLOWERS or FARM CROPS) but he will wear a hat.He doesn't do combat and can't be hurt from it.Once the eyebone is crafted Waldo should be your friend for life.The little fellow can carry a lot of junk! To claim his spoils simply crack him over the head with a hammer hehehe Waldo's EyeBone is craftable under the (Science Tab) Tip: I found when testing that Chester's Eye_Bone is better held by Waldo. Enjoy! I've had a blast creating and testing this one!