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Found 31 results

  1. Version 0.7!


    Lots of items buildable for your convenience. --REFINE -Transmute 10 cut grass to 10 rocks. -Transmute 4 cut grass into 1 beefalo wool. -Refine 2 rocks into 1 rocky turf. -Refine 4 Guano into 1 guano turf. -Refines 10 twigs into 5 boards. --WEAPONS Blowdart- 1 hound's tooth and 1 cut reed. --FOOD -Grow a Cave banana tree from 5 seeds -Grow a mandrake from a durian --DRESS -Miner Hat buildable from Straw Hat and a Lightbulb. --STRUCTURES -Buildable Pig King! -Buildable Pig Torch. -Buildable Rundowned House. -Buildable Slurtle Mound. -Buildable Boulder. --SPAWN -Spawnable Bishop. -Spawnable Rock Lobster. -Spawnable Beefalo. -Spawnable Hound. -Spawnable Tentacle Pillar.
  2. Version v0.2


    An update and correction of the micheltelo2121's mod. Craftable in the War tab, tech magic level 3 (a Shadow Manipulator is required to prototype this weapon). Recipie: Hound's Tooth = 3 Rope = 2 Twig = 5 Wet Goop = 3 French Translation within the modmain.lua file. All credits to the author.
  3. 3425 downloads

    I've saved the Adventure map wich contains the Set Piece that allow to unlock Wes. Notes : The World Map of my save is hidden, you need to find the Set Piece by yourself but you're 100% sure to obtain it. You need to do the whole quest to unlock Wes. Here's how to install it : IMPORTANT : make a back up of this folder : C:Program Files (x86)Steamuserdatarandom number219740remote Case #1 : you've already found the Maxwell's Door 1. Enter in the Adventure Mode and leave the game. 2. Go to this folder : C:Program FilesSteamuserdatarandom number219740remote or C:Program Files (x86)Steamuserdatarandom number219740remote 3. Locate this file : "adventure_1" (the number is the slot of your save) 4. Patch this file with mine (you should rename it, if necessary). 5. Launch the game, don't care about the chapter title. You can use the Test Tool mod to see the full map. 6. Locate the Set Piece : >> >> Case #2 : you don't find the Maxwell's Door 1. Create a game in the forth slot. 2. Leave the game. 3. Go to this folder : C:Program FilesSteamuserdatarandom number219740remote or C:Program Files (x86)Steamuserdatarandom number219740remote 4. Patch this file : "survival_4" 5. Launch the game, enter in the Maxwell's Door. 6. Leave the game. 7. Locate this file : "adventure_4" 8. Patch this file with mine. 9. Launch the game, don't care about the chapter title. 10. Locate the Set Piece (map screenshots) : >> >>
  4. Version 1,0


    This is a fun little joke-mod that gifts rabbits with the power of persuasion - they're still cowards on their own, but attack one and it'll convince all nearby non-rabbit animals to attack you! Morsel gathering just got a lot harder. Features: Compatibility: Bugs
  5. Version 1.1


    A custom character i have created its still in development and im going to continue improving him. as of now he has 450 health, 4 sanity (so theres monsters around like in silent hill ) has one custom speech line, but i will update it to every item and has a really cool texture
  6. Version 0.5


    Krieg The Psycho, a Borderlands 2 character.Now in your game! I have implemented Krieg with difficulties along with it and I wouldn't do this without Lord Luxury. His pros and cons: 1. Brings his own sword. 2. Gore and flesh will let him heal. ( killing enemy gives health. ) 3. Unstable state of mind. ( At night, he might be insane or attack himself. ) His sword is a Buzz Axe, not for trees!. His health and hunger is same as Wilson yet sanity is only 30. More to be implemented. Credits: DaVinci557 - Lord Luxury
  7. Version 1.7


    A version for Don't Starve Together now exists and can be downloaded via the steam page: Seras Victoria, The Fledgling Vampire "Seras was a member of the D11 elite police response unit, until she was mortally wounded by Alucard in his destruction of a vampire masquerading as a priest. On the verge of death, she chose to allow Alucard to turn her into a vampire. Serving beneath Alucard, she now works for the Hellsing Organization and deals with the consequences of her decision." Project background and goal I've always liked Seras character from the Hellsing Anime, and in a game like Don't Starve where all characters seem to be going off the edge in one way or another, Seras as a reluctant human-turned-blood-sucking-monster seemed oddly fitting. I will focus on making Seras fun to play more than "balanced", with this meaning that playing Seras should be a different experience from playing other characters in don't starve. Playing her meant to be challenging in its own way. Attributes Health: 260/60* Stomach: 150 Sanity: 120 Damage: x2.1/x0.4* *highest at night when full, lowest at day while starved. Features Green = Working feature Yellow = Partially implemented/semi-working Red = Not implemented Power changes day/night & full/starved. Character model changes depending on power (5 models) Regenerate hp at night (when not starved). Night vision. Sanity loss while starved. Cold resistant (insulation). Affected by full moon. Can only eat meat-type items. Partially meaty food such as meatballs have reduced effect. Takes no damage eating monster meat, but still loses sanity Unique speech text. Unique craftables. Tweaking, polishing and extra testing. Status The mod is in a stable state. Tips and tricks General survival 1. Seras is very weak during the day, especially when hungry. Avoid all confrontation with enemies when possible during the day. Even a few frogs can be dangerous to a starved Seras during the day. 2. Seras has night vision and she is extremely strong during the night as long as she is above 60 hunger. You can use this time to kill spiders, beefalo, werepigs and other dangerous opponents with relative ease. 3. Caves are considered constant night, and since Seras excels at nightly adventures you should not hesitate to explore the lands underground. 4. Seras unique weapon is quite affordable and has the same power as a tentacle spike it drains Seras own health when used. Using it during the day or when starved is not recommended 5. You may want to sleep through the full moon. Dealing with hunger and health 1. Seras cannot eat non-meat food, but this does not stop you from using this food as bait for tasty animals. It is a good idea to create a large number of traps with bait near rabbit holes to get a stable source of meat early on. 2. Seras does not take health damage from eating damaging food. This means that spiders and the like are a passable source of meat. When you can create monster jerky and have some sanity improving clothes you can use monsters as your primary source of food. 3. If Seras stomach is filled above 145 she will become somewhat more powerful but drain hunger quickly until she goes below 130. She drains hunger even faster during the day while in this state. An advantage is that she will slowly regenerate health during the evening and night while in this state. 4. Seras slowly regenerates health at night while above 60 hunger. Since caves are considered constant night you can use caves to get your health up when no other health restoration is available. 5. When cooking try to stick to cooking "meaty" recipes such as Meaty Stew, Honey Ham, Bacon & Eggs with the crock pot. Less meaty recipes have reduced effect on Seras. Version History Version v1.0 This is the first public version Version v1.1 Fixed head not showing when wearing a hat. Tweaked hunger (reduced to be less difficult) Fixed a minor texture error. Changed some speech lines. Version v1.2 Completed speech text. Version v1.3 Major visual upgrade Version v1.4 New portrait for character selection Less meaty Crock pot recipes have been rebalanced to better suit Seras being a carnivore. Version v1.5 New portraits for selection & save slots Now with better spelling! Fixed portrait compression error that was effecting some players Version v1.6 New blood-fuelled unique weapon Version v1.7 (current, download via Klei) Added 5 new character appearances dependant on power Rebalanced hunger Increased night vision radius Added full moon effect. Special Thanks to: Sukoushi TheDanaAddams debugman18 Vazura You guys helped make this mod possible! Forum Topic
  8. Version 2.0


    Adds a variety of icons to the minimap, with possibly more to come. Updated to v2.0 [Mod]. Original pighouse icon is included in the custom version as an alternate atlas. Still using the experimental minimap_atlas replacement, which adds new custom icons. USE WITH CAUTION AS THIS REPLACES VANILLA FILES! There are two versions of this mod; one which uses vanilla icons, and one which adds custom icons to minimap_atlas.png. Using the standard Version Using the Atlas Replacement Commenting Out Lines List of what represents what (subject to change): Changelog:
  9. 716 downloads

    Welcome to the Wilson (get the refrence?) This is my first (adventure) map! You start off in a old, crumbling, house with a chest, and a krampus sack. This map has a few structures like: The neighbor's house Pig village Cave-y Maxwell's monument Maxwell's portal more coming soon! Back Story: Wilson met the other Don't Starve character's and they built a mansion (possible refrence to my other map...?), then Maxwell destroyed the mansion, separating the characters, Wilson then went of in search of the Door he created, to possibly destroy Maxwell... (Map takes place 2 years later) It is recommended that you install the following mods: Potions mod; Bigger containers; Futara dragon; RPG HUD; Always On Status; Books mod; Opcane; Remember: this map will keep on updating with new features (cave level not finished) Now updated to Hunger (added new stuff too!) (forum thread:
  10. Version 2.0


    Increases Krampus Sack to 3x6 (18 slots), Pigpack to 3x5 (15 slots), all other containers to 3x4 (12 slots). Expanded container size request from here. Finally [:C] updated to Mod. Now on the Steam Workshop. Changelog:
  11. Version v0.4


    Purpose: Take 3 more time to items to decay to rot. Customizable by user. Read "modmain.lua" for more explanations. Install: Open the zip file. Drag and drop the "Delayed rot" folder to your "..Dontstarvemods" folder. Changelog: Feel free to ask or to review or to fault.
  12. 731 downloads

    Your followers will no longer set off traps belonging to you! However, if a follower is provoked into fighting you, they will set off your traps for the duration of their attack. You also have the option to prevent non-hostile creatures which can follow you (but currently are not) from setting off yourtraps as well. This option is on by default. To change this, scroll down to CreaturesThatCanFollowMeSetOffMyTraps = false and change it to true. Overwritten files: None Referenced files:leader.lua and mine.lua How to install: Changelog: Discuss Here >>
  13. 1030 downloads

    "Can help you!" Your science machine. Can help you to make"rope,boards,cutstone,papyrus,nightmarefuel" How to use: [1]Just open science machine. [2]There are 3 slots for you to put in log/cutgrass/rocks/cutreeds/petals_evil. [3]Then it will show what it can do in the fourth slot. When you move on it,you can know how many it product.[4]Just click it or button below. [5]For a few while you can recive product(near). If you run away,it will put on the ground. You Can See the Image. Install: Have fun.I'm learning to make advanced MOD...
  14. 1851 downloads

    Hey guys i'll give the link directly because my Eng. is so bad It's diamond sword mod in the minecraft. It's light-added! It slows you when equipped. It's stronger than Dark Sword.
  15. 377 downloads

    Craftable Tam O'Shanter.Mac Tusk hat is craftable now! You can craft Tam O'Shanter hat with 5 beefalo wools, 5 silk and 1 pig skin. Enjoy the mod
  16. 2048 downloads

    This is the mod I use to "fix" all the parts of the game that annoy me. Many versions ago, I started this mod with a copy of Personal Backpack Slot mod; props to all the people that wrote and maintained it. Fun for me may not be fun for you, and it must be said that the game is overall moderately easier (not much at first, but definitely in the late game) in this mode. Probably all this stuff exists in other mods. I didn't copy it from there, except for the backpack. Here's what this mod does: - Added backpack slot - Added amulet slot - Tightened Chester's leash a small bit - Chester teleports with you when you use the purple staff - Amulets, staves, and non-combat hats no longer have fuel or durability - Backpack slots and chester slots increased crudely, without fixing the graphics hehe - Heat rock holds 30% more heat - Red hounds don't explode, and their loot tables are similar to blue hounds' - The teleporter base station does not consume its purple gems upon use - Woodie does not turn into a beaver at the full moon (but can still bring it on by chopping) Install: Unzip, drop the SpiffyBackpack folder inside your mods folder, start the game, pick SpiffyBackpack, and off you go.
  17. Version 0.04


    Introduction: This is my second modification for the game, I wanted to be able to move reeds like other harvestables to allow for better map optimization. There wasn't a way to do this without creating a mod for it, so I dug in and created something very generic. HowTo: 1) Dig up a reed. 2) Click on the 'dug reed'. 3) Right click the target location. (Must be on marsh/swamp land.) 4) Fertilize and wait for them to grow. (This is to prevent spamming of cut reeds.) Installation: 1) Extract files into the mod folder. 2) Enable the mod in game, under the mods screen. 3) Enjoy your game. Special Thanks zeidrich: Helped me get the image of the new "dug reed" to show up properly. _Q_: Gave me valuable insight to modding. John2022: French Translation.
  18. 6573 downloads

    This mod adds 135 new craftables to the game. It's updated upon most suggestions, so virtually everything you ask for WILL be added. Latest Stable Update - v.0.1.9 Latest Testing Branch - Not running a test at this time. Testing Branch Stability - Not running a test at this time. NOTE - This update is likely to break. Please report all bugs, and crashes, and give me a screenshot of the crash message. Thanks. Discuss this mod Features: Planned Features: Install Instructions: Compatibility: Known Bugs: Changelog:
  19. Version v0.1c


    Purpose: Loops trees between stage 3 and 4 of their growth. It results in trees never become old & small trees again. You can now enjoin your teammates pigs to cut off your artificial forest and recolt maximum logs! Install: Open the zip file. Drag and drop in your "..Dontstarvemods" folder Known issues: Compatibilities: Future plans: Changelog: Feel free to ask or to review or to fault.
  20. Version v1.3


    Purpose: Duration of a game day is extended to 20 minutes instead of 8 minutes. Nights and dusks are proportionally longer too. All time functions are consistent with the gameday's duration (autosaves included). Cycles take longer according to the duration of a gameday. Both parts are customisable by users. Read "modmain.lua" for more explanations. Install: Open the zip file. Drag and drop in your "..Dontstarvemods" folder Known issues: Compatibilities: Future plans: Changelog: Feel free to ask or to review or to fault.
  21. Version v1.2


    Purpose: Boulders and Stalagmites regrow while time passes. It's an update/addition from 'microbun' work which seems to be abandoned for some time. Boulders and Stalagmites are destroyable up to 3 levels. If you don't overpass the second one, the boulder will regrown to it's precedents states, after an amount of time; between 3 and 4,5 gamedays to regrow to full. But if you choose to break it until ends of it's roots, it will not. You'll probably receive a good loot in return (especially for stalagmites). You can edit "modmain.lua" to tune regrowth timers. Install: Open the zip file. Drag and drop in your "..Dontstarvemods" folder. Known issues: Compatibilities: Future plans: Changelog: Feel free to ask or to review or to fault.
  22. 561 downloads

    Wail is a possessed character with his own perks and weaknesses! Wail, The Possessed This character is *VERY* in-progress, but there's certainly enough there to release it as playable. Feedback is welcomed and encouraged! ************************************************** Has 60 max hunger, 200 max sanity, and 130 max health. Tip: Keep an eye on your hunger. ************************************************** Becomes fully possessed when fully insane. Tip: Strange things happen when you become fully possessed. ************************************************** Changes in the works currently: Finish the strings. Way more possession effects. A unique item for Wail. VERSION CHANGELOG1.0The first version!
  23. Version 2.0


    WOOD *****Updated to Hungry for Hunger***** WOOD update to 2.0 Added original treeguard skin ~looks amazing! Bigger character Added little speech (especially when he in combat) No need to create new character to use new woodgang, just replace the woodgang lumpy file with woodgang original, and you can switch back between this 2 skins Discuss him here <- this thread is abandoned because now download page and thread is merged My Thread Wolfgang is the strongest character? Not anymore. Wood is Super Easy Mode Character, Designed for people who really suck at survive in Don't Starve Wilderness Here we go the OverPower status: *Has 1500 Health Points. 1500!!! *Has 1500 Maximum Hunger. 1500 again!!! *Has Treeguard damage + Deerclops Area Damage, OH MY! *Clumpsy when using weapon (Regular Damage) *Hit Harder when unarmed (Treeguard and Deerclops damage) "Run! Run all the mob of DS World, The Woodgang is coming to town" HOW TO INSTALL : Extract woodgang.rar and put "woodgang" Folder into your Steamsteamappscommondont_starvemods folder
  24. 6137 downloads

    Hatsune Miku - Secret Police *****Updated to Hungry For Hunger Update***** Discuss her here My Thread My first character skins - now became character mod (different eyes) She start with her Nation's peace-keeping "Leek Baton" and her "Handgun" 2 box of normal ammo , 1 box of slow ammo You can craft normal ammo and slow ammo under magic tabs (for now) (Thanks to no_signal and gamer.toukotsu to teach me how to add area damage) Leek Baton is melee weapon with infinite uses, have weak attack, but deal area damage (very efficient against spider) It also acts as glow sticks Thanks to no_signal for making this marvelous right-click reload mechanic) To reload ammo into handgun, right click the ammo box, the handgun will instantly reloaded There is 2 type bullet for the moment (more to come) first is normal 9mm bullet, deal medium damage (to create it, you must get the material from caves) second is 9mm bullet with secret slow properties, deal medium damage AND permanent slow run & walk to the target (although it consume a lot of spider silk and gland, it's worth of it) HOW TO INSTALL : Extract MikuSP.rar and MikuSPitem.rar and put MikuSP , MikuSPitem Folder into your Steamsteamappscommondont_starvemods folder Then run the game, choose Mod in your mainscreen, enable MikuSP , MikuSPitem To Do : I'm planning to have more ammo variation and leek baton also can be use as leek boomerang ****WARNING**** You must install MikuSPitem mod , so your Miku Secret Police character can access her start item
  25. 2050 downloads

    Ghostcaller and Stickman Thread here I adopted this mod from the original creator , Heavenfall All credit go to him, I just update and maintained this character mod Ghostcaller is unique character that can call friendly ghost from fallen enemies Not from small creatures though, nor from animals Stickman is unique character that can walk through walls/ building/ solid object And he is immune to grue (although sanity drop very fast) HOW TO INSTALL : Extract HF_unlockstickman.rar and HF_unlockghostcaller.rar and put HF_unlockstickman and HF_unlockghostcaller Folder into your Steamsteamappscommondont_starvemods folder Then run the game, choose Mod in your mainscreen, enable Stickman and Ghost caller