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Found 220 results

  1. Normal Tree

    Version 1.0


    Lets you transform dead evergreen into a Totally Normal Tree with 3 nightmare fuels.
  2. Size Matters



    Now before you get all up in a huff, keep in mind the name is just a joke. We all know size doesn't really matter. Except when it does. Which is all the time. What this mod does: Everything's size is directly related to it's health. As it takes damage, it shrinks and it's speed decreases. However, not it's attack damage. This is applied to everything with health, including you.
  3. It's Alive!

    Version 1.0


    Mandrake will respawn at the place of its death after 20/40/60/80 days (configurable), that means: -mandrakes picked during the day time, -killed/burned mandrakes that were following you -burned mandrakes -mandrakes eaten by Gobblers and Bearger The above applies only to mandrakes that are in follower form during dusk and night time and mandrakes that are planted in the ground.
  4. Wunk

    Version 1.0.5


    This is the mod of Wunk, a custom character made by Vivalavie and Inward. Compatible with or without the Reign of Giants DLC. Wunk is a punk addicted to drugs. - His movement speed and attack speed increase when his sanity decreases, but he's slowed when he has a good rate of sanity. - He slowly loses health when his sanity is too low. - He can craft a peace pipe and a hell pipe, to smoke and gain health points, but his hunger and sanity decrease. - He has a new stat : his rate of drug. Wunk needs to smoke regularly, else he loses his speed powers. But a monster will spawn if his rate of drug is too high ! Eating raw mushrooms also increases this rate. Wunk also has : - Custom speech - Custom sounds - His look changes when he starts to be crazy Stats : Hunger : 150 Sanity : 125 Health : 150
  5. Version


    Do you want jerky but you accidentally cooked all of your meat over a fire, again? Well, this mod allows you to put cooked meats on drying racks. Cooked meats create the same jerky as their uncooked variants. Additionally, jerky spoil times are now easily adjustable via the configuration menu.
  6. Practical LightBulbs

    Version 1.1


    This mod revokes the ability of light bulbs to perish and replenish health, thus making them a reliable renewable source for your lighting equipment. Steam Version
  7. Winfred

    Version 1.2


    v1.1 Adds a new playable character, Winfred KL9 - The Mechanical Maiden Regenerative Sleep (gets slightly more benefit from sleeping), Resistant to Heat and Cold (allows a little more time before taking temperature damage) Hates the Rain (sanity goes down during rainfall) Biofuel Dependent (burns calories faster) Custom Dialogue Text Custom Audio/Speech sounds Highlight text below for spoiler/details of game effects. =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Max Health = 150 Max Calories = 150 Max Sanity = 200 Regenerative Sleep (gets slightly more benefit from sleeping), == 5~10 additional Sanity, 3~8 additional Health, reduces Calorie cost by 0~13 == The exact effects are dependent on which bedroll/tent is being used Resistant to Heat and Cold (allows a little more time before taking temperature damage) ==Moderate Temperature Resistance (about 75% of what a Winter Hat or Fashion Melon gives) Hates the Rain (sanity goes down during rainfall) ==Sanity decreases faster in the rain, this can be reduced (but not eliminated) by being 100% waterproof Biofuel Dependent (burns calories faster) ==Calories burn at ~15% faster rate =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- I've tested the character a lot, but if you find anything wrong or buggy, let me know. This character should work with both DS and RoG Trivia: >Her name is derived from Manfred Clynes and Nathan Kline who first used the term 'cyborg' in 1960 >Several of her quotes are references to sci-fi television characters. >Her appearance is based on both Robocop and Star Trek's Seven of Nine characters
  8. Drok the Caveman

    Version 1.9.6


    This mod is also on the Steam Workshop Steam Version (Single Player) or Steam Version (Multiplayer) Meet Drok Drok is a simple minded caveman. Drok loves a good meal, he eats everything but he prefers meat over anything. Drok is also quite afraid of monster and evil things. He thinks they are connected with evil spirits. When the time passes, Drok will grow a head full of hair. This is helpful to keep him warm in the winter, but Drok can't stay in the blazing sun in the summer with a full head of hair so he prefers to shave it in the hot summer months. The longer Drok's hair is, the stronger he feels. Since Drok is a caveman and he always had to struggle to survive he became strong, so his attacks are quite powerful but then again, he feels stronger with longer hair. His survival skills allow him to create a useful weapon: the Throwing Spear. Drok likes to draw on rocks, we call them cave paintings. Meet Wigstan As you start your adventure with Drok, you will receive a Roundish Stone. Drok can use some berries, ashes and a normal stone to create some red dye. With this red dye and the roundish stone Drok will be able to paint a face on the stone, thus Wigstan is born. Wigstan has two stages, excluding the roundish stone. The further you upgrade Wigstan the more Drok will like Wigstan, increasing Drok's sanity when he is close. Features Drok has a large stomach. Drok grows hair that keeps him warm and makes him feel stronger, but overheat him faster in summers. Drok doesn't have a big brain (low sanity). Drok can create cave paintings. Drok can craft a throwing spear to use for hunting and fighting. Drok doesn't lose sanity inside caves when he is in dark places. Drok has completely customized speech, including Reign of Giants DLC. Where to find the items? Red Dye - Refine Tab Wigstan - Refine Tab Throwing Spear - Fight Tab Cave Paintings - Structures Tab Winter Fur - Dress Tab Remember that some items need to be crafted at a science machine or an alchemy engine. I hope you enjoy playing as Drok
  9. Walls Drop Walls



    Accidentally place a wall in the wrong place? Want to expand your base? Don't want to use up all your resources for something that's mostly cosmetic? Not a problem anymore. This mod makes it so when you hammer a wall, the wall will drop it's self. Try not to think too hard about that. FAQ: Q: Wait, I'm confused, what does this do? A: Build a wall. Hammer the wall. Get the wall back, instead of some of the wall's recipe ingredients. Q: Is this compatible with RoG? A: YES. STOP ASKING. START LOOKING AT THE TAGS. Q: This is OP. A: No it's not. Q: Well I think it's OP. A: Then don't use it. Q: Will this work with other mods that add new walls? A: Probably not. Q: Will you make it compatible with those mods? A: No. Q: The display picture confuses me. A: Then stop looking at it.
  10. Resurrection Statue Fix

    Version 0.1b


    If a character has the ability to modify its maximum health value it will trigger a crash if /when the player builds too many meat effigies. Stops certain characters from triggering the bug by stopping the ability to build Meat Effigies. Currently affects Wolfgang and some customer characters. If you would like your character added to the list please PM me. Currently the only way I know how (or care how) to add characters is by adding their lowest max health value to a list.
  11. Version 0.3.4b


    WALLFLOWER Changelog This mod is a brand new character "Wallflower" with a new game mechanic, "Sunshine". Steam Link In Game: Description: Wallflower is is very fragile character in mind and body. Since this little flower has had a psychotic break he can't seem to photosynthesize correctly. Stats: Starting - Hunger 100* Health 65* Sanity 50 *Grow as you photosynthesize The Perks of Being a Wallflower: The Sun gives him strength. He can grab butterflies and bees without a net. You can cook and eat poop. Photosynthesis makes you shine at night. Sunshine provides insulation in the winter 1st world Wallflower Problems: Really fragile at the start. Fire drains sanity. Food is limited to a few things that flowers like. Sunshine makes summer harder to deal with. Sunshine Feature: The player will need to manage his Sunshine Levels to keep him from dying too fast. Your meter will fill up during day and slower at dusk. The rate is affected by certain things. Supercharges Wallflower Makes Wallflower glow at night Keeps you warm in the winter and hotter in the summer Can be managed by sanity and shade. Strategies: Make sure to photosynthesizes as much as possible before winter. Discharge before summer and keep some portable shade on you. Get a source of light and warmth that are not fire based. Try and stay out of the caves. Notes: I consider this a beta release. Wallflower has not been fully tested and will require some tweaks and improvements. Please comment with constructive suggestions on how to make him better (not easier or harder). I would like to have a balanced character. Some other things: Custom Dialog Loot drop on hurt Try not to murder trees Minimap Icon Configuration Options IMPORTANT: Fix Link There is currently a bug in the game that affects Wolfgang and Wallflower. Building too many effigies will crash your game. Wallflower has a soft limit of 2 because of his starting health. If you build 3 or more your game will crash when you die. Food Tuning: ------------------------------------------ ChangeLog
  12. Stinger Pack

    Version 0.4.1b


    Stinger Pack: Full of stinging goodness! Steam link This mod will add many items that use bees and there stingers. Check the mod configuration page in DS to change item values. Now with: Poison damage is a DOT effect. By default it does 5 damage a tick(second) and lasts for 10 ticks. Mobs have resistance and armor against poison. The more armor they have the more hits it takes to poison them. So if you do not see the poison FX after hitting them a bunch you either have not passed their armor or they recovered from the buildup. The more resistance they have the smaller damage done. Bee Stinger Trap Like the tooth trap but easier to make. Start placing these bad boys to ward off intruders. Default - 10 uses 20 damage +- 80 poison dmg Ingredients: Twigs Rope Stingers Crown of Thorns *Not implemented yet Causes you and your attacker to take damage. Provides no armor buff. Beelixirs *Not implemented yet Several concoctions to help with your day to day. Berserker Beelixir - Combat Enhancer Obsession Beelixir - Increase Follower Loyalty Lucid Beelixir - Boost Sanity Driftwood Stinger Default - 10 damage +- 50 poison dmg Ingredients: Boards Cut Grass Stingers A board with a large stinger through it. Ouch it stings. ------------------------------------------ Any suggestions for this mod please comment. ChangeLog
  13. Clock in caves.

    Version 1.1


    Prevents clock disappearing from UI in caves and ruins. Compatibilty: Works with - Status Plus - Always On Status - Dawnbreak - Season clock. - Enable compatibility option in mod config. (Only right from dayclock position in caves and slightly obstructs Minimap HUD. Not going to fix those ones) Conflicts with - insert your mod here
  14. Milk goats

    Version 1.2


    Remember when getting milk was a problem? Exactly, well with this mod, all your problems will be gone and you can stack up on ice cream to cool you off in the hot summer days! Just grab the nearest razor, wait till the beast falls asleep and then go for them titties and milk them dry. When can I milk it again? You can milk the goats every 2 days. How can I know I can milk it? If you are near them when they get ready to be milked, they will get a shock animation, but won't be in their charged state (while in charged state, their fur is fuzzy). Another way to check if they're ready, simply inspect the goats with the razor equipped. Steam Version
  15. tehMiscellanies

    Version xx


    This is just a basic 'tweak' mod that makes the life of a 'casual' player a whole lot more enjoyable: From making dogs and spiders not hurt so much, to campfires burn brighter, to trees chopping quicker, to winter not being quite so freezing, so walls being a bit stronger, to worm holes not making you quite so crazy. Oh, and you can also burn the following items: stinger gears axe flowerhat boomerang cutstone diviningrod feather_crow feather_robin feather_robin_winter petals_evil hammer pickaxe shovel backpack nitre trinket_1 trinket_2 trinket_3 trinket_4 spear tentaclespike torch trap trap_teeth turf_grass flint Enjoy!
  16. Version 1.1


    This is Incu. He is counterpart to Lillitu, Being her full-demon friend. He has ridiculously overpowered health, because he is a full demon. He believes he is utterly useless however, and tends to prove it by being all around lazy. He's a couch potato, and it's up to you to make him get his excercise! Stats: 450 Health 200 Sanity 150 Hunger I'm pleased that you all enjoy my last mod, and i'm hoping this one is a little better, even. :
  17. Lillitu WIP

    Version 1.2


    This little doll is Lillitu. She is a bare bones mod i just managed to get to work. Basically, she is a young demon-witch who thinks she is hot stuff, starts with a large pool of health, and is ready for you to teach her the world is harsher than one might think. Give her a try and me some feedback! The art isn't perfect, but it functions well enough now! So i am excited to share my personal mod with everyone. Stats: 150 hunger 200 sanity 300 health Now also available on the steam workshop!
  18. Season Clock

    Version 1.2.0


    Have you ever been playing and have no idea how long it is until the next season? How many days into the current season you are? Or what season was up next? Never fear, this mod should help. Features: Adds a clock that indicate the progression through the seasons. Indicates the current season. Hovering over the clock indicates the days into the current season and days until the next season. Compatible with the "Always On Status" mod. Compatible with Reign of Giants and all season duration combinations. Convenient options for: Autumn, Winter, Spring, and Summer Clock Segment Color Hover Text Format Hover Text Font Size Season Text Font Size Enabling Clock in Caves (toggle) Default Text to Display Clock Positioning Options
  19. Version


    This mod disables picking up tooth traps with the keyboard! Now you can just hold the spacebar to automatically pickup any drops near your tooth traps without fear of picking up the traps themselves. To pick up your active tooth traps, you have to examine them with your mouse first. Recent Changes: -Fixed a logical oversight(my bad).
  20. Auto ReTrap

    Version 1.0


    Puts it back where it came from! +++++++++++++++++++++++ Upon picking up a trap: *If a trap is empty, it will go into inventory. *If a trap has an animal, it retraps the same spot, without going back into your inventory +++++++++++++++++++++++ I fully intend only to release mods that I consider balanced, that don't make game play easier - read 'cheating' , or to fix what I perceive to be as issues or bugs that need addressing. I have a few ideas in mind. This is one of them. I need to give the utmost thanks to my new friend DevilXD who I met on the Klei forums; who created this mod for me to learn from! +++++++++++++++++++++++ If traps are empty when picked up, they act as normal. If traps are full (have a catch) when picked up, they automatically put the object in your inventory and resets the trap to where you had it This idea came from one of my trap farms. I got tired of ending up with traps in my hand inventory and rabbits in my hand that I then had to swap out to deal with. Vanilla / RoG compatible. +++++++++++ Also Download From The Steam Workshop
  21. Version


    Woodie no longer transforms into a werebeaver during full moons. He will still transform when he chops down too many trees but that's it, that's all this mod does. It's just another five-minute, request-fulfilling mod. I have no idea if this has been done before and I really don't care.
  22. Better Moon

    Version v1.0


    This mod fixes the moon icon that appears next to the clock at night. Now, you can see it during dusk, or even configure it to appear during the day - it's just a matter of going into configuration options and switching to appropriate mode on the mod page in Don't Starve. No more checking moon phases before transmuting chester or werepigs In addition, the moon can now have both a waxing and waning phase - which means that you can now see the moon growing to full, and receding to new moon each throughout the month. Steam Workshop: The original idea was from @hotmatrixx, I've only done the coding stuff and such... All credits for @hotmatrixx
  23. Questastic!

    Version 2.0


    Are you not sure what to do? Are you bored? Are you in need of great decision-making? Ladies and Gentlemen, I present you... the Quest Giver! This handy machine analyzes your situation at the pull of a lever, and tells you exactly what to do! Occasionally, these tasks yield great bounty! It works in any enviroment: underwater, in vacuum, on fire, filled with malicious aura, truly anything*! It can be used indefinitely, and that without fee or fuel! Get your Quest Giver today! *fire and malicious aura not confirmed The Quest Giver comes with a free copy of "dummymod", which explains how to add quests using the makeshift API. Yes you heard right: a mod that allows mod support! ~#* This mod is Abanadanodened! If you can make it awesome, do so and give credit! *#~
  24. Better Quakes

    Version 1.1


    This mod changes the way that Earthquakes drop items. Earthquakes in the Caves will drop the regular items, but marble will drop slightly more often and there is a very small chance of getting a purple gem. In the Ruins, there is a very low chance that "non-renewable" gems will drop. The chances of finding these gems is slightly better than tumble-weeds (~0.5% chance per earthquake), but you'll have to deal with the dangerous denizens of the Ruins to get them! Also, Slurtles and Rock Lobsters will eat these gems if they find them, so good luck! [Note: For practical purposes, this mod has negligible impact on game balance.]
  25. Shelter



    Base and RoG compatible It's a shelter. Not 100% rain proof. Not 100% shaded. But the little shelter will help out! Recipe tab Structures. Recipe = 10 logs and 4 rope. Works with existing saved game as well as new. Have fun! As always comments and suggestions are welcome.