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Chester Kickstarter

Chester Kickstarter

Chester Kickstarter

Chester Kickstarter

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Found 47 results

  1. Krampusnacht



    Each winter on a random night... Krampusnacht. 6 stronger Krampus will invade your base and mess your stuff up! If you manage to kill them all before daybreak you will be rewarded with a Krampus Sack. If you don't, there are consequences.
  2. Version 1.0


    This tutorial will teach you how to create a mod which replaces a sound in 'Don't Starve'. For this tutorial, we're going to replace the 'rabbit scream' with a 'bird scream'. To follow this tutorial, download and extract this mod to your 'mods' folder and jump to the tutorial page here.
  3. Version 1.3


    Well I hadn't realized that I had to re-upload, oh well. Anyways I'm back after a VERY long break from DS and I can't guarantee that I will stay, but I EVENTUALLY will update it. -Good news! Sanity Potions are coming back! HUZZA This mod is an adapted version of Milson's original one. Due to him being out I have decided to take over for now. This mod adds potions and potions galore, with its own potion's tab, the fun is ENDLESS. Hands-free light, strength, instant health, and more! -work on a better description T_T Planned Maybe new potions Finish Sanity Potions Get the Kinks Out (bugs) -------------------------------- Bugs TOO MANY/LAZY- Kind of broken when I took a look at it, it works but has some graphical glitches and what-not, it will be fixed soon. c:
  4. Version 1.0


    This tutorial shows you how to add custom sound to your creature! Instructions on using the tutorial: 1. Download and extract the mod to your mods folder. 2. Open and follow the instructions in 'readme_tutorial_7.txt'. Happy modding!
  5. Version 1.0


    This tutorial shows you how to add a brain to your creature! Instructions on using the tutorial: 1. Download and extract the mod to your mods folder. 2. Open and follow the instructions in 'readme_tutorial_6.txt'. Happy modding!
  6. Version 1.0


    This tutorial shows you how to control your creature's animation using a stategraph! Instructions on using the tutorial: 1. Download and extract the mod to your mods folder. 2. Open and follow the instructions in 'readme_tutorial_5.txt'. Happy modding!
  7. Version 1.0


    This tutorial shows you how to spawn a creature at the player's position! Instructions on using the tutorial: 1. Download and extract the mod to your mods folder. 2. Open and follow the instructions in 'readme_tutorial_2.txt'. Happy modding!
  8. Version 1.0


    This tutorial shows you how to create your very own mod! Instructions on using the tutorial: 1. Download and extract the mod to your mods folder. 2. Open and follow the instructions in 'readme_tutorial_1.txt'. Happy modding!
  9. Badass Wilson

    Version 0.6


    Tired of Wilson?, tempted to use a more interesting character?, even Wes?, simply to do something different?, well no more. Wilson, with his scientific, study hungry mind, is not as afraid of the monsters in the world, and with his years of experience, he can put things together very well, during the day he feels great and mentally reinvigorated, you will need it, he goes mad without his lovely sleep.
  10. Version 1.1


    [A Moderately Friendly Update] version. Stats: Health - 200 Hunger - 100 Sanity - 150 Features: Hits like a wet noodle, but moves around a bit faster to compensate! Has an affinity for the rain, gaining sanity when it falls.If sanity gets too low, rain will start falling in an attempt to recuperate. Frogs will fall from the sky if sanity is critically low. [*]Gets hungry quickly, and is picky about the foods she eats and the state they're in. Some foods, such as monster-variety meat, she just won't eat. If the food is stale or spoiled, it suffers a penalty. [*]Has a phobia of bugs. Bees, killer bees, and mosquitoes now give off an insanity aura. ---------------------- New in version 1.1: Nightvision has been removed. Upon request, a new craftable lightning staff!You can now strike your foes with lightning! -15 sanity and -10% durability per attack. Doubles as a torch! Has a passive -1% durability loss per tick when equipped. Will be found under the Magic tab, craftable with a Prestihatitator. Requires Nightmare Fuel x4, Living Logs x2, and Gold x3. [*]When Wren's insane and is hit by an enemy, lightning will strike back at them. This will hit 1 enemy and have a 1-minute cooldown. ** Bugs or crashes? ** State what you were doing at the time of the crash. Be as descriptive as possible! See if you can find the error in your log.txt in Documents/Klei/DoNotStarve/ If you cannot identify the error, please post your log.txt over at the official thread: either attach your log.txt directly to your post or use spoiler tags! Special Thanks: debugman18 simplex Heavenfall Psycosis DaVinci557 Feel free to leave suggestions!
  11. Version 1.01


    Allows Quick Save and Quick Load in-game by pressing F5 (save) or F6 (load)
  12. Version 1.2


    Ghosts and Graves 1.0 Ghosts have chance to spawn from dug up graves. Ghosts have chance to drop ectoplasm on death. Ectoplasm can be used to fuel lantern. Ghosts roam the world on new moon dusk and night, number of Ghosts depends on number of dug up graves. Spirit Torch - if you fuel one of them, all of them will be fueled over large area, can be fueled with ectoplasm or slurtle slime or light bulbs from cave flowers. Spirit Torch can be crafted using shadow manipulator and costs blue gem, 2x ectoplasm and 8 gold. Spirit Torch graphics by @Raccoon Superhero
  13. Version 2.5


    Nightmare Update A Grande Chest only worthy of Maxwell! (and anyone else who wants it...) 80 Slot! v1.1 - recipe adjustment so's not to be so harsh. Tired of having 10-15 chests cluttering up your camp? Maxwell's Chest is for you! It even has a nice warm glow after dark. See screen shots for more coolness! Please install ModLib 1.5 for chest background to work. ModLib is a work-around until Klei gives us an easier way to replace certain files. It just loads like a regular mod, but just load it first. (Go Get >>) (if you're running RPG HUD (and why wouldn't you!), you won't need ModLib) Install: Double-click downloaded ZIP file and DRAG enclosed directory into your dontstarve/mods directory. Start game and enable mod on the mods screen. NOTE: Compatible with RPG HUD and backpack and amulet mods NOTE 2: It is suggested that with these chest and other interface mods, to change your HUD size from 10 to 5 (Options > Settings). Everything will then fit as it should (to a point - extra small windows can't be helped). Discuss >>
  14. Version 1.5


    Description: These aren't free gifts, you've gotta work for them! A 24 slot backpack you can build from your cave spoils! Get Spelunking! 20 Broken Shells 20 Slurtle Slime 1 Snurtle Shell Armor ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- To install this mod: Double-click downloaded ZIP file and DRAG enclosed directory into your dontstarve/mods directory. Start game and enable mod on the mods screen. Discuss >>
  15. Version 2.0


    Adds a variety of icons to the minimap, with possibly more to come. Updated to v2.0 [Mod]. Original pighouse icon is included in the custom version as an alternate atlas. Still using the experimental minimap_atlas replacement, which adds new custom icons. USE WITH CAUTION AS THIS REPLACES VANILLA FILES! There are two versions of this mod; one which uses vanilla icons, and one which adds custom icons to minimap_atlas.png. Using the standard Version Using the Atlas Replacement Commenting Out Lines List of what represents what (subject to change): Changelog:
  16. architectural geometry

    Version 1.1


    Still in distress for how to make your base beautiful? ! Headaches for transplant ? ! Just try this MOD.A little easier.. 7/30:WARNING!The version[no press],usage changed AND this part haven't test too much How to Use(This work like board game) When you build or transplant: no need to press any key ! it auto make it snap to grid(size 0.5). If hold the key "Ctrl" then the mod Disabled When you build(for fine tune): hold the key "p" then it will make it snap to grid(size 0.1).How to change key: notice: Discuss >>
  17. Version 2.0


    Increases Krampus Sack to 3x6 (18 slots), Pigpack to 3x5 (15 slots), all other containers to 3x4 (12 slots). Expanded container size request from here. Finally [:C] updated to Mod. Now on the Steam Workshop. Changelog:
  18. Charcoal Burner

    Version 1.1


    A small change for Firepit.edge closer to reality. Now you can harvest ash by burning things. Charcoal with out burn trees... Just make fire pit "Real". USE: With Fire Pit. Just make fire,for a few time (the time of log burning) it can be harvest. burn,produce ash.need more? burn more! 2.By make the fire get smaller,you can receive charcoal Install: Un-zip, enable this mod in game.(just like most other MOD)[hunger] Disscuss
  19. Chester the Enlightened

    Version .


    Chester the Enlightened is now your night time companion! v1.1 should have the fire and combat (traps) issues fixed (let me know...) -- Description: -- Chester never sleeps, for that night time exploring! -- Chester lights the way at night with a spooky, flickering...ness. -- Chester takes no damage (though he may burn up, hehe). Since this is the virgin release, please let me know if you find any bugs or issues. To install this mod: Download this .zip file. Double-click to open. DRAG the enclosed mod directory into your dontstarve/mods directory. You'll now have a "mods" folder called "ChestertheEnlightened", then run the game and 'enable' the mod on the mod loading screen. -- enjoy! Discuss here:
  20. Dutch Translation 100%



    Dutch translation/language pack - Nederlandse vertaling The .zip should be extracted to /mods Het .zip-bestand moet worden uitgepakt in de mods map in de installatiemap van Don't Starve. Vragen of opmerkingen? Ga naar het topic. Last update: 31 jul 2015 (update voor Reign of Giants)
  21. Books Mod



    Enables every character to craft and read books. I thought that this "Books" tab is way too powerful and unique to belong to only one character, so I created this little mod to even the odd between Wickerbottom and some characters neglected in a new update (mainly Wilson). Note: It overwrites game's character prefabs, so any additional custom characters won't have "books" tab and it might conflict with other mods overriding character files. UPD: Thanks to kiopho - now the mod does not override any of character files. Installation: 1. Drop and unpack zip archive in your ***SteamSteamAppscommondont_starvemods directory 2. Enter the game and in mods list enable "Books mod" 3. Enjoy your new powers Mod is highly experimental and I did it mostly for my own fun. If you have any questions or problems - you can PM me of leave a comment describing problem. I'll try to look into it as soon as I can. Version History: (28.07.2013) Update: Upgraded to work with Hunger version of the game (06.08.2013) Update: Fixed "Third science and magic tier recipes for Tentacle and Lightning books (06.09.2013) Update: Mod now should work with Stuff of Nightmares. Most recent: (03.10.2013) Update: Checked for compatibility with latest update.
  22. Character - Wilton

    Version 2.0


    Wilton, one of the hidden characters, is now playable, with his own special powers! . Wilton, one of the hidden characters, is now playable, with his own special powers! Download below, or download either of 2 mirrors: Mirror 1: This version of the mod includes HUNGER, unlike the normal version. Mirror 2: WIP version for my own testing. Don't complain if this one doesn't work correctly. Discuss here: ************************************************** Has a whopping 35 (thirty-five) maximum health. Tip: Avoid combat unless heavily armored. ************************************************** Has a whopping 35 (thirty-five) maximum sanity. Tip: Be sure to keep your sanity from dropping too low. ************************************************** Does not starve, and cannot eat anything but flowers. Tip: Don't eat anything else, it's as easy as that. ************************************************** Respawns at a random skeleton on the map when he dies. Tip: You never know how many lives you may have, so be careful. ************************************************** Can dig up bones and occasionally skeletons from gravemounds. Tip: Be careful digging graves, your sanity will drop quickly. ************************************************** Has a cool boomerang. Tip: Be sure to catch it, or you'll likely kill yourself! ************************************************** Does not do well in the cold. Tip: Stay close to home. ************************************************** Spawns with an eyebone and his good friend Chester. Tip: Store your spoils in Chester! ************************************************** Changes in the works currently: None! Known Bugs: None! VERSION CHANGELOG1.6All bugs fixed! (That I am aware of.)Amulets/touchstones/effigies all work properly now, with any character!Wes no longer speaks because of the mod being active.There will no longer be duplicate eyebones and bone-a-rangs.1.5Wilton gets his boomerang and eyebone back when he respawns!Wilton can eat flowers to regain health, but they lower his sanity some.Wilton now has 35 health instead of 20. Same for sanity.Rain makes you go insane a little quicker than usual.1.4Wilton spawns with a special boomerang! It is currently bugged but usable.Wilton doesn't eat anymore. A spiffy respawn sound effect.Some compatibility issues fixed! For "Dem Bones", and theoretically other mods.A WIP character portrait.A special version of Wilton that actually eats and so forth can be found under 'mirrors'.1.3Dig up bones and skeletons from graves, and never worry about ghosts!Removed the hunger meter, since you don't go hungry. Relocated the insanity meter to where the hunger meter was.1.2Other characters no longer get Wilton's reanimation perk!Maximum health and sanity are now tuned at 20 each.Respawn from skeletons spread throughout the map!Winter is very dangerous for Wilton!Wilton now uses the proper strings!1.1Hunger no longer goes down.Wilton now has very little health and sanity.Wilton will no longer starve.Wilton will spawn with a friend.