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Found 75 results

  1. Version 1.02


    INFO: »»» Here is now my first release of "Young Beefalo". It can be and will be your strongest companion in your journey if you protect him, feed him with berries, or plant things or wood, grass, care him! it's a very young beefalo baby when he get's in trouble he fight for his life and will focus anyone which hits him or his owner. Of course he have some favorite enemy's like Spiders or Tentacles etc. NEWS: WIP: "Standalone" Version of the Young Beefalo without the required: "Youngbeefalo Homesign" & "Younghorn". HOW TO GET THE YOUNGBEEFALO: 1. Find the "Younghorn". (Where: Spiderqueen, Spiderhole, Graves, Deerclops, Monkeys and Monkeybarrels) 2. Build a "Youngbeefalo Homesign" and place it somewhere on the ground. 3. Now wait some seconds and the "Youngbeefalo" will spawn near to you. 4. Have Fun & Enjoy Features: » Accept Owner Targets: Fight in a Team together! » Growing Stages: Gets Bigger, Stronger and Older in 4 Stages. » Backpack Feature: (soon). » Tree Chop Feature: (next update 1.05). » Standalone Version: (next update 1.05). » Health & Hunger Bar/Meter Display: (soon). Youngbeefalo Homesign Features: Research Level: Science 1 Recipe Tab: Structure Cost: Boards 6x | Log 5x | Twigs 5x Preview: Version: 1.02 - WIN32_STEAM [uNTESTED API UPDATE] Compatible: "DON'T STARVE BASE"/"REIGN OF GIANTS" Bugs: PLEASE LEAVE A MESSAGE BELOW IN COMMENTS SECTION! The MOD is still in development, so do not take it too seriously! Thanks to everyone for using my stuff! thanks & enjoy! regards DontStarver InstallNotes v.1.02: ABOUT "STEAM WORKSHOP" AND "DON'T STARVE TOGETHER": NO ONE HAS THE PERMISSION TO SHARING/UPLOAD ANY PARTS OF MY MODS. THEY ARE ONLY FOR PEOPLE ON KLEI ENTERTAINMENT FORUMS. ANY VIOLATION WILL BE REPORTED IMMEDIATELY!
  2. Version 1.34


    INFO: »»» 3 new Light types under Light Tab menu. »»» Research is no longer need and now all 3 Lights set into "Light-Tab". » New Features (1.33): - heater:eggs can hatch near to the lights. CampLight Flowers: Research Level: Research: Cost: Rocks 12x | Nitre 10x | Torch 2x CampLight Evilflowers: Research Level: Research: Cost: Rocks 12x | Houndstooth 8x | Torch 2x CampLight Bulbs: Research Level: Research: Cost: Rocks 20x | Lightbulb 8xVersion: 1.34 - WIN32_STEAM Bugs: PLEASE REPORTING HERE! (a copy from log.txt) Compatible: "REIGN OF GIANTS UPDATE" Thanks to everyone for using my stuff! thanks & enjoy! regards DontStarver InstallNotes v.1.34: ABOUT "STEAM WORKSHOP" AND "DON'T STARVE TOGETHER": NO ONE HAS THE PERMISSION TO SHARING/UPLOAD ANY PARTS OF MY MODS. THEY ARE ONLY FOR PEOPLE ON KLEI ENTERTAINMENT FORUMS. ANY VIOLATION WILL BE REPORTED IMMEDIATELY!
  3. Version 1.73


    INFO: "This Is Lucy..and sometimes a horrirble..." » you starting with an "axe" in inventory if a new world will starts. » chopping action and combat damage with varying values! » New Features (1.73): - sound changes: some sounds now are disabled. » New Features (1.72): - higher sanity values: (1 up to 10) every minute while equipped the axe. » New Features (1.70): - passive growth spell: if you wear the axe longer as 2 min. will trees, grass, saplings etc. faster grow and +1 more drop by pickable items (eg. berries, twigs). Version: 1.73 - WIN32_STEAM Bugs: PLEASE REPORTING HERE! (a copy from log.txt) Compatible: "REIGN OF GIANTS UPDATE" Thanks to everyone for using my stuff! thanks & enjoy! regards DontStarver InstallNotes v.1.73: ABOUT "STEAM WORKSHOP" AND "DON'T STARVE TOGETHER": NO ONE HAS THE PERMISSION TO SHARING/UPLOAD ANY PARTS OF MY MODS. THEY ARE ONLY FOR PEOPLE ON KLEI ENTERTAINMENT FORUMS. ANY VIOLATION WILL BE REPORTED IMMEDIATELY!
  4. Version Beta0.4


    You can also subscribe this at Steam : ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- - Compatible with - Don't Starve - Don't Starve: Reign Of Giants - Gordon Freeman mod: Still on progress - Basics - Expansion of Freeman mod. - Add Alyx Vance. - Add Dog. - Stats She came from Half-Life series. - health 100 /- hunger 130 /- sanity 200 - runs fast but takes blows not well - has a special follower - Companion Dog - Attack: medium /- Rate: medium /- Health: huge~very huge - Does small area attack - Has some chance of x2 damage - Drop loots its parts to be recrafted - Painting is not over indeed - Weapons Alyx's gun - Attack: low /- Rate: medium-high /- Ammo(stack): 9mm bullet(30) - Can't be broken - You can get more 9mm bullets from Pig King by giving Gunpowders to him. - It has (NOT YET) 3 variation. (wait for next update)
  5. Version 0.7.5


    This is Warrack the Prechewed Tree, he is a community member of the Klei forums. He's a tree. What other explanation is necessary? Pros and Cons ------------------- He freezes slower. He takes a lot of fire damage. He needs to eat less. He has a smaller stomache. He smells like a car freshener. -------------------
  6. Version 1.1


    This is Incu. He is counterpart to Lillitu, Being her full-demon friend. He has ridiculously overpowered health, because he is a full demon. He believes he is utterly useless however, and tends to prove it by being all around lazy. He's a couch potato, and it's up to you to make him get his excercise! Stats: 450 Health 200 Sanity 150 Hunger I'm pleased that you all enjoy my last mod, and i'm hoping this one is a little better, even. :
  7. Version 0.75


    Coraline is from the Neil Gaiman novella, Coraline; in which she meets a hellish world that is incognito as a desirable landscape. Read the book. Coraline is a black haired girl in the Dave Mckean depictions of Coraline. This mod is highly a work in progress. Right now she is only a character mod, but soon she'll be adding more to the game than just her beautiful looks and insanity. She is a little girl. --It takes her more chops to down a tree --It takes long to mine --She hits lighter --She has less health --She's hungrier --She's a bit peckish She loves to explore and sightsee --She walks slower to take in all of the sights --Not afraid of frogs or spiders She has small hands --Carries less things --Tends to crops better She comes from a Neil Gaiman Book --She's a bit insane --She has low sanity --She has nails, deal with it. --Can make Nightmare Fuel --Has some other sanity boosts based on environments in Neil Gaiman books
  8. Version 1.2.4


    Warning: This Mod can be installing ONLY with Reign of Giants DLC Craft the Catcoon's House at your camp or wherever you want! You can build it in "Structures" tab by: 2 Rope 4 Logs 3 Beefalo's Wool 3 Fish 1 Cat Tail P.S. (contact me, if you want to see this in original version - for not-required DLC).
  9. Version v0.4


    Hello, Klei Forums! I am a new, aspiring modder, and talented artist (from what people tell me), and a huge fan of Don't Starve. And I bring you, Endsville's very own Mandy. Mandy is a grim, evil, hateful little girl, with nary a single ounce of fear in her entire body, and more hate in her pinky-finger than ****'s whole body. She in fact, owns the Grim Reaper himself, by earning his loyalty through a game in which she won. Stats: Health: 200 Hunger: 150 Sanity: 350 Pros: Comes equipped with Dark Sword and Nightmare Amulet. Regains sanity at night. Cons: None... Yet. ~~~~~ Notes: This is my first mod. Ever. So there may be a bug here, and a bug there. So, if your game crashes, it's Mandy's fault. But there most likely won't be crashes, since my mod does not override, or replace a single thing. This is just a character mod. Plain and simple. She comes with her own artwork and her own spoken lines. Which is really awesome. More to come in the near future, so expect updates or an overhaul of Mandy. So check by every few weeks. Known bugs. None known at the moment. Special thanks: Fidooop, for creating Wod Better, which helped me create this character when I had absolutely no idea what to do. I uploaded this the very same day I found Wod Better. Art including. (I'm a fast worker.) Incompatibility: I am not checking every single file combination available to me for incompatibility issues, but below is a list of what this mod will not work with. Fidooop's "Nightmares Tab"
  10. Version 1.1


    Adds a custom character to the game. Who says you can't survive in style? To Do: Balancing Custom Dialog (about 900 quotes left to do) Perks: Looks beautiful Does more damage Heals over time Not as scared of enemies Friendly to certain animals A bit faster Cons: Very hungry Not much else (Slightly OP) Here is the download on the Steam Workshop Feel free to message me if you have any suggestions, bugs, requests, or just want to say hi!
  11. Version 0.56


    This mod introduces the character Weazely, a slightly stuffy, yet quite deranged, zombie manservant. Weazely is undead, but only through the shear insane force of his willful ignorance of death. As his sanity grows the fact he should not be walking among the living becomes harder to ignore and his body attempts to be more alive, this causes Weazely to change depending on how sane he is at the moment. Weazely Mechanics Max Hunger: 300 Max Health: 200 Max Sanity: 150 Starting Sanity: 75 Health & Sanity As Weazely walks around you may notice his heart beating. Every time Weazely's heart beats he will lose some sanity and health. This is fairly complicated but very simply if he has very high sanity and health his heart will beat every few seconds and he will loose 10 health for every beat of his heart. Unfortunately at high health he won't loose much if any sanity. Luckily as his health gets lower he starts loosing more and more sanity also as his health and sanity go down the duration between each heart beat is longer. In short, it if you want to keep his health high, its better to have lower sanity. Weazley also is much less afraid of the dark than other characters loosing no sanity except in the deep deep dark, however, due to it being harder for him to ignore his own death in the light during the day he loses sanity at a slow rate. Damage & Speed Weazely does from 1/2 to 2 times the damage of Wilson and moves at 1 & 1/2 to 1/2 the speed of Wilson. This changes depending on sanity where at zero sanity he has 2 times damage but only moves at half speed, this linearly scales until at full sanity he now does 1/2 damage but moves at 1 & 1/2 speed. Beware he may hit hard at low sanity but he won't be able to run away. Hunger Weazley may start out with a large amount of hunger but his hunger like other things changes with his sanity. At full sanity Weazely has a normal human apatite but as his sanity goes down his hunger decreases faster. At zero sanity his hunger goes down at 3 times the speed that Wilson's hunger does. Wacky & Wonky Food In addition to the character Weazely, this mod introduces two new types of food, wacky and wonky. These foods use new ingredients such as; rocks, wet goop, rot, pig skins, ravens, Beefalo Wool, manure and guano. They of course also use the old ingredients as well. Both foods, like Weazely, change depending on the sanity of the character eating them. Wacky Food Wacky food is strange but not quite as disgusting as wonky food. Eating this food gives you sanity, however it gives you less sanity the more sanity you have. As for health and hunger, it gives more of each at high levels of sanity. Wacky Foods: Rock Candy Pork Rinds Gelatin Candied Butterfly Wings Century Egg Black Bird Pie Wonky Food Wonky Food does the opposite of wacky food removing sanity a great amounts at high sanity and not much at low sanity. Also wonky food gives health and hunger at greater levels when the characters sanity is low. Wonky Foods: Blood Pudding Fermented Fish Jellied Beefalo Nose Pink Slime Dry Rot Head Cheese Bat Paste Casu Marzu ​Fair Warning: if you have a weak stomach, do not look up any food on the wonky list. Most are real foods (A few with names slightly changed to better fit the game), and they are all very wonky.
  12. Version 1.4


    This has not just Lightening hounds but hound cub's,a reskin for Chester into a hound/dog and a new hound mound that will spawn any hound at any time including lightening and cubs, also there is a Hound Hood to help protect you from them and their ilk. Lightening hounds - Hound Cub - Hound Hood - The other part of the set has a separate page until I decide to combine it. Hound Pack is available here Evil Hound Mound - **NEW** Now Spawns all hounds possible given certain condition. Fire and ice hounds protect it and hound cubs come out in the summer only, but if you have the hound hood, you can wander with them regardless of season but they will grow up. Be careful when it rains. Pet Hound Spot - Coming next Please report any bugs you may find I'm all about fixing with my growing understanding of Lua code
  13. 61 downloads

    Translates some lines into bacon. How to install in download. Note: Any version past V1 will need the PO translator mod. Discuss this mod here
  14. Version v0.3


    Now in steam workshop! This mod allows you to make exo armors, wich you can wear to walk faster in the map. To do: -Add more kinds of armors. -Fix the images, and add a new design to the armor. Here's a demonstration, of how it works.
  15. Version 0.6.5


    Hunger - 130 Sanity - 120 Health - 50 High hunger rate. Extra benefits from eating Health improves over time with "healthy" lifestyle
  16. 284 downloads

    This mod allows creatures to catch fire from nearby burning objects and allows you to set them on fire directly with a torch or Willow's Lighter. NOTE: This mod is a work in progress! (WIP) Setting them on fire directly is still in development! Currently, the only way to set them on fire directly is to hold a torch or Willow's Lighter with the cursor and click the creature you want to set on fire. Attacking a creature with a torch or Willow's Lighter now gives a 1 in 3 chance of setting them on fire! They can also catch fire from other burning objects, such as trees, grass or logs. Hopefully soon you will be able to set creatures on fire by right clicking them with a torch or lighter equipped. If you have any ideas on how to make this happen leave a message here. With a mod like this it's hard to know exactly how it will effect overall gameplay. From what I've tested it's a lot of fun but could also very easily backfire and lead to your own death or burn up most of your resources. In other words, seriously funny but not intended for serious gameplay. How to install: Changes: If you have any issues, suggestions or comments, please feel free to leave them on the forum. Thread
  17. Version 1.0.1


    As my first ever mod, I bring you... Hed! The Bodyless Horseman! Long since his last breath, he roams the world, inducing fear into those who cross his path. Hed, even though now simply a ghost, believes that he is still alive, and as he goes more and more insane, you will see certain changes in the way he looks. Description: Hed is, for the most part, weak when on high sanity. He has lower hunger, speed, and damage. What makes up for these hinderances is that his followers will be much more loyal, and quite a bit tougher. As Hed goes more and more crazy, he will also become stronger, and faster. Mechanics: Stats: Health: 133 Starting health: 100 Hunger: 133/166/200* Starting hunger: 100 Sanity: 133 Starting Sanity: 100 Speed: 85%/100%/115%* Damage: 50%/75%/100%* Perks: Highly resistant to the undead - Takes 10% damage from ghosts. Comforted by the dead - Sanity is unaffected by ghosts, and gains slight sanity when near headstones or skeletons. Stronger, restless minions - Followers ( pigmen, bunnymen, and rock lobsters) deal double damage, and do not sleep while friendly towards Hed. Additional Information: Many of Hed's attributes are affected by his sanity. When his sanity is 66 or greater, he keeps his default stats (first ones stated) and remains in his bodyless form. When his sanity drops below 66, he will acquire a ghostly body, and gain the secondary stats. And lastly, if his sanity goes below 33, the final stats will be gained. ---------------------------------------- And that's about it! Special thanks to everyone who helped me along the way. Thank you for reading, and I hope you enjoy!
  18. Version 0.1


    There may be a lot of unforeseen bugs with this. I hope not, but if you want to use it to refactor a previously code-named character, please BACK EVERYTHING UP. The primary purpose of this tool is to rename all the character identifier WODs and wods in the sample character template to a codename picked by you. This isn't the descriptive name, just the identifier used to reference your character. Occasionally, if you discover your name isn't unique, you may need to use this to alter the internal codename to not interfere with another modder's mod. STEPS: 1) Download the Sample Character ( I like to use the steam workshop version ) 2) rename (or copy-rename) the folder from workshop-169568662 to taste. 3) run WodRenamer 4a) "Open!" the modmain.lua within the previously renamed folder. 4bOi) If you're not refactoring the character detected, and instead refactoring a different prefab: type the prefab's internal name into the lower inputbox. 4bOii) In the case of item, uncheck "character prefab" and check "item prefab" 4bOiii) Click "Override!" (Right side text dump should show what files fit the pattern.) 4c) If it looks like it found the right files, Type the desired codename in the lower input box, and click "Rename!" Known issues: Issue that just occurred to me: When using override -> rename WodRenamer won't check the lua files that reference, but don't include the name submitted. I'll have to fix that.
  19. Version 0.1.5


    This is the start of a realism mod to allow players to burn almost everything that is logically burnable. You can also find this under the steam workshop. Burnables Current Bugs: Let me know what items I'm missing and I'll update the mod to account for it! Toss me an email at weberag[at], comment on here, or post on the forums!
  20. Version v0.2


    GODLY FIRE v0.2 *** Makes fire and light sources almost infinite-y *** --- For all those players that like to have some more breath and would like to focus on other aspects of the game --- *AND* for feeding that little pyromaniac that is within you, so... ...DON'T BE SHY, SET A FIRE! It scales up all maximum fueled lightsources durations so that a firepit lasts one season (12 default length days). Fire is also unaffected by the weather and is more likely to spread. FULL LIST OF CHANGES: (all durations take a default in-game day as reference): - All base and maximum (fueled) durations of fire/light sources have been proportionally scaled up so that a fire pit lasts one season (12 days) if not fueled, and a fire camp half this amount. - Fire duration is unaffected by the weather, in either negative or positive way. - There's a 50% and 25% chance of igniting a flammable object when hit by a torch or a lighter. If the object is not hittable or combustible, this has no effect. - The torch lasts a day and a half. - The pig torch lasts 7 days. - The Miner Hat and the Lantern last 7 days. - The Nightlight lasts 12 days, to a maximum of 48 when fueled (relatively more powerful than before) - The fueling power of all objects has been scaled up accordingly. COMPATIBILITY: should work with every mod that doesn't tweak the very same things. ON REQUEST: additions and tweaks (eg: even longer or shorter times)!
  21. Version v0.2


    GODLY FIRE - Infinite v0.2 *** Makes all fire and light sources last, well, 1 aeon. (Literally, 1 billion ingame years) *** --- For all those players that want to forget about light management in the game --- *AND* for feeding that little pyromaniac that lies within you (I promise, I won't be making another fire-duration mod after this - unless requested to ) ...FIRE AND FORGET! WHAT IT DOES: It scales up all fire and lightsources durations so that they last 1000000000 in-game years (1 year = 48 default days). NOTE 1: It should affect only fires/objects created while the mod is enabled. Previous light sources/fires will keep their previous duration, but can be fueled (when applicable) to keep up with the overall duration increase. WARNING: THE GAME MAY NOT BE PROGRAMMED TO HANDLE AN EXCESSIVE NUMBER OF SIMULTANEOUS LIGHT/FIRE POINTS. Also, performance may degrade if you have lots of on-screen lights. USE AT YOUR OWN RISK! FULL LIST OF CHANGES: - All base and maximum (fueled) durations of fire/light sources have been proportionally scaled up so that they all last 1 aeon. - Fire duration is unaffected by the weather, in either negative or positive way. - Every attack delivered with the torch or the lighter has a 100% chance to ignite the attack target, if flammable. If the object is not hittable or combustible, this has no effect. - The fueling power of all objects has been scaled up accordingly - don't overdo if you don't want to break the game, even some leaves increase the duration of way over a millennium. - Objects will burn for a longer time before crumbling to dust. NOTE 2: If you feel somehow guilty of cheating, you may consider looking at the standard Godly Fire mod. COMPATIBILITY: should work with every mod that doesn't tweak the very same things. Only have 1 Godly Fire mod enabled at any time. ON REQUEST: additions and tweaks (e.g.: balanced durations)!
  22. Version 1.0


    White the Wizard, my first released mod here. He's intended to eventually play as a magic Wickerbottom, with a few wizard-y items (A custom staff and hat). Mostly intended as a joke that got way out of hand. *Todo Fix up his animations Update the character art, to be less sucky Add in his powers and items
  23. Version 1,0


    This is a fun little joke-mod that gifts rabbits with the power of persuasion - they're still cowards on their own, but attack one and it'll convince all nearby non-rabbit animals to attack you! Morsel gathering just got a lot harder. Features: Compatibility: Bugs
  24. 42 downloads

    My First Mod, ever! Be gentle Ready to download and will be updated soon! This mod Changes the current language and text used by mainly Wilson and the Pig's into Scottish! Discuss and leave feedback here please!
  25. 459 downloads

    ------------------------------- -- V0.3 55% work done -- ------------------------------- Bonjour, Je viens d'acquérir Don't Starve. Pour profiter à fond du jeu j'ai commencé à corriger la version Française fournie en exemple avec le jeu. Elle était de mauvaise qualité et il manquait pas mal de traduction. Je dis "manquait", mais en réalité le travail est loin d'être terminé. Il n'y a que 25% de la traduction corrigée. Mais il s'agit des textes les plus importants, ce qui rend le jeu tout à fait jouable. Cependant les caractères accentués n'étant pas encore pris en charge par le jeu, quelques problèmes d'affichage subsistent. Instructions: Collez le fichier french_b182.po et language.lua dans le dossier "C:Program FilesSteamsteamappscommondont_starvedatascri ptslanguages" ou C:Program Files(x86)Steamsteamappscommondont_starvedata scriptslanguages sous windows 64bit. Merci de me faire part de vos suggestions. Discuss this mod here / Discuter de ce mod ici