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Found 220 results

  1. Version


    This mod adds a little color to your world. And by "a little", I mean "a lot". Like a whole lot. Increased by a bunch. Basically, anything that can have a rainbow effect applied to it, does. So when you ask, "How come object X doesn't have a rainbow effect?" Remember, it's because it simply can't be applied. Oh and rainbow butterflies will fly out of your body every time you're hit. Aside from that, this mod adds nothing. It's just a lot of eye candy. Recent Changes: -Text is now affected.(also optional) -Added a configuration menu. -Refined the rainbow effect's color algorithm. Everything now cycles through a variety of colors.
  2. Rock Swords

    Version 1.0


    Hello there! This mod is for "Rock Lobster Overpopulation matrix bug", see what is going on about this here: So, if you have this problem, you can build it up with nightmare sword and 2 rocks. It can be crafted by Prestihatitator. If it's too late just use command c_give("rocksword"). It have 500000 uses. Deals 5000 dmg. Why I added crafting than give it? Because it have not custom animations. Just nightmare sword with ability to kill overpopulation of RL. And it's cheaters safety net. ONLY FOR ROCK LOBSTERS! Other entities have "0" dmg points by this sword. ONLY FOR MATRIX BUG!
  3. Glass Joe

    Version 6


    Prototype of Glass Joe from Punch Out! My first mod too. Has 100 health since he 's such a punching bag, 200 hunger due to no muscles to fuel, and 150 sanity from being in a world where the spiders can kill him faster than Little Mac can knock him out. Not as scared of the dark, but terrified of the monsters! Hits a quarter as strong as Wilson and hunger drain is four fifths Wilson's. Has headgear that can be re[aired with one flint. Don't expect much in this early stage, but plans are better art, improved dialogue, in French since Glass Joe is French, better headgear, and boxing gloves.
  4. Evil Seeds

    Version 1.1


    Hello there! I'd like to present you my quick mod made today! Evil seeds. It contains new seeds that can be planted to make evil flower. But watch out! They have opposite stats to normal seeds. They can be cooked. I recommend using mod "More Plantables" to have ability to plant seeds too. To get them you need to kill bird. And it will MAYBE drop.
  5. Salmon

    Version 1.2


    Hello! It's my next mod today called "Salmon". What it does? Adds Salmon... -_- It can be catch only at swamp ponds (there, where mosquitos spawn). It is just a fish but with new texture (BTW it still other item). Salmon now has own pond at swamp and it's rare. You can fish after 2x longer time than in normal pond! They're very rare now. Salmon is a bit OP for now, so give me your opinions how to change it. Animations and code by me.
  6. Hard Mode



    Do you need more of a challenge? RoG isn't hard enough? Wes is too easy for you? You think all mods are too OP? Then it's time to nut up or shut up! Get your gear together cause this mod hates you more than could ever imagine and it's just waiting for you to screw up. And when you do, it will be there to make sure you die a slow, painful, agonizing death. What this mod does: Your movement speed is scaled directly to your health. The less health you have, the slower you move. That's just the beginning. Hunger is another factor. You'll move even slower if you're hungry. Let me guess, you think being full will prevent that right? Pfft, think again. Being too full will slow you down, too. I hope you're good at managing your hunger. Now before you go thinking this is too cruel, I put in a limit to how slow you can move. You can still move really slow but it won't be as bad as it could be. So don't say I never did anything nice for you. How much damage you do also scales in direct relation to your health and hunger. Low on either? Haha, your spear will break long before your enemy does. Did I mention you also get hungry 25% faster? I hope you're a fast runner. Oh... Right... The movement speed thing... Not impressed, yet? Well, try this one on for size, homeboy. Every time you're attacked, you have a fair chance of a getting something vital ripped open. What does that mean? What the hell do you think?? It means you could bleed to death! While you're bleeding, you'll lose 2 health points and 1 sanity point a second until you heal yourself. Oh, and don't expect meatballs or flowers to save you. Nope, you'll need something stronger to stop the bleeding. I hope you're resourceful. I know what you're thinking, "What about sanity?" Hahaha! Does any of this look sane to you?? No. Everybody's sanity drops over time. And by everybody, I mean EVERYBODY. "Including mod characters?" you ask? What kind of pathetic amateur do you take me for?? Of course them too! Nobody is safe from anything in this mod! And we're just getting started. If your sanity drops below a certain percentage, you can't use tools anymore. It doesn't end there, either. If it drops below a second point, you can't even do things like harvest crops, grass, twigs or even pick flowers. Don't lose your mind out there cause you may never get it back. Still too easy? Don't worry, princess. I've got you covered. Everything that attacks you also does an additional 35% damage and 25% of that damage is deducted from your sanity. Oh and Charlie, aka Grue? Yeah, she instantly kills you now. Yep, one hit kill. Every. Single. Time. Keep that torch close. Now you're probably thinking things like resurrection stones and meat effigies will save you. HAHAHA, guess what. Being resurrected cuts off a third of your total health. Permanently. Every time. Forever. Two resurrections and Wilson's maximum health is at 66 points! Getting it, yet? Haha, and reloading a save? Yeah, that won't change a thing. Like I said, it's permanent! I know what you're thinking, "Is that where it ends? Can I stop reading now?" Haha, not even close. Every time you eat something, there's a chance the smell of your food and the sound of you eating will attract hounds. This ain't no picnic, son, this is survival! Do you enjoy building your base up? You won't for long! Every time you build something, there's a chance a stray murderous robot will come running out of the woods. But that should be no problem for you, right? Well then how about this? Chopping down trees may wake up tentacles sleeping underground and they won't be happy with you disturbing them. Mining boulders? Yep, spiders might be hiding under them. This world is overflowing with lifeforms! It's too bad they're all so hungry. The dead lifeforms, too. Speaking of which, did I mention there's a decent chance a ghost will rise from a recently killed corpse? Yeah, that's a thing now, too. But wait, dogs, robots and spiders? Big whoop, am I right? Well it's a big whoop now. Very big. Every monster in the game now has a chance to be much bigger than the types you're used to. If they look bigger then that means they have more health, do more damage and move faster. But that's not all. There's yet another chance it will spawn as a "mega version". What's a mega version? Something that only little babies would be scared of. You're not a little baby... are you? While you're furrowing your brow in a vain attempt to answer that last question, let me ask you another. Do you remember how your inventory used to have 15 slots? And did you notice how I just now said, "used to"? Yep, your inventory has been cut in half. You now have seven slots to make miracles happen before you die. Oh and your map? It resets every night. Only sissies hide behind paperwork to keep themselves alive. Real survivors use paper for only one thing and you're not going to have time for that, not with all the dying you'll be doing. Is all of this sounding too hard? Then let me say it one last time, nut up or shut up.
  7. Like Lightning



    This mod adds two hats: Bison's hat and a Pikachu hat. Both hats are functionally identical. How they work: Lightning will strike anything you attack AND lightning will strike anything that attacks you while you're wearing either hat. -Manual mode: I also added a manual lightning strike mechanism, where you can right click any spot on the ground(or right click the hat from your hat equip slot) and lightning will strike whatever you're pointing your mouse at. (!!)Right now, it uses the spellcaster component, which means manual mode only works if you have something in your hands. I had to make it that way or else the game would crash when you tried to use it without something in your hands.(!!) How to use: Craft either hat from the clothing tab and equip it. It's just that easy! To craft the Pikachu hat, you need a miner's hat, 5 pieces of gold and a rabbit.(Yes, I know Pikachu is a mouse but eh, close enough.) To craft Bison's hat, you need a miner's hat, 5 pieces of gold and 5 spider glands. Recent Changes: -Fixed lightening striking anything that's attacked.(I can't believe it took me so long to notice this.) Hilarious, OP, and more importantly, fun. Obviously I could spend a lot of time trying to take most of the fun out of it by balancing it out and all that, BUT instead I decided the only restriction would be a spoil time. You can use the hat as much as you want for 15 days. After 15 days, it turns back into a miner's hat. Before anyone says it: Yes, I know the hats look like crap, especially the Pikachu hat. If you want to make a better looking hat and contribute it, I'll use it, and of course give you credit for it, but for now, that's all I've got. In short, this is for people who like to have fun, not for people who only care about how games look. If you have any issues, suggestions or comments, please feel free to leave them.
  8. Al Bundy



    Have you ever found yourself watching Married With Children and thought to yourself, "I wish my life was as good as Al's"? Well, I've got good news for you. Now you can momentarily ignore your tragic life and depressing problems just long enough to pretend you're Al Bundy, thanks to this mod! Character specs: 25 Hunger 25 Sanity 250 Health Al doesn't lose sanity at dusk and he takes less hunger damage when he's starving. Because of his athletic background and years spent stealing other people's food when they're not looking and running away, Al has an increased movement speed. This is further increased when he's starving. Thanks to Al getting into fights with people at the nudey bar on a nearly daily basis, Al also has increased damage. This is further increased when he's starving. His lack of daily nutrition has conditioned his body to quickly absorb anything he eats, which means he gets hungry much quicker. He can also eat things most people cannot, including but not limited to: pinecones, bugs, lureplant bulbs and even paper. Al is lucky enough to get blown up, set on fire, crushed by fat women at the shoe store and assaulted by his wife on a regular basis so his body is also used to quickly recovering. As a result, Al regenerates health when he's not starving. How fast he regenerates health scales in relation to his hunger points. The more full Al is, the faster he regenerates health. When Al escaped his life in Chicago, he remembered to bring his Big'uns magazine. Reading it regenerates a forth of your max sanity. He also starts with the blueprints for a football helmet and his beloved Official No Ma'am Shirt. His shirt increases maximum sanity by 25 and maximum health by 50, giving him a total of 50 and 300, respectively. It also prevents starvation damage from taking away health when your health drops down to 10(you can still die in every other way so don't get cocky). As an added bonus, it also gives him an official No Ma'am beer gut. Recent changes: -Completely removed his shirt's sanity regen function as the magazine's percentage based sanity restoring function made it obsolete. -Tweaked Big'uns magazine; no longer restores health on use, now restores a forth of your max sanity. -Tweaked the No Ma'am shirt; dropped sanity regen down to 1 every 10 seconds, while equipped your last 10 health points will not be affected by starvation damage. -Speed and damage boosts/debuffs now scale in relation to your hunger and health points. -Health regeneration now scales. -Fixed pigs eating food specific to only Al. -The damage Al takes from starvation now scales. -Tweaked the damage indicator overlay so it won't stand out as much when he's starving but will still be noticeable. -Al no longer loses sanity during dusk. Sanity loss at night is unchanged. -Fixed an issue with resurrection stones and other such things. Tips: -Al is accustomed to going hungry so don't be afraid of starvation. The health loss from starving is lessened with Al and his health regeneration can quickly undo lost health. -Try to let Al reach starvation when you know you're about to explore or go into combat. Al's starvation boosts his speed and damage, making both exploration and combat easier. -Eating things like monster meat is also not a problem for Al. The health loss is negated by his health regeneration and the sanity loss is negated by his Big'Uns magazine. -Most importantly, try to think outside the box. Don't let me tell you how to play. Experiment and you may be surprised to find how resilient Al is. If you think this mod is too hard or even balanced, you're wrong. If anything Al Bundy is actually OP. You just have to learn a new playstyle to survive. This is not the mod's final version. There's still a lot of dialog to rewrite and other changes could happen.
  9. No Werepigs



    Are you too lazy to run away when you see a pig changing into a werepig? Not a problem! This mod makes it so pigs don't transform into werepigs anymore. This mod was created mostly for this mod but it works on it's own, too. Recent changes: -Full moon bug fix.
  10. Version


    This mod makes food fall from the sky when it's raining! Not balanced in the least bit! Video demonstration by SmithBoysGaming About the screenshot: It's from when I was first designing the code to make meat fall from the sky. I thought it was funny so I screenshot it. It's not meant to accurately represent how the current version functions. You would have to stand in the same spot while it's raining for a whole day before your screen would fill up with that much food. Recent Changes: -Added a configuration menu. FAQ: Q: Is this compatible with RoG? A: From what I've tested, it is. Q: Does it only rain ham? A: No, of course not. That would be silly. Q: Isn't this a little OP? A: There's nothing "little" about how OP it is. Q: Are you going to balance it out? A: Nope! Q: Then what's the point of this mod? A: Mods have a point? Q: Is Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs a good movie? A: It's an alright family movie but seeing it once is plenty. Q: Has anybody actually asked any of these questions? A: Not all of them...
  11. Brighter Lighter



    If you're like me, and I know I am, then you're disappointed with Willow's Lighter and how pitiful it is. Shouldn't the pyromaniac have a better lighter? Shouldn't there be more incentive to play as her than a weaker but longer lasting version of the torch? Doesn't she deserve better? Well, fret no longer. I've upgraded her lighter so now you'll WANT to use it. What this does: Makes Willow's Lighter burn brighter. Her Lighter stays lit when dropped on the ground. While on the ground, you can cook food over it. Review/Demonstration by JaR Dev Recent Changes: -Updated to be compatible with RoG. Now you can pick the lighter up off the ground without needing to press spacebar. -Loading a save where your lighter is on the ground will now ensure the lighter remains lit and you can still cook food over it, without needing to pick it up first. If you have any issues, suggestions or comments, please feel free to leave them.
  12. Gem Boulders

    Version 1.0


    Hello there guys! Today I made a quick mod called "Gem Boulders"! It generally adds 3 new boulders (you can only see they have a surprise in) which contains: Red and Purple gem, or Yellow and Orange gem, or Blue and Green gem. Every gem have a 1/2 chance to drop (what means it can don't drop and drop them both too!) and 3 rocks. They're REALLY rare.
  13. Giant Stats



    Base and RoG compatible Ever wished those pesky giants wern't so hard to kill,or maybe even harder kill? Or wished those pesky giants wern't so strong,or maybe even stronger? Well now your wish is your command. With this mod you can change the stats of all the giants. Use configure mod option to work the magic. All giants have a default setting. All giants have wide slection of options. All giants are unchanged and set to game default till you make the changes. Reset option will reset all of your giants. Health Stats range from 1250 to 4000 Damage Stats range from 25 to 125 Works with existing saved game as well as new. Have fun! As always comments and suggestions are welcome.
  14. Spider Cage



    Compatible with base and RoG. Wilson is going through Silk at an alarming rate these day.So he plans to suit up and go after a Spider Queen! He aims to build himself a Silk Farm aka Spider Cage.If successful Wilson will be able to collect silk much easier. -There are 2 modes, Normal and Expert,which are you? -Normal mode is as follows -There are 3 stages of silk production shown in the cage. -0 you can collect 0 -1 you can collect 1 -2 you can collect 2 -3 you can collect 3 -Your caged spider will produce up to 3 silk if not collected for 3 days,1 per day. -When harvested there will be sanity penalty of - 10 -There is a small sanity aura when standing near. -Crafted under the STRUCTURE TAB -When hammered down the spider will be set free. -Recipe = 1 spider eggs, 2 gold nuggets and 4 boards -Use "Configure Mod" button to change the recipe. -Use "Configure Mod" button to be an Expert. -Expert mode is as follows -Be brave -Be smart -Roll in silk. Have fun! As always comments and suggestions are welcome.
  15. Burn Stats

    Version 1.1


    Base and RoG compatible Ever wished your Fire Pit,Endothermic Fire Pit,Lantern,Pumpkin Lantern,Miner Hat,Torch or Moggles would last just a little bit longer ,or for that matter a lot longer? Well now they can. With this mod you can change the stats of all the items mentioned. Use configure mod option to work the magic. All items have a clearly marked default setting. All items have wide slection of options. All items are unchanged and set to game default till you make the changes. Reset option will reset all of your items. Keeps some item settings default and change others,play around and have some fun! Stats range from default to 100% improved burntime Works with existing saved game as well as new. Have fun! As always comments and suggestions are welcome.
  16. Player Stats



    Base and RoG compatible Ever wanted to change your favorite character's hunger,health and sanity stats? Well with this mod you can change any standard issue DS character's stats. Wx78 is not included ,because I see no need for the options. Use configure mod option to work the magic. All character's have a clearly marked default setting. All characters have wide slection of options. All characters are unchanged and set to game default till you make the changes. Reset option will reset all characters. Make a wimp,ballanced or beast out of your favorite character. Stats range from 50 to 400 Works with existing saved game as well as new. Have fun! As always comments and suggestions are welcome.
  17. Craftable Fleshy Bulb

    Version 1.0


    A crazy Plant for YOU!!!!!!!
  18. Fixed Tooth Traps

    Version 1.1


    Makes tooth traps as responsive as they were before the "All's Well that Maxwell" game update (2013-10-22), with a nearby target being checked for every 0.4 seconds, instead of the current 2 seconds. This prevents the rather common scenario of an enemy walking over a tooth trap without triggering it. Additionally, it makes tooth traps less CPU hungry by having they only check for targets every 15 seconds when they are offscreen by a significant distance*. * Put precisely, this conservative mode is enabled at the same conditions where the game freezes world activity due to the player being too far away. Both the target check delay for when a tooth trap is onscreen and for when it is not are configurable, via the options "Target Check Period" and "Offscr. Targ. Check Period". Setting the latter to "inf" will disable offscreen target checking.
  19. Version 0.1.75


    This Crayon color pack includes the following variants: Red(not available in all stores), Blue, Yellow, and Green.
  20. Kaori

    Version 1.0


    Introduction: During night,it's boring to wait near a fire pit to see the next day comming.It's also boring when you are near a Spider/Tallbird Nest and you don't see anything.Or being hunted by a giant . Now with Kaori,it's you the hunter.She has a night vision.She start with a spear in her inventory.Can eat everything. Stats: Health : 150 Hunger : 150 Sanity : 120 (EDIT : Due to her power night vison she have 120 sanity instead of 200) She have also a small resistance to overheat and freeze. (For the moment it's still a work-in-progress ! I met some problems with her custom hair so I will update her soon.So I let you discover her for the moment: I used Wendy's hair for her head untill her own art hair style).
  21. Better Boulders

    Version 1.0


    There are three types of Boulders. Each has different loot. Smooth: ×3(Small chance for 2 more) ×1(Small chance for 1 more) ×1(Small chance for 1m more) Gold Vein: ×3(Small chance for 2 more) ×1(Small chance for 2 more) ×1(Small chance for 2 more) ×1(Very rare chance to get 1) Flintless: ×4(Medium chance for 2 more)
  22. Version 1.5


    This mod allows you to play as Dr. Ivo Robotnik from the AoSTH show. COMPATIBLE WITH RoG DLC COMPATIBLE WITH ALWAYS ON STATUS. Has custom speech file! Yey~! Custom Maxwell Intro! ^ Steam Workshop Version right there Stats: HP: 120 Hunger: 200 Sanity: 250 Takes a passive 10% less damage Hits 25% weaker Has a science bonus of 1. Moves 20% slower --Fun stuff here CAN CRAFT SCRATCH AND GROUNDER. They fight for you. Scratch's stats: 300 HP Kiting mechanism Does 30 dmg per hit. Drops a blueprint on death to craft another one. Grounder's stats: 500 HP Tanking Mechanism Does 10 dmg per hit, but hits fast. Drops blueprint on death to craft another. Can craft Super Robotnik Potion! It turns you into Super Robotnik for 2 mins! -Changes Build -Increases size -You now do 1.5x more damage then Wilson -HP increased to 210 -Lose sanity very fast -Run much faster -Absorption tuned to make it so you absorb 70% of dmg passively. After 2 minutes, all these reset to normal. Crafted with 5 thulecite, 3 nightmare fuel, and a purple gem. Update 5/24: Updated to API 6 Tweaked a couple of strings to add more pingas. Update 5/25 Changed bigportrait art. Many thanks to PipClank (Dino) for the art! EXPECT MORE UPDATES TO THIS. -Dan P.S Many thanks to Mr. Tiddles (NIk Mik) for my dumb coding questions
  23. Gem Swords

    Version 1.0 + 1.0RPGI


    This mod contains 6 new swords made from nightmaresword and gems. - They're 1.25x powerful of nightmaresword and 1.5x more durable - Red Gem Sword - Set your enemies in fire! - Blue Gem Sword - Freeze your enemies! - Purple Gem Sword - Hit your enemies and gain sanity! - Orange Gem Sword - Do combat and fill your belly! - Green Gem Sword - Now Wigfrid can gain life DURING combat! - Yellow Gem Sword - Shock your enemies with lightning! Note: This is my first time when I'm making new items and animating them (by myself only), so some of animations can be horrible mistakes... BTW They're re-made nightmareswords, so they're NOT great looking like. All of them are done! All have 125 uses except YGS because it is soooooo OP so I decided to give 50 uses to it. I hope I did not make something bad at code, if yes: report it. Thanks to: @Kuloslav for parts of code from his Lightning Staff (Tiny Alchemy Powers) @Cheerio for great tutorials And my sister that kicked my ass to done that swords! Added RPGI version for RPG items.
  24. Version v0.4


    Hello, Klei Forums! I am a new, aspiring modder, and talented artist (from what people tell me), and a huge fan of Don't Starve. And I bring you, Endsville's very own Mandy. Mandy is a grim, evil, hateful little girl, with nary a single ounce of fear in her entire body, and more hate in her pinky-finger than ****'s whole body. She in fact, owns the Grim Reaper himself, by earning his loyalty through a game in which she won. Stats: Health: 200 Hunger: 150 Sanity: 350 Pros: Comes equipped with Dark Sword and Nightmare Amulet. Regains sanity at night. Cons: None... Yet. ~~~~~ Notes: This is my first mod. Ever. So there may be a bug here, and a bug there. So, if your game crashes, it's Mandy's fault. But there most likely won't be crashes, since my mod does not override, or replace a single thing. This is just a character mod. Plain and simple. She comes with her own artwork and her own spoken lines. Which is really awesome. More to come in the near future, so expect updates or an overhaul of Mandy. So check by every few weeks. Known bugs. None known at the moment. Special thanks: Fidooop, for creating Wod Better, which helped me create this character when I had absolutely no idea what to do. I uploaded this the very same day I found Wod Better. Art including. (I'm a fast worker.) Incompatibility: I am not checking every single file combination available to me for incompatibility issues, but below is a list of what this mod will not work with. Fidooop's "Nightmares Tab"
  25. Buildable Mermhouse

    Version 1.001


    Hello guys, this is my first ever mod, so please, don't be cruel. This mod allows you to make mermhouses, so you can make your own fish and frog farm. Animations and code done by me.