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Found 220 results

  1. Version 1.1


    A long time ago, there's a mod called mrpoke20xx mobs, now this mod is reborn as don't starve: weird world of wilson! There's 6 creatures, 3 structures and 1 item in this mod now! FUNGUS: They come in 3 colors, each one spawn from their houses, and they love gross(item). PUPPETEER: Master of the puppets, this creature is awaiting for your arrival in his mansion, prepare for battle! PUPPET: Wooden living puppets that are controlled by a mysterious force, if you can only know how to make them... maybe their master know how... MIMIC: Dreadful creature that sneaks their prey (you) by using mimicry of a berry bush, watch out! GROSS: Made with manure and rot, this thing works as fuel, as ferilizer and somehow, fungus love this. FUNGUS HOUSE: Structures that spawn in heavy forests, jungles (shipwrecked) and caves, each one houses 4 fungus of their respective color. that's all for now people! more creatures coming soon!
  2. Version 1.1


    The Advanced Farm is an agricultural breakthrough! -RoG compatible. -Advanced Farm offers wither protection. -Advanced Farm offers a faster growth rate. -Advanced Farm allows crop growth in cold winter conditions,although slower. -Advanced Farm has a cool transparent effect,like a green house. -Advanced Farm can be crafted under the FOOD TAB. Recipe = Alchemy Engine 4 boards, 8 poop, 6 silk and 1 rope. Have fun, comments and suggestions are welcome.
  3. 561 downloads

    I made this for my own personal use but then I thought maybe other people might like it too so here it is. If you like then use it, if not don't. If you're like me, and I know I am, then you usually hold the spacebar down while your character works through a patch of grass, twigs or even trees, picking chopping or what have you. And sometimes you'll find your character automatically picking flowers in the process, which may not be something you want them to do. Well, this mod allows you to disable flower picking with either the keyboard, mouse or even both! For example, you can disable flower picking with the keyboard and still pick them manually with your mouse! Or vice versa! Or neither! No longer do you have to watch flower petals slowly rot in your inventory or worry about your bees not making honey due to your ham-fisted, haphazardous flower picking. Recent Changes: -Updated to include the picking of evil flowers.
  4. Version 1.5


    This mod allows you to play as Dr. Ivo Robotnik from the AoSTH show. COMPATIBLE WITH RoG DLC COMPATIBLE WITH ALWAYS ON STATUS. Has custom speech file! Yey~! Custom Maxwell Intro! ^ Steam Workshop Version right there Stats: HP: 120 Hunger: 200 Sanity: 250 Takes a passive 10% less damage Hits 25% weaker Has a science bonus of 1. Moves 20% slower --Fun stuff here CAN CRAFT SCRATCH AND GROUNDER. They fight for you. Scratch's stats: 300 HP Kiting mechanism Does 30 dmg per hit. Drops a blueprint on death to craft another one. Grounder's stats: 500 HP Tanking Mechanism Does 10 dmg per hit, but hits fast. Drops blueprint on death to craft another. Can craft Super Robotnik Potion! It turns you into Super Robotnik for 2 mins! -Changes Build -Increases size -You now do 1.5x more damage then Wilson -HP increased to 210 -Lose sanity very fast -Run much faster -Absorption tuned to make it so you absorb 70% of dmg passively. After 2 minutes, all these reset to normal. Crafted with 5 thulecite, 3 nightmare fuel, and a purple gem. Update 5/24: Updated to API 6 Tweaked a couple of strings to add more pingas. Update 5/25 Changed bigportrait art. Many thanks to PipClank (Dino) for the art! EXPECT MORE UPDATES TO THIS. -Dan P.S Many thanks to Mr. Tiddles (NIk Mik) for my dumb coding questions
  5. Version 1.0


    Wood and Carpet Flooring have always been useless. Now Carpets insulate, protecting you in winter and Wood Floors halve sanity loss at night.
  6. 2463 downloads

    Brought back from the dead,one of my ol favorites -Note: I have fixed the rock images to work better with this mod -Able to throw as fast as you can click -TUNING = Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\dont_starve\mods\workshop-214997929 -TUNING.ROCK_DAMAGE = 50 -This mod is to fun.Only down side is the mod makes ya want to throw a damn rock at everything that moves! And yes the rocks must crumble.Would be way OP if they didn't.OP enough as is. Original author Reinert Original author's description Allows you to throw rocks, Hit dem b@stards! Ever wanted to smash a rabbit in the face with a rock, well with this mod you can O.o I thought it appropriate to make such mod, given the new update is all about rocks. Features -Makes rocks throwable and crumble upon impact. -No homing feature, you have to aim now(kinda'ish) -Kill a Treeguard with 50 rocks.
  7. Version v20


    Changes the day-night cycle so that after night comes dawn, then a new day. It also adds a golden butterfly that can appear during dawn. This mod is available on the Steam Workshop! Downloading it from there means it automatically updates when I release new versions. What it does How to install
  8. Version WhereTheresWilsonBRv1


    TRADUÇÃO DISPONÍVEL NO FÓRUM: Querer é Poder... Sobreviver! (Where There's Wilson...) TRADUÇÃO DISPONÍVEL NA OFICINA STEAM: Reign of Giants This Portuguese Translation is Always in Progress. Hello, I'm Marcos Bolton (a.k.a Salsa) and I'm a professional translator. Here's the file for the Portuguese-BR (WiP) translation. It's finished, now I need the brazilian community to test it and review the quality of the work. Due to piracy issues, the available version here at the forums is previous to the latest patch of the base game. If you're looking for the most recent version you can download it via Steam Workshop. Olá, meu nome é Marcos Bolton (ou Salsa). Aqui está o arquivo para a tradução em português do jogo Don't Starve. A tradução está jogável mas as vezes pode estar incompleta (favor checar a porcentagem). Devido a pirataria, a versão disponível no fórum é sempre da penúltima atualização do jogo base. Se você quer a versão mais atual da tradução precisa ser através de inscrição na Oficina Steam. Lembrete: Se você vai demonstrar o jogo usando a minha tradução no seu canal do YouTube, Twitch.TV, Ustream, etc. Por favor, lembre-se de deixar na descrição os créditos da tradução ou mesmo mencioná-la no vídeo. Meus canais são e Obrigado. For more on the progress and updates go to the main topic: Para mais informações visite o link do fórum: Fale sobre o mod Aqui/Discuss this mod here
  9. Version 1.1


    This mod changes the way that Earthquakes drop items. Earthquakes in the Caves will drop the regular items, but marble will drop slightly more often and there is a very small chance of getting a purple gem. In the Ruins, there is a very low chance that "non-renewable" gems will drop. The chances of finding these gems is slightly better than tumble-weeds (~0.5% chance per earthquake), but you'll have to deal with the dangerous denizens of the Ruins to get them! Also, Slurtles and Rock Lobsters will eat these gems if they find them, so good luck! [Note: For practical purposes, this mod has negligible impact on game balance.]
  10. Version 1.1.3


    Tired picking grass by clicking on one tuft at a time? Tired of holding the space bar for no end chopping wood whenever you want to build some wooden flooring for your base? Then this mod is for you! This mod allows you to queue a sequence of actions by holding SHIFT and dragging the mouse, forming a selection box enclosing all your targets. This allows you to automate the process of picking, harvesting, chopping, digging, shaving Beefalo and many more repetitive tasks, by simply selecting all your targets and then sitting back (offensive actions such as attacking are not performed, to avoid... accidents). To use this mod, hold SHIFT, press a mouse button and drag the selection box, releasing the mouse button when you're done selecting. You may use either the left or right mouse buttons: only the actions normally performed by that button are executed in each case (excluding some actions, like attacking, as mentioned before). If you simply click an entity while SHIFT is held, that entity will be toggled from the selection (included if it weren't, removed if it were). To cancel a series of tasks, simply click anywhere on the ground or press any movement key (but managing your inventory will not cancel the queue). When you perform a selection, the queued actions are those of the tool you have equipped, if any, as well as "inherent" ones which do not depend on tools (such as picking grass). If you have a selected item (as is done for razors, when shaving Beefalo), only the actions corresponding to this item will be performed, granting you a finer grained selection of what should be performed. When using a right click selection, no objects will be picked up from the ground. Left click selection will also not pick up tooth traps, armed bee mines and untriggered (rabbit) traps.
  11. Version Beta 1.40


    This mod completely changes how you fight combats in Don't Starve, by replacing them with RPG inspired turn based encounters! So slay monsters, gain experience, and find a way to escape the world in which Maxwell has trapped you! You're going to need some help though, so be sure to search far and wide for the soul gems of long dead heroes. The spirits of these ancient warriors, trapped within their crystalline prisons, will lend you power and extraordinary skills in combat. Equipping different soul gems will change how you approach a fight. Maxwell's minions have also captured some of your closest friends. Free them, and they will join you in your quest to escape! This mod has been a real labour of love, undertaken on and off over the period of a whole year. I'd like to really thank some people that help me make this mod a reality: @Vivalavie and @UltimaZix for lending their lovely art to the mod, which has jazzed up its appearance to no end, and @Mobbstar and @ImDaMisterL for the many hours they spent helping me catch many nasty bugs Thanks guys! Please note, that this mod currently only works for vanilla Don't Starve; RoG is not supported. It is recommended that this mod is played without any other mods running as the changes to the base mechanics of game are extensive and compatibility can not be assured. A new game must also be started for this mod to take effect. Additionally, this mod is in beta! There may still be some bugs lurking around. If you can send me a detailed report on any bugs encountered, that would be awesome. But for now, enjoy! ----------------------------------------------------------------- A quick explanation of the mod's configuration options - Difficulty: Changes the difficulty of the mod by altering the strength of monsters and their ability to make intelligent decisions in combat. - Regenerating health: the player regenerates health over time (100 HP per game day) - Hardcore mode: when on, if you are defeated in battle, the game is lost and the save file deleted. When off, if defeated, the game is reloaded from the last save point. - Random encounters: the time of day that random encounters can occur. - Encounter frequency: how often random encounters occur.
  12. 5383 downloads

    Base and RoG compatible. The Path Lights come on at dusk and turn off at dawn. The color of the lights can be changed in mod config. Color choices = Blue Red Green White The recipe can be changed in mod config. Recipe = Easy = 1 Rock, 3 Twigs, 1 firefly, and 1 Rope. Normal = 2 Rock, 3 Twigs, 1 firefly, and 1 Rope. Hard = 2 Rocks, 3 Twigs, 1 firefly, and 2 Rope. Have fun, as always comments and sugestions are welcome! If you like the mod, give it a thumbs up.
  13. Version DS1.4.2/DST1.5.1


    This mod adds Rakky as a playable character for base Don't Starve, Reign of Giants, Shipwrecked, and Don't Starve Together. He has custom dialogue and a custom voice. Version 1.4.2 is for Don't Starve Version 1.5.1 is for Don't Starve Together Stats: - Hunger: 200 - Health: 150 - Sanity: 200 Rakky is an adventurous kangarcoon that is good with boomerangs. He is able to catch boomerangs automatically. He can also craft his own special boomerangs. Rakky's Boomerangs: Adventurang Recipe: Hound's Tooth x2, Log x3 Durability: 100 Rakky's basic boomerang. Does spear damage and last much longer than a regular boomerang. Featherang Requires Science Machine Recipe: Stinger x4, Crimson Feather x4, Jet Feather x4 Durability: 150 Faster than a regular boomerang. Carrotrang Requires Alchemy Engine Recipe: Carrot x4, Rope, Honey x4 Perish Time: 10 Days This boomerang has a perishing time instead of a durability. Slumberang Requires Prestihatitor Recipe: Azure Feather x4, Silk x4, Gold Nugget x2 Durability: 50 Makes targets fall asleep. Batarang Requires Shadow Manipulator Recipe (DS/RoG): Batwing x4, Living Log x2, Tentacle Spots Recipe (SW): Monster Jerky x4, Living Log x2, Snakeskin x2 Durability: 150 Absorbs health from targets. Catastrorang Requires Ancient Altar (DS/RoG); Requires Shadow Manipulator (SW) Recipe (DS/RoG): Thulecite Medalion, Walrus Tusk x2, Nightmare Fuel x4 Recipe (SW): Hound's Tooth x4, Purple Gem, Nightmare Fuel x4 Durability: 300 (DS/RoG); 150 (SW) Indicates when a hound or giant attack is about to happen. It is strongest in times of danger. Shipwrecked Boomerangs Flowerang Requires Science Machine Recipe: Bamboo x2, Petals x5, Palm Leaf x2 Perish Time: 4.5 Days Gives minor sanity increase, water resistance, and summer insulation. Brainerang Requires Alchemy Engine Recipe: Brainy Matter, Seashell x10, Electrical Doodad x3 Durability: 75 Hits multiple times automatically. --------------------- Rakky is part raccoon and prefers food stale for some reason. Fresh food is now considered unripe. Unripe food has stale food effects on hunger (66%) and health (33%), and spoiled food effects on sanity (-10 if sanity value > 0). Stale food has a 1.2x multiplier on hunger and 1.5x multiplier on health. --------------------- Rakky is too focused on adventure, so he is unobservant to incoming threats. Rakky will not get a warning of hounds, giants, krampus, or Charlie. --------------------- Tips: As Rakky, you'll likely will have prepare food ahead of time. Since Rakky doesn't gain sanity from eating unripe food, keeping sane could be a challenge. Sleeping becomes useful for recovering sanity if you have lots of food. Berries and vegetables spoil faster if cooked. Meats spoil faster when raw, though meats other than fish damage sanity when eaten raw. Raw fish is very useful (especially in Shipwrecked) since it spoils fast and is safe to eat. Additionally, food spoils faster when placed on the ground, though you would have to watch out for other mobs taking it.
  14. Version 1.4.1


    Always check the changelog.txt. This is not the full release, things will change. This is WIP mod, so make sure to follow the mod to get a notification when an update is released. This mod adds a personal variation of the unimplemented/altered character - Winnie. Details: 175 HP 120 Hunger 100 Sanity Rabbits, penguins don't run away from her, and restore a bit of sanity when near her. But killing them drains sanity by 15. She is a vegetarian. But she can eat leafy meat. Custom speech lines. Compatible with the base game Credit for animation and sound goes to Klei Entertainment. Steam Link: Note: I am open to suggestions regarding anything, even some speech lines, those still need to be addressed. If any issue should arise, please pm me or leave a comment and I'll get back to you. Plans: Revisit strings More killing penalties Pro Tip: Penguins won't hide their eggs when playing as Winnie.
  15. Version V1.0.1


    Dell Conagher, The Engineer from TF2, has stumbled into the world of Don't Starve! Get the mod at: http://steamcommunit...s/?id=385214831 RoG and normal game compatible. Should be compatible with other mods. Traits: *Spawns with a wrench (This is a weapon that deals identical damage to a tentacle spike, has no durability) *Spawns with four gears, because he's an engineer. *Lower health and hunger, for balance. I plan to add a a lot more to this! Please message me ideas you want to see or anything like that. Current ideas: *Engineer hard hat - Works like a football helmet *Sentry - Deals damage to enemy threats. Things that still need to be done: *Some tweaks to the art files *Pretty much all of the voice lines. *New things! Thanks for checking out this mod. Tell me any bugs you may encounter, and I will get around to fixing them.
  16. Version 2.3


    This mod introduces guide books to the world of Don't Starve, which is focusing on mod support though. Those guides can spawn at the starting point of a world, somewhere along a road, or by custom means (starting inventory, event, setpiece, etc.) The books have text or images with or without headers spread across a virtually unlimited amount of pages. To navigate that many pages, there's the option to make a Table of Contents (index page). Using this mod helps you understand the core principles of the game and bigger mods, such as Industrial Resolution (where the idea originates from)! But why stop there? This mod is perfectly capable of making interactively expanding guides, and the Table of Contents also serves as spellbook! Your RAM is the limit! If you want to make a tome of knowledge for your own mod, check out the readme.txt in the main folder! The six base tomes will help you troubleshooting, and I will too if it's necessary. Have a nice day!
  17. Version 0.0


    All them coding was made by _Q_ You can now milk beefalos which requires a beefalo hat to wear, without beefalo hat beefalos gonna kick you. You have a chance to get headbutted by a beefalo while milking it even if wearing a beefalo hat. You can only milk beefalos when baby beefalos are around. You get raw milk from milking beefalos that has to be cooked in crock pot to get the more edible fresh milk. Fresh milk rots into cheese after around a week has passed.
  18. 5527 downloads

    The Lunch Box was inspired by long cave runs -Lunch Box functions as a portable mini ice box with 4 slots -Lunch Box comes equiped with light.The light is stationary or portable -Lunch Box doesn't use an equip slot for portable light access,just open from inventory -Lunch Box is Infinite ,only fuel is depleted -Lunch Box is craftable under the FOOD TAB -Food perish = Ice Box -Fuel type = light bulb or fireflies -Recipe = 10 beefalo wool , 3 gears and 2 blue gems -Note: If you normaly use 2,3 maybe more inventory slots for food when exploring,the Lunch Box will save you inventory space -I have also noticed that Bunnymen don't know if there is meat in the box! And the bulb fuel keeps much longer
  19. Version .


    InfiniteTools by tehMugwump All Staffs! and Sewing Kit fix - Let me know of any problem...! NOTE: Delete your old InfiniteTools directory. What it does (check modmain for more detail): Install: Double-click downloaded ZIP file and DRAG enclosed directory into your dontstarve/mods directory. Start game and enable mod on the mods screen. Talk: Discuss this mod here
  20. Version 1.2.1


    This mod shows how to add a custom tile (ground) type to the game, to the map and minimap. The actual work is encapsulated in the file tile_adder.lua, which may just be plopped into your mod and modimport'ed. It exports the function AddTile(), whose usage is exemplified in modworldgenmain.lua (note, however, that the tile texture assets must be declared in modmain.lua). As an example, a new tile type GROUND.MODTEST is added. The mod will also spawn in the player's inventory an infinite turf item which places the new tile type (to make testing easier, it does not require digging up the original turf with a pitchfork). WARNING! The numerical id passed as the second argument to AddTile (which becomes the value of GROUND.YOURNEWTILETYPE) must be unique, not conflicting with with game's own values (specified in vanilla's constants.lua) as well as with other mods. It must also be less than 128 (the value of GROUND.UNDERGROUND), otherwise the game assumes the new tile represents a wall type. The AddTile function checks the given numerical id for validity, raising an error if the check fails. With regard to intercompatibility between mods adding tiles, it is important to choose numerical ids not conflicting with the choice of other mods. Ideally the ids would be generated automatically and stored/restored as map savedata, but since mods run before any savedata is loaded this would add a number of pitfalls for the modder to be aware of, and generally increase the complexity of the code required for adding a new tile, so I kept the manual specification. The sample tile is added with an id of 80, while Up and Away uses consecutive ids starting from 64.
  21. 1493 downloads

    One for the kids! (Custom Lantern Stand) when placed on the ground Lantern doesn't need fuel good base light with on/off switch Log suit a bit better Football hat a bit better 8 day Miner hat life Cane damage same as spear Spawns with cane
  22. 1936 downloads

    This mod makes it so any followers you recruit will remain your follower for the rest of their life. It was never intended for serious gameplay and I have no intention of balancing it out. Tired of the werepigs? Try this mod. I made this mod because it was requested and because I was just bored enough to actually make it. No, this doesn't mean I'll make your mod. Sorry, it's nothing personal. Recent Changes: -Fine tuned the code. Should now be more compatible with mods that add followers who aren't time based, if any exist. -Fixed broken clockworks not following you when repaired. -Fixed hatched small birds not following you.
  23. Version v5


    Mod allows the player to select any character when starting a new map. In other words, all characters are unlocked. This mod is available on the Steam Workshop! Downloading it from there means it automatically updates when I release new versions. SPOILERS: Using this mod may unveil details about Adventure mode. You were warned. The player will continue to collect experience towards unlocking characters when losing a game, so if you wish to remove the mod later on you'll have collected the experience you earned. How to install
  24. Version 1.1.1


    Spear made of gold, more durable and sharper than the one made with flint. 36 damage 300 uses 4 twigs, 1 rope, 2 gold
  25. Version 1.0.4


    Wayrra the Arctic Fox - Don't Starve and Don't Starve ROG Wayrra is a member of north fox tribe from far away lands. One feral day she get's dragged to Maxwell's world, during tribal event - Festival of Ancient Spirits, together with Wakkari the Red Fox of southern tribe. Did you want DSTogether version? http://forums.kleien...arctic-fox-dst/ HP: 140, Hunger: 150, Sanity: 210 *Freeze slower during winter *Can eat monster meat and spoiled meat *Can build create Sanity Orb, which increases sanity for fixed period of time *Eats only meat *Beefalo's hates her *Has her own weapon - Orb Staff *Tiny sanity from killing spiders UPDATE INFO: v 1.0.4 *Wayrra is running faster (same as Wakkari) *Staff is eating less sanity *Sanity orb now needs 1 fuel instead of 3 to be crafted __________________ LINKS you might like: Wayrra the Arctic Fox DS,ROG: http://forums.kleien...the-arctic-fox/ Wakkari the Red Fox DS,ROG: http://forums.kleien...ri-the-red-fox/ Wayrra the Arctic Fox DST: http://forums.kleien...arctic-fox-dst/ Wakkari the Red Fox DST: http://forums.kleien...he-red-fox-dst/ ALSO AVAILABLE THROUGH STEAM!