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Found 289 results

  1. Version 1.1


    What does this mod do? This mod reverts to how the hambat functions in the base game, meaning its damage won't scale with spoilage. That's it. Steam Link
  2. Version 1.2


    v1.1 Adds a new playable character, Winfred KL9 - The Mechanical Maiden Regenerative Sleep (gets slightly more benefit from sleeping), Resistant to Heat and Cold (allows a little more time before taking temperature damage) Hates the Rain (sanity goes down during rainfall) Biofuel Dependent (burns calories faster) Custom Dialogue Text Custom Audio/Speech sounds Highlight text below for spoiler/details of game effects. =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Max Health = 150 Max Calories = 150 Max Sanity = 200 Regenerative Sleep (gets slightly more benefit from sleeping), == 5~10 additional Sanity, 3~8 additional Health, reduces Calorie cost by 0~13 == The exact effects are dependent on which bedroll/tent is being used Resistant to Heat and Cold (allows a little more time before taking temperature damage) ==Moderate Temperature Resistance (about 75% of what a Winter Hat or Fashion Melon gives) Hates the Rain (sanity goes down during rainfall) ==Sanity decreases faster in the rain, this can be reduced (but not eliminated) by being 100% waterproof Biofuel Dependent (burns calories faster) ==Calories burn at ~15% faster rate =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- I've tested the character a lot, but if you find anything wrong or buggy, let me know. This character should work with both DS and RoG Trivia: >Her name is derived from Manfred Clynes and Nathan Kline who first used the term 'cyborg' in 1960 >Several of her quotes are references to sci-fi television characters. >Her appearance is based on both Robocop and Star Trek's Seven of Nine characters
  3. 1210 downloads

    Accidentally place a wall in the wrong place? Want to expand your base? Don't want to use up all your resources for something that's mostly cosmetic? Not a problem anymore. This mod makes it so when you hammer a wall, the wall will drop it's self. Try not to think too hard about that. FAQ: Q: Wait, I'm confused, what does this do? A: Build a wall. Hammer the wall. Get the wall back, instead of some of the wall's recipe ingredients. Q: Is this compatible with RoG? A: YES. STOP ASKING. START LOOKING AT THE TAGS. Q: This is OP. A: No it's not. Q: Well I think it's OP. A: Then don't use it. Q: Will this work with other mods that add new walls? A: Probably not. Q: Will you make it compatible with those mods? A: No. Q: The display picture confuses me. A: Then stop looking at it.
  4. Version 0.3.4b


    WALLFLOWER Changelog This mod is a brand new character "Wallflower" with a new game mechanic, "Sunshine". Steam Link In Game: Description: Wallflower is is very fragile character in mind and body. Since this little flower has had a psychotic break he can't seem to photosynthesize correctly. Stats: Starting - Hunger 100* Health 65* Sanity 50 *Grow as you photosynthesize The Perks of Being a Wallflower: The Sun gives him strength. He can grab butterflies and bees without a net. You can cook and eat poop. Photosynthesis makes you shine at night. Sunshine provides insulation in the winter 1st world Wallflower Problems: Really fragile at the start. Fire drains sanity. Food is limited to a few things that flowers like. Sunshine makes summer harder to deal with. Sunshine Feature: The player will need to manage his Sunshine Levels to keep him from dying too fast. Your meter will fill up during day and slower at dusk. The rate is affected by certain things. Supercharges Wallflower Makes Wallflower glow at night Keeps you warm in the winter and hotter in the summer Can be managed by sanity and shade. Strategies: Make sure to photosynthesizes as much as possible before winter. Discharge before summer and keep some portable shade on you. Get a source of light and warmth that are not fire based. Try and stay out of the caves. Notes: I consider this a beta release. Wallflower has not been fully tested and will require some tweaks and improvements. Please comment with constructive suggestions on how to make him better (not easier or harder). I would like to have a balanced character. Some other things: Custom Dialog Loot drop on hurt Try not to murder trees Minimap Icon Configuration Options IMPORTANT: Fix Link There is currently a bug in the game that affects Wolfgang and Wallflower. Building too many effigies will crash your game. Wallflower has a soft limit of 2 because of his starting health. If you build 3 or more your game will crash when you die. Food Tuning: ------------------------------------------ ChangeLog
  5. Version 0.4.1b


    Stinger Pack: Full of stinging goodness! Steam link This mod will add many items that use bees and there stingers. Check the mod configuration page in DS to change item values. Now with: Poison damage is a DOT effect. By default it does 5 damage a tick(second) and lasts for 10 ticks. Mobs have resistance and armor against poison. The more armor they have the more hits it takes to poison them. So if you do not see the poison FX after hitting them a bunch you either have not passed their armor or they recovered from the buildup. The more resistance they have the smaller damage done. Bee Stinger Trap Like the tooth trap but easier to make. Start placing these bad boys to ward off intruders. Default - 10 uses 20 damage +- 80 poison dmg Ingredients: Twigs Rope Stingers Crown of Thorns *Not implemented yet Causes you and your attacker to take damage. Provides no armor buff. Beelixirs *Not implemented yet Several concoctions to help with your day to day. Berserker Beelixir - Combat Enhancer Obsession Beelixir - Increase Follower Loyalty Lucid Beelixir - Boost Sanity Driftwood Stinger Default - 10 damage +- 50 poison dmg Ingredients: Boards Cut Grass Stingers A board with a large stinger through it. Ouch it stings. ------------------------------------------ Any suggestions for this mod please comment. ChangeLog
  6. Version 0.1b


    If a character has the ability to modify its maximum health value it will trigger a crash if /when the player builds too many meat effigies. Stops certain characters from triggering the bug by stopping the ability to build Meat Effigies. Currently affects Wolfgang and some customer characters. If you would like your character added to the list please PM me. Currently the only way I know how (or care how) to add characters is by adding their lowest max health value to a list.
  7. Version v0.20


    Now russian language is available for mods. (Russian Language Pack mod is required) If you are mod developer, please don't put STRINGS into the prefab files. All STRINGS values should be in modmain.lua or in special file like mod_strings.lua or so. Thank You! Для русских - информация на русской вики.
  8. Version 1.1


    This is Incu. He is counterpart to Lillitu, Being her full-demon friend. He has ridiculously overpowered health, because he is a full demon. He believes he is utterly useless however, and tends to prove it by being all around lazy. He's a couch potato, and it's up to you to make him get his excercise! Stats: 450 Health 200 Sanity 150 Hunger I'm pleased that you all enjoy my last mod, and i'm hoping this one is a little better, even. :
  9. Version 1.0


    This mod will prevent flingomatics from extinguishing your fires. Cheater! This applies to simple fires and firepits, standard and endothermic, and any mods that use the "campfire" tag.
  10. 1066 downloads

    This mod disables picking up tooth traps with the keyboard! Now you can just hold the spacebar to automatically pickup any drops near your tooth traps without fear of picking up the traps themselves. To pick up your active tooth traps, you have to examine them with your mouse first. Recent Changes: -Fixed a logical oversight(my bad).
  11. Version 1.0


    Puts it back where it came from! +++++++++++++++++++++++ Upon picking up a trap: *If a trap is empty, it will go into inventory. *If a trap has an animal, it retraps the same spot, without going back into your inventory +++++++++++++++++++++++ I fully intend only to release mods that I consider balanced, that don't make game play easier - read 'cheating' , or to fix what I perceive to be as issues or bugs that need addressing. I have a few ideas in mind. This is one of them. I need to give the utmost thanks to my new friend DevilXD who I met on the Klei forums; who created this mod for me to learn from! +++++++++++++++++++++++ If traps are empty when picked up, they act as normal. If traps are full (have a catch) when picked up, they automatically put the object in your inventory and resets the trap to where you had it This idea came from one of my trap farms. I got tired of ending up with traps in my hand inventory and rabbits in my hand that I then had to swap out to deal with. Vanilla / RoG compatible. +++++++++++ Also Download From The Steam Workshop
  12. 1993 downloads

    A quick lesson on the realistic shelf life of honey: Honey, arguably, doesn't spoil. In normal storage conditions, it will only thicken and crystallize. You can return it to it's normal, non-crystallized state by putting it in a glass jar(if it's not already in one) and putting that jar into a pot of boiling water. The heat will cause it to decrystallize and become as good as new! Just don't heat the honey to it's boiling point as that will make it lose some of it's flavor. What that means to this mod: This mod allows you to cook honey over a campfire to get a fresh unit of honey. Also, instead of turning into rot, it will now turn into a new prefab, "crystallized honey", which doesn't spoil and can also be cooked over a fire for a fresh unit of honey. Eating crystallized honey without cooking it first will cause a slight sanity loss and it has a hunger value that's about a third of normal honey. Changes: -Increased honey's spoilage level when cooked over a fire. -Adjusted the shelf life of honey again. -Added a new prefab "crystallized honey". See above for how it works. -Doubled the spoil time of honey. If you have any issues, suggestions or comments, please feel free to leave them.
  13. 2277 downloads

    This mod allows nitre, stingers, hound teeth, spiderwebs, pigskin, feathers, beefalo horns, tools and bush and spider queen hats to be used as fuel in campfires! All monster meat variants and evil flowers refuel night lights! Allows moggles to accept fireflies, lightbulbs, slurtle slime and other similar fuels! Honey refuels lanterns! Also adds recipes for glow berries and lightbulbs and gives lightbulbs an extremely long shelf life(the same as powdercakes). Changes: -Made traps and bird traps valid campfire fuels. -Moggles now accept fireflies, lightbulbs, slurtle slime and other similar fuels. -Added recipe for glow berries. -Removed fireflies as a valid lantern fuel because using fireflies as fuel for lanterns has become part of the vanilla setup.(Modder victory!) -Made beefalo horns a valid campfire fuel. -Evil flower petals and monster meats(raw, uncooked, jerky and lasagna) now refuel nightlights. -Spider queen hats and bush hats are now a campfire fuel. -Added a new .tex thumbnail, thanks to Simplex's png-tex converter for Linux(and macs too I guess). -Lightbulbs were made perishable again, because of an issue with cave chests, and instead were given a very long perish time. This may change again in the future. -Lightbulbs no longer spoil. -Made pigskin and feathers a valid campfire fuel. -Partial French language translation added; Translated by John2022! Please let me know if there are any issues with the translated version. -Updated for Hunger update. -Retooled the lightbulb recipe. -Made spiderwebs a valid fuel for campfires. -Made hounds teeth and all tools able to be used in campfires. Gold tools burn brighter. -Lowered how much fuel fireflies add to the lantern. -Made honey a valid lantern fuel. -Updated the mod so it no longer overwrites lua files! This will dramatically increase the chance the mod will work after an update. If you were one of the first people who downloaded this mod, redownload the latest version. If you have any issues, suggestions or comments, please feel free to leave a comment.
  14. Version v1.0


    This mod fixes the moon icon that appears next to the clock at night. Now, you can see it during dusk, or even configure it to appear during the day - it's just a matter of going into configuration options and switching to appropriate mode on the mod page in Don't Starve. No more checking moon phases before transmuting chester or werepigs In addition, the moon can now have both a waxing and waning phase - which means that you can now see the moon growing to full, and receding to new moon each throughout the month. Steam Workshop: The original idea was from @hotmatrixx, I've only done the coding stuff and such... All credits for @hotmatrixx
  15. Version 1.0


    This mod makes LGA only resurrect you when you die, it's not exchanging your hunger into life, so dying is the only way of loosing it. Steam Workshop:
  16. 359 downloads

    This mod adds a little color to your world. And by "a little", I mean "a lot". Like a whole lot. Increased by a bunch. Basically, anything that can have a rainbow effect applied to it, does. So when you ask, "How come object X doesn't have a rainbow effect?" Remember, it's because it simply can't be applied. Oh and rainbow butterflies will fly out of your body every time you're hit. Aside from that, this mod adds nothing. It's just a lot of eye candy. Recent Changes: -Text is now affected.(also optional) -Added a configuration menu. -Refined the rainbow effect's color algorithm. Everything now cycles through a variety of colors.
  17. 7716 downloads

    Base and RoG compatible It's a shelter. Not 100% rain proof. Not 100% shaded. But the little shelter will help out! Recipe tab Structures. Recipe = 10 logs and 4 rope. Works with existing saved game as well as new. Have fun! As always comments and suggestions are welcome.
  18. Version 6


    Prototype of Glass Joe from Punch Out! My first mod too. Has 100 health since he 's such a punching bag, 200 hunger due to no muscles to fuel, and 150 sanity from being in a world where the spiders can kill him faster than Little Mac can knock him out. Not as scared of the dark, but terrified of the monsters! Hits a quarter as strong as Wilson and hunger drain is four fifths Wilson's. Has headgear that can be re[aired with one flint. Don't expect much in this early stage, but plans are better art, improved dialogue, in French since Glass Joe is French, better headgear, and boxing gloves.
  19. Version 1.0 + 1.0RPGI


    This mod contains 6 new swords made from nightmaresword and gems. - They're 1.25x powerful of nightmaresword and 1.5x more durable - Red Gem Sword - Set your enemies in fire! - Blue Gem Sword - Freeze your enemies! - Purple Gem Sword - Hit your enemies and gain sanity! - Orange Gem Sword - Do combat and fill your belly! - Green Gem Sword - Now Wigfrid can gain life DURING combat! - Yellow Gem Sword - Shock your enemies with lightning! Note: This is my first time when I'm making new items and animating them (by myself only), so some of animations can be horrible mistakes... BTW They're re-made nightmareswords, so they're NOT great looking like. All of them are done! All have 125 uses except YGS because it is soooooo OP so I decided to give 50 uses to it. I hope I did not make something bad at code, if yes: report it. Thanks to: @Kuloslav for parts of code from his Lightning Staff (Tiny Alchemy Powers) @Cheerio for great tutorials And my sister that kicked my ass to done that swords! Added RPGI version for RPG items.
  20. Version 1.1


    Hello there! I'd like to present you my quick mod made today! Evil seeds. It contains new seeds that can be planted to make evil flower. But watch out! They have opposite stats to normal seeds. They can be cooked. I recommend using mod "More Plantables" to have ability to plant seeds too. To get them you need to kill bird. And it will MAYBE drop.
  21. Version 0.5


    Hello guys! I'm now going to mod some food, so here is my first mod about that: "Breakfast Food" It adds new recipes to our cookpot. For now we have three recipes: - Pancakes - - Toasts - - Cornflakes - - Berry Milk Shake - - Energy Drink - Check out BFrecipes.txt And I know, I suck in art. I hope you'll enjoy that as with the updates. I hope it will be a cool mod for all of you, so post your bug/crash description and log.txt, if you'll catch any bug/crash.
  22. Version 1.2


    Hello! It's my next mod today called "Salmon". What it does? Adds Salmon... -_- It can be catch only at swamp ponds (there, where mosquitos spawn). It is just a fish but with new texture (BTW it still other item). Salmon now has own pond at swamp and it's rare. You can fish after 2x longer time than in normal pond! They're very rare now. Salmon is a bit OP for now, so give me your opinions how to change it. Animations and code by me.
  23. Version 1.0


    Hello there! This mod is for "Rock Lobster Overpopulation matrix bug", see what is going on about this here: So, if you have this problem, you can build it up with nightmare sword and 2 rocks. It can be crafted by Prestihatitator. If it's too late just use command c_give("rocksword"). It have 500000 uses. Deals 5000 dmg. Why I added crafting than give it? Because it have not custom animations. Just nightmare sword with ability to kill overpopulation of RL. And it's cheaters safety net. ONLY FOR ROCK LOBSTERS! Other entities have "0" dmg points by this sword. ONLY FOR MATRIX BUG!
  24. 352 downloads

    This mod adds two hats: Bison's hat and a Pikachu hat. Both hats are functionally identical. How they work: Lightning will strike anything you attack AND lightning will strike anything that attacks you while you're wearing either hat. -Manual mode: I also added a manual lightning strike mechanism, where you can right click any spot on the ground(or right click the hat from your hat equip slot) and lightning will strike whatever you're pointing your mouse at. (!!)Right now, it uses the spellcaster component, which means manual mode only works if you have something in your hands. I had to make it that way or else the game would crash when you tried to use it without something in your hands.(!!) How to use: Craft either hat from the clothing tab and equip it. It's just that easy! To craft the Pikachu hat, you need a miner's hat, 5 pieces of gold and a rabbit.(Yes, I know Pikachu is a mouse but eh, close enough.) To craft Bison's hat, you need a miner's hat, 5 pieces of gold and 5 spider glands. Recent Changes: -Fixed lightening striking anything that's attacked.(I can't believe it took me so long to notice this.) Hilarious, OP, and more importantly, fun. Obviously I could spend a lot of time trying to take most of the fun out of it by balancing it out and all that, BUT instead I decided the only restriction would be a spoil time. You can use the hat as much as you want for 15 days. After 15 days, it turns back into a miner's hat. Before anyone says it: Yes, I know the hats look like crap, especially the Pikachu hat. If you want to make a better looking hat and contribute it, I'll use it, and of course give you credit for it, but for now, that's all I've got. In short, this is for people who like to have fun, not for people who only care about how games look. If you have any issues, suggestions or comments, please feel free to leave them.
  25. 397 downloads

    Have you ever found yourself watching Married With Children and thought to yourself, "I wish my life was as good as Al's"? Well, I've got good news for you. Now you can momentarily ignore your tragic life and depressing problems just long enough to pretend you're Al Bundy, thanks to this mod! Character specs: 25 Hunger 25 Sanity 250 Health Al doesn't lose sanity at dusk and he takes less hunger damage when he's starving. Because of his athletic background and years spent stealing other people's food when they're not looking and running away, Al has an increased movement speed. This is further increased when he's starving. Thanks to Al getting into fights with people at the nudey bar on a nearly daily basis, Al also has increased damage. This is further increased when he's starving. His lack of daily nutrition has conditioned his body to quickly absorb anything he eats, which means he gets hungry much quicker. He can also eat things most people cannot, including but not limited to: pinecones, bugs, lureplant bulbs and even paper. Al is lucky enough to get blown up, set on fire, crushed by fat women at the shoe store and assaulted by his wife on a regular basis so his body is also used to quickly recovering. As a result, Al regenerates health when he's not starving. How fast he regenerates health scales in relation to his hunger points. The more full Al is, the faster he regenerates health. When Al escaped his life in Chicago, he remembered to bring his Big'uns magazine. Reading it regenerates a forth of your max sanity. He also starts with the blueprints for a football helmet and his beloved Official No Ma'am Shirt. His shirt increases maximum sanity by 25 and maximum health by 50, giving him a total of 50 and 300, respectively. It also prevents starvation damage from taking away health when your health drops down to 10(you can still die in every other way so don't get cocky). As an added bonus, it also gives him an official No Ma'am beer gut. Recent changes: -Completely removed his shirt's sanity regen function as the magazine's percentage based sanity restoring function made it obsolete. -Tweaked Big'uns magazine; no longer restores health on use, now restores a forth of your max sanity. -Tweaked the No Ma'am shirt; dropped sanity regen down to 1 every 10 seconds, while equipped your last 10 health points will not be affected by starvation damage. -Speed and damage boosts/debuffs now scale in relation to your hunger and health points. -Health regeneration now scales. -Fixed pigs eating food specific to only Al. -The damage Al takes from starvation now scales. -Tweaked the damage indicator overlay so it won't stand out as much when he's starving but will still be noticeable. -Al no longer loses sanity during dusk. Sanity loss at night is unchanged. -Fixed an issue with resurrection stones and other such things. Tips: -Al is accustomed to going hungry so don't be afraid of starvation. The health loss from starving is lessened with Al and his health regeneration can quickly undo lost health. -Try to let Al reach starvation when you know you're about to explore or go into combat. Al's starvation boosts his speed and damage, making both exploration and combat easier. -Eating things like monster meat is also not a problem for Al. The health loss is negated by his health regeneration and the sanity loss is negated by his Big'Uns magazine. -Most importantly, try to think outside the box. Don't let me tell you how to play. Experiment and you may be surprised to find how resilient Al is. If you think this mod is too hard or even balanced, you're wrong. If anything Al Bundy is actually OP. You just have to learn a new playstyle to survive. This is not the mod's final version. There's still a lot of dialog to rewrite and other changes could happen.