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Found 220 results

  1. Wulfe's books

    Version 1.1


    Hello! Today I made a mod for Wulfe's character players. !!!WARNING!!! YOU MUST HAVE WULFE INSTALLED It generally adds 3 books that Wulfe can use: - Ice hound book - Fire hound book - Hound book They're spawns 5 other hounds types They need Alchemy Engine to be crafted. They are substracting - 20SP per use !!!EXTRACT ALL IN THE FILE WITH LONG NAME TO wulfe/scripts/prefabs!!! I recommend using Wulfe Plus too which can be found at steam and downloaded on this page (I will remove if it's illegal, but I think it's not): Please, report bugs/errors here.
  2. Craft from Containers

    Version v1


    You can now craft using ingredients inside any opened container (chester, chests, crockpot and so on). Compatible with RoG and without it.
  3. RPG Items

    Version v6


    Items sometimes have magical effects on them. Mod also available via Steam workshop! All items listed below have a 20% chance to gain a magical effect when they spawn (crafted, found or dropped). Weapons and armorpieces get different effects. The effects on weapons are heavily influenced by the attack power of the weapon, while the armor effects have no particular scaling. An item that gains a special effect will display a (?) next to its name. This indicates the item is unidentified. Use a Magnifying Glass (available in the Tools crafting tab) on the item to identify what effect is present on the item. Examine the item after it has been identified to get a more detailed explanation. Note that the effect is active whether you identify it or not. If this mod is activated in mid-game then all existing items in the game will have a 20% chance of recieving an effect. Once an item has an effect it cannot be removed. * indicates a visual effect will play when the effect triggers Possible weapon effects: Flaming - Sometimes ignites flammable targets * Leeching - Steals health from targets on each hit Freezing - Sometimes freezes freezable targets * Minimizing - Sometimes shrinks and slows targets * Vorpal - Very rarely instantly kills targets * Blessed - Deals additional damage (20 percent) Well-crafted - Deals additional damage (10 percent) Telelocating - Sometimes teleports targets away * Sturdy - Takes longer to break down Terrifying - Sometimes causes target to panic * Poisoning - Sometimes deals double damage over time * Self-repairing - Slowly repairs itself over time (always active) Curses: Slippery - Can slip out of your hand when used * Disappearing - Sometimes vanishes when used * Thorny - Deals 1 damage to user when used What weapons can gain special effects: Axe Golden Axe Ham Bat Spear Tentacle Spike Dark Sword Thulecite Club Pickaxe Golden Pickaxe Hammer Shovel Golden Shovel Pitchfork Cane Bat Bat Pick/Axe Fishing Rod Bug net Possible armor effects: Sturdy - Takes longer to break down Fireproof - Reduces fire-damage by a third Cozy - Small protection against freezing Dapper - Small bonus to sanity Self-repairing - Slowly repairs itself over time (always active) Healing - Slowly heals wearer over time Faster's - Reduces hunger drain Quick - Increases speed Sentient - Helps wearer understand Science Entombing - Sometimes freezes attacker if struck * Wish-away - Sometimes teleports attackers away * Curses: Hungry - Increases hunger drain Heavy - Decreases speed Tickling - Prevents sleeping Entombing What items can gain special armor effects: Grass Suit Log Suit Night Armour Marble Suit Snurtle Shell Armor Thulecite Suit Football Helmet Beekeeper Hat Shelmet Thulecite Crown Miner Hat Beefalo Hat Feather Hat Top Hat Winter Hat Spiderhat Rabbit Earmuffs Tam o' Shanter Dapper Vest Breezy Vest Puffy Vest Torch Umbrella Lantern
  4. 999 Item Stacks



    The stacks of items is now up to 999! Who really created this mod is tehMugWump I just edited his files ! I made/edited this mod to those who need it . So my message to my haters just shut your mouth and just rate this one star. Also the other unstackable items is now stackable in the ff. items : Crow Rabbit Robin Rabbit Trap Tallbird Egg/cracked Beemine Beefalo Hat Bush Hat Earmuffs Hat Feather Hat Straw Hat Sweater Vest Trunk Vest Top Hat Walrus Hat Winter Hat Chester Eyebone Heatrock Razor Teleportato things! PLS REDOWNLOAD THOSE WHO ALREADY DOWNLOADED THIS THANKS!
  5. Version 1.0


    Night Lights are connected, so fueling one of them will also fuel other Night Lights visible on screen. Living Logs can be used as fuel for Night Light. Works in Shipwrecked. Fixed the missing Night Light flame bug. Just fixed typo in description, no need to redownload.
  6. Mental Collapse

    Version 1.1


    This is a mod that makes sanity somewhat more important. Once your sanity drops below 33% of normal, your health will start to drop, 1-2 HP a minute. You'll have to get your sanity up to a reasonable number eventually, or you'll slowly die. Worse than starving!
  7. Bigby Wolf mod

    Version 2.0


    This mod adds Bigby Wolf to the game, from the comic series fables and the game The Wolf Among Us. He runs a bit faster than others, and gets angry when scummy monsters attack him. He also has bad relations with pigs. SPOILER: WARNING: This mod contains profane language. Use at your own risk. Copyright Cameran Neumann, 2015.
  8. Version 1.1


    "Work keeps you warm, but makes you peckish." This mod considers strong physical activity such as mining or chopping trees and increases your body temperature when doing so. However, this comes at an increased calories burn rate. You can tune the exact values in-game. As suggested by _Sips[1] (warning: swear words)
  9. Version 1.0


    This is a speech template compatible with DS (with or without RoG) and DST. Remember to rename the file! You can set the speech file using: STRINGS.CHARACTERS.CHARNAME = require "speech_charname" Pro Tip: You can "comment" specific lines "out" by putting -- before them. You can also comment several lines out by putting --[[ before and ]] after them. I assembled this in less that 15 minutes, so it's likely there's some redundant strings left (as in, the same key being set twice). Don't blame me, should that be the case, I just copied Wilson's file from Together and ran a simple script over it to empty the quotations.
  10. Craftable Pig

    Version 1.0


    This mod allows you to create your pig(man), lol. Why not? SECTION: Magic CRAFTING: Mosquito Sack x3 Spider Gland x1 Pig Skin x1 In Workshop: Hf :3
  11. Version 1.1


    With the latest update you can now configure the mod so Wolly can accept only fish OR fruits and vegetables (seeds included). This mod tweaks Wolly's drops, adding all gems, blueprints, beard, rope etc. Here are the chances of what it will trade(in %): {chance = 20, "rope"}, {chance = 5, "purplegem"}, {chance = 5, "bluegem"}, {chance = 5, "redgem"}, {chance = 2, "orangegem"}, {chance = 2, "yellowgem"}, {chance = 2, "greengem"}, {chance = 30, "seeds"}, {chance = 33, "feather_robin"}, {chance = 5, "beardhair"}, {chance = 5, "blueprint"}, {chance = 30, "goldnugget"}, Steam Workshop Link: Thanks Mobbstar!
  12. Version 1.0


    It's a character mod for Woodoo, the witch doctor. His stats are: Health: 150 Hunger: 150 Sanity: 120 (Like Willow) And he does 0.8x damage -He's got friends on the other side (When his sanity drops below 60 he turns into his insane mode, and has 1.2x dmg, and doesn't need a science machine) -Grows a glorious moustache (Gives some insulation, and when shaved - beard hair) -Brings his own hat (He starts with his Voodoo Hat which lowers his sanity, and gives a little bit of insulation) -Has a custom minimap icon, and it changes when he goes insane -His Voodoo Hat has a minimap icon -Custom speech files -Wolfgang's sounds -Vanilla (, RoG ( and DST ( compatible. -I've tried to balance him out as much as possible, if you people don't think he's balanced enough, tell me, and give me suggestions on how should I do it (eg. lower his health, hunger...) -I've been working hard on making Woodoo fit in with the game, and I've busted my balls with the art. If you don't like it, or you think it doesn't fit in that well, report it to me, and tell me what could I have done differently. -Report any graphical glitches, please, they will be fixed. To do list: -I want to make the profile picture look nicer -Make custom sound files -Make graphics for when struck by lightning
  13. Version 1.0


    Courage the Cowardly Dog! Abandoned when he was a pup, raised my Murielle and Eustace Bagge on a small country house in a town called NoWhere. His adventures have made him tough, however he goes insane rather quickly, being that he is afraid of everything! Stats: Health: 300 Hunger:150 Sanity:100 To Do List! 1. Add other qualities to Courage dealing with sanity gain and drain 2. Add Murielle follower and Eustace events 3.upgrade artwork A big thanks the folks at Klei, the forum guru's and of course John R, Dilworth for creating courage in the first place! Thanks everyone!
  14. Dleowolf's Dusk Disc

    Version 3.0


    This mysterious disc plays uneasy, but fitting music. The mysterious part is: It changes with the season. Now there are four individual discs for the specific seasons too! Music by Dragon Wolf Leo a.k.a. Dleowolf
  15. Version 0.9.6

  16. Version 1.4


    Feats for you to achieve! This mod adds Feats (you may know them as Achievements!) to Don't Starve. The list of feats can be viewed in the feats screen, by clicking the "Feats" button next to the "Morgue" button when loading a save game. Feats can also be viewed in-game, via the Accomplishment Shrine. The mod is currently a work in progress. There are currently a handful of achievements, but I plan on adding a handful of new achievements on a weekly basis. Challenges completed before installing Feats will not register, and will have to be redone to trigger an achievement. Feel free to suggest new feats! Thanks to @Blueberrys for the persistent data module that helped make this mod possible!
  17. Wilburn: The Heir

    Version 0.9.8


    Visit the mod's official forum page here for all the details !
  18. Nostalgic Mainscreen

    Version 1.1


    The first thing I thought when playing RoG was "I hate this purple!". Ten minutes coding and forty minutes assembling cool previews later (= time of writing), I have finished a lil' neat mod that changes the main screen's background colour! You can choose different styles in the mod config screen.
  19. Version 1.1


    This mod adds a chance for a mysterious crow to accompany Otto von Chesterfield. It has magical powers and hunger, wouldn't you know this could be benefical. This crow is based on the insane fruitloops oc-ish crow.
  20. Mod Manager

    Version 1.2


    Manager for your installed mods. The main focus of this mod is to allow management of mods using "sets". Sets can be enabled and disabled using an options spinner. Custom names can be given when saving sets. Sets can also be deleted with ease. Other notable functions: Adds buttons to enable/disable all installed mods Keep self enabled when disabling mods or switching sets (can be configured, "Preserve self") Auto-Enable No Warnings mod (can be configured, "Auto-Enable No Warning") Compatibility: Compatible with DS and RotG Compatible with all other mods (let me know if not) For anyone interested, feel free to copy/modify/use my mods however you wish, including in your own mods. Please include appropriate attribution with links so everyone can benefit from them. Legally equivalent to CC Non-commercial Attribution licence. In case of conflict with terms of the website, the websites terms take precedence over this message.
  21. Version 1.5


    Hello there! I present to you my first mod ever: Sereina the Espeon. She is the main character of my fanfiction, and she managed to reach the Don't Starve's universe. She is an altruistic medic that hates violence, but she is determined to survive and has several abilities to do so. All of her quotes are personnal and Maxwell introductions for both Sandbox and Adventure Mode are unique as well. Stats: -> Health: 80 -> Hunger: 120 -> Sanity: 120 Pros: -> She starts with her own bag. -> She is hungry slower than usual. -> She can make friends forever. -> She runs faster during day. -> She has a small sanity regen during day. -> Her orb emits some light when her sanity is high. -> She is more resistant to cold. -> She isn't hurt by marsh bushes and cactuses. -> Rabbits don't run away from her. -> She isn't attacked on sight by guardians. -> Bunnymen won't attack her is she has meat. Cons: -> She is vegetarian, but she will eat leafy meat. -> She runs slower at dusk and night. -> She has a high sanity loss at dusk and night. -> She has a higer sanity loss near monsters. -> She has lower damage than usual. -> Her attack speed is slower as well. -> She loses sanity when she kills creatures that aren't monsters. -> She is wet faster during rain. -> She will dry slower than usual. She comes with various custom items: -> Her medical helmet is a strong head protection. -> Her medical furnitures can heal up to 200 HP. -> She can make a cyanide pill if she hates her life. -> Her firatone pill can save your life in winter. -> Her freezatone pill is the summer counterpart. -> Her adrenaline injection increases moving and attacking speed for 30 seconds. -> Her morphine injection reduces damage taken during 30 seconds. -> She can make a powerfull drug that gives hallucinations during 30 seconds. I've been working on her for a mounth and there may be bugs here and there. I need your help to find and fix them. Huge thanks to: NoxuTheAutomaton for the art. Blueberrys and Jjmarco for their coding help. This mode has been made using Dleowolf Extended Sample Character Template. Link for RoG Steam version: Sereina has finally been ported to Don't Starve Together! Link for the DST Steam version:
  22. Version 1.0.3


    Wayrra the Arctic Fox - Don't Starve Together Wayrra is a member of north fox tribe from far away lands. One feral day she get's dragged to Maxwell's world, during tribal event - Festival of Ancient Spirits, together with Wakkari the Red Fox of southern tribe. Mod made by: Base, graphics and general idea: Foxrai Hard coding and bugs fixing: Ysovuka (If You want to enjoy Your game even more - visit Yvo's page for marvellous mods!) Did you want version for DS or ROG? HP: 140, Hunger: 150, Sanity: 210 *Freezes slower during winter *Can eat monster meat and spoiled meat *Can build create Sanity Orb, which increases sanity for fixed period of time *Eats only meat *Beefalos hate her *Has her own weapon - Orb Staff *Loves spiders... for dinner (gains a tiny amount of sanity by killing them) UPDATE INFO: v 1.0.3 __________________ LINKS you might like: Wayrra the Arctic Fox DS,ROG: Wakkari the Red Fox DS,ROG: Wayrra the Arctic Fox DST: Wakkari the Red Fox DST: ALSO AVAILABLE THROUGH STEAM!
  23. Version 1.0


    Walnut the opossum is very kinda hearted. She tries to see the good in everything and everyone. Basic Information on Walnut: -Has ~85% custom dialogue -Night vision, and doesn't lose sanity in the dark -Can eat stale/spoiled meats but NOT monster meat -Will lose sanity in the rain, she absolutely hates it -She will not lose sanity at night -She is a bit faster than Wilson -Her stats are as follows: 250 Health/100 Hunger/125 Sanity -She uses Willow's sounds Please notice: Walnut sincerely hates the rain, the straw hats or umbrellas will not help her. Walnut was entirely designed, drawn, and coded by me, but special thanks to Dleowolf for the Extended Sample Character Mod. It wouldn't have been possible without you. This is my first mod so any feedback would be great. I do plan on updating her in time, but for now I think she's good to go! She is also available on the steam workshop!
  24. Warhammer

    Version 1.0


    This mod adds a new weapon called the Warhammer, it has an area of effect attack, so if enemies are within range it will hit multiple of them with one attack. Damage, area of effect size, and durability are configurable in game through the mods menu. Crafting Recipe (Requires Prestihatitator): 1 Purple Gem 3 Cut stone 12 Flint I could not have finished this mod without the help of debugman18, he helped a ton with the area of effect code, and generally helping out. I really appreciate his help and everything he has done for me. Please leave feedback, if I should change the recipe etc.
  25. [DST] RLP fix

    Version 2.2 / 3.6a


    Дополнение перевода, для знаменитого русификатора Russian Language Pack. Поскольку сам русификатор временно "приостановлен" то я Zekfad решил сделать отдельный мод, который дополнит уже существующий перевод, позже то что тут возможно будет внесено в базу перевода RLP. У этого мода есть значительное отличие от русификатора, здесь робот (WX78) "капсит", т.е говорит свои фразы большими буквами, как в остальных фразах, ну и я чуть-чуть переформулировал фразу под "язык робота". ВНИМАНИЕ! Для работоспособности мода, обязателен Russian Language Pack!