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  1. Version 3.5


    So this is literally my very first character mod and I must say I'm quite proud it now! After hours and hours of working with it, the darn thing still continues to make a mockery of me however, I have enough now that I can confidently release him to you people! I would like to issue a thank you to Nightdweller (he's here around the forums someplace) He has been a tremendous help to me and honestly I couldn't have done this without him. He was the only one brave enough to help me and for that I thank him UvU This mod isn't as beta'd as when I started. He still has some bugs and major glitches but I wanted a little feedback on how I was doing? Base Stats Permanently Sanity:120 Hunger:150 Health:135 Willowson does not overheat easily however he does freeze/ get cold a lot faster then other characters. It crashes a lot less now but still some (especially when running Reign of Giants) Hopes for Version 4.0 Finish selectscreen picture(Im done just need to color it >.>) Get that darn rain hurt prefab to work Try to get him compatible with Don't Starve Together!!!
  2. Version 1.0


    Walnut the opossum is very kinda hearted. She tries to see the good in everything and everyone. Basic Information on Walnut: -Has ~85% custom dialogue -Night vision, and doesn't lose sanity in the dark -Can eat stale/spoiled meats but NOT monster meat -Will lose sanity in the rain, she absolutely hates it -She will not lose sanity at night -She is a bit faster than Wilson -Her stats are as follows: 250 Health/100 Hunger/125 Sanity -She uses Willow's sounds Please notice: Walnut sincerely hates the rain, the straw hats or umbrellas will not help her. Walnut was entirely designed, drawn, and coded by me, but special thanks to Dleowolf for the Extended Sample Character Mod. It wouldn't have been possible without you. This is my first mod so any feedback would be great. I do plan on updating her in time, but for now I think she's good to go! She is also available on the steam workshop!
  3. Version 1.0


    This mod adds a new weapon called the Warhammer, it has an area of effect attack, so if enemies are within range it will hit multiple of them with one attack. Damage, area of effect size, and durability are configurable in game through the mods menu. Crafting Recipe (Requires Prestihatitator): 1 Purple Gem 3 Cut stone 12 Flint I could not have finished this mod without the help of debugman18, he helped a ton with the area of effect code, and generally helping out. I really appreciate his help and everything he has done for me. Please leave feedback, if I should change the recipe etc.
  4. Version 1.3


    Description This mod adds Wera to your game. She's basically an all around character, taking advantage from her weather resistance and expert crop management she had little problem with preparing for longer trips and surviving them. Unfortunately there's some stuff she won't eat no matter what, so better check her food before going anywhere! Stats -Health - 175 -Hunger - 150 -Sanity - 150 Perks & Cons Marked as spoiler in case you want to experience the character without knowing what you're getting into... Mod's Features -Custom art, portraits and icons -Custom character strings -Custom character sounds -Compatible with both Vanilla and RoG Notes -This is my first custom character so if you encounter any bugs please let me know. I want her to be enjoyable to play, without stupid glitches, typos, etc. -Special thanks to Dragon Leo Wolf for the Extended Sample Character Mod, and helping me with compiling afterwards! -If you're experiencing trouble with downloading this mod it's also available from Steam Workshop here! -If you have some ideas about the mod and you would like to share them, you can leave your thoughts on the Official Mod Thread here! Known Issues -None To Do -Make DST compatible
  5. Version 1.2


    An amateur character mod introducing Winsley, the Culinary Weasel. Currently speaking he is a chef aka food enthusiast that grows hungry rather fast, however his stats are better than Wilson's in comparison. He has the ability to create a crock pot early on in the game as to counteract his increased hunger rate, and food passive will allow higher survival rate as the game progresses. Being thrown into the world of Don't Starve, the pressure will be on to manage survival with his increased bonus and hunger, good luck. Stats: Health: 175 Hunger: 200 Sanity: 150 Increased Hunger Rate, Stats, and minor sanity loss. Winsley is fully customized for the basic Don't Starve except for Audio and truly significant ability. (Pending, increased stats are currently 'covering' for the time being.) He will spawn with all the components and access to the Crockpot without needing a Science Machine. (alternative 'cooking utensils' may apply in the future) Currently lacking a Ghost, and perhaps some custom Dialect for RoG. Note that some of the dialogue may not work and return to default speech pattern. This is mostly just a beta testing of it to be honest, and I'd like to see what everyone thinks of Winsley. Hopefully he'll be a manageable character to play with. Be sure to forward your reviews and troubles below regarding him and I hope you enjoy! ==== Previous Changes: *More for your money: New Passive, 2x benefits from eating. 2XHealth, 2XSanity, 2XHunger *Slightly less Sane: Swapped Health and Sanity Bars to compensate new passives. *Ain't no Wile E. Coyote: Speed Reduction: [WS: 1.3->1.1], [RS: 1.5->1.3] *A tad Nocturnal: Sanity Loss from Dark reduced by 0.1 (Notify me if the character seems unbalanced please! I'm trying my best to make him a fair, but fun character!)
  6. Version 2.315

    1619 downloads v2.315 Seventeen Don't Starve recipies for the crock-pot Additional recipies require ingredients not yet available in DsT but may be added later. Enabling this mod on a Host game -should- force install/update the mod on any player who connects. If you are Hosting a game the mod wont be updated to the new version until you shutdown and restart the DsT Host. This mod does not add any new food items that you can collect, although Batilisk Wing are made into a cookable item (it counts as 1/2 value monster meat) and Seeds are cookable as well - but the mod does make more variety in foods you can create. In addition to a dish that requires Batilisk Wings. Several mushroom and dairy (Butter or Oleo) based dishes and some new sweetened desert items -- Compatible with 'Display Food Values' and 'Smarter Crock Pot' mods -- Compatible with 'Beefalo Milk and Cheese' mod - allowing Fresh (cooked) Milk to be used in select recipes. (I am unaware if these mods work with DsT at this time)
  7. Version 1.1


    Jones the bear. HP - 300 Hunger - 100 Sanity - 50 Starting Items: - Trap x2 - Berries x4 - Walking Cane - Abigail's Flower
  8. Version X0.0


    English By: SITUVN Language: HTML, Javascipt, CSS. First, I created it for myself, not for public. But I think I should share it, now. You need the newest browser version or atleast supported HTML5. Leave a comment. Let me know what you think about this. Or when you found a bug. Extrac and run "Don't Starve Calendar.htm" file with a web browser. Thanks, Don't Starve and don't forget Werepigs. SITUVN Tiếng Việt Bởi: SITUVN Ngôn ngữ: HTML, Javascipt, CSS. Ban đầu, Tôi chỉ tạo cho mình tôi, không sẻ chia. Nhưng giờ tôi nghĩ tôi nên chia sẻ nó. Bạn cần phiên bản mới nhất của trình duyệt hoặc ít nhất hỗ trợ HTML5. Hãy bình luận. Cho tôi biết bạn nghĩ gì về thứ này. Hoặc khi bạn gặp bọ (lỗi). Giải nén và chạy tập tin "Don't Starve Calendar.htm" với trình duyệt. Cảm ơn, Đừng Đói và đừng quên Ma lợn (Werepigs). SITUVN
  9. 1721 downloads

    This mod makes food fall from the sky when it's raining! Not balanced in the least bit! Video demonstration by SmithBoysGaming About the screenshot: It's from when I was first designing the code to make meat fall from the sky. I thought it was funny so I screenshot it. It's not meant to accurately represent how the current version functions. You would have to stand in the same spot while it's raining for a whole day before your screen would fill up with that much food. Recent Changes: -Added a configuration menu. FAQ: Q: Is this compatible with RoG? A: From what I've tested, it is. Q: Does it only rain ham? A: No, of course not. That would be silly. Q: Isn't this a little OP? A: There's nothing "little" about how OP it is. Q: Are you going to balance it out? A: Nope! Q: Then what's the point of this mod? A: Mods have a point? Q: Is Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs a good movie? A: It's an alright family movie but seeing it once is plenty. Q: Has anybody actually asked any of these questions? A: Not all of them...
  10. Version 0.5


    This mod simply adds The Invisible Man as a playable character The Invisible Man is literally what he is, a man that's invisible. I thought i would make this as i was looking for a slight challenge in the game while also being slightly op at times. I have been playing this character for a little bit now and have yet to run into bugs but if you do while playing please let me know with a report and i'll hunt down the bug and squish it with my shoe. This is my first mod ever so i hope you enjoy. (When downloading, download ROG if you want to use the mod with ROG DLC or download the BASE if you do not plan to use it with ROG) Stats: The Invisible Man is a frail person and it has taken a toll on him, so this makes all of his stats naturally low. Health: 50 Stomach size: 60 Sanity: 75 =>Now the pros and cons of The Invisible Man. PROS: <>The Invisible Man does not overheat or freeze at all. <>ALL mobs/creatures are not able to see the invisible man as he is invisible meaning that you can go up to anything and just run circles around it without fear of dyeing. <>The Invisible Man Also has his trusty top hat with him at all times. This top hat is very special as in that it increases his run speed slightly more than the walking cane, it offers protection (not much but it does) and when it rains, you wont get as wet as fast (but it DOES NOT negate all of the rain) => Now for the cons since that he is already sounding insanely overpowered i bet: CONS: <>The Invisible Man maybe hard to detect but once he gets a bit wet ALL mobs are able to see him and will attack him on sight, only when you have 0 moisture do you have invulnerability to monsters/creatures. Just watch out for when it rains (this makes spring a bit harder). <>The Invisible Man also does not like to show off where he is too much outside of what we wears and a hat so outside of that he cannot put on armor (backpack does not count as armor). <>The final con is that his body is constantly trying to keep him invisible and because of that he has to eat, A LOT of food and on top of that he does have a very small stomach so keep on eye on that hunger (it has killed me a couple times). Some side notes: => I will say it now i am no artist, i am absolutely horrible when it comes to art so i have tried my best (hence why i chose this character nearly all of it is blank). But i have tried and in doing so you have a decent character with a couple nice features and a minimap icon. I said i am bad at art yes i am but you will notice as you play certain things change the colour of The Invisible Man's glasses, this is just to show what he is doing since you cannot see his face when he is afraid or talking. => If you want some tips, i suggest hoarding ALL the food you can as i have stated above he is a hungry man. Also it doesn't hurt to keep a couple flowers nearby as he doesn't lose sanity that fast and with such a small sanity pool as is, it isn't hard to keep it topped up. => This character has Reign of Giants DLC completely in mind obviously as much of the ideas have come from it. But in saying that i have added an alternative version of the mod for the base game only. (I will say now i have not tested it nearly as much as i have the RoG DLC one but as far as i know it should be alright, but if there are issues let me know so i can fix it for you). => I am still working on this, i have much in game text to change, some lines are already changed but at the moment he is just using Wilsons in game text with pre-made sound but in the future i do plan on updating the mod and making it better. => Finally thank you guys for reading and thank you again to anyone who downloads this mod. If you do please let me know what i could improve on (i already know the art can be greatly improved, i am working on it). If you think something is overpowered or under powered please tell me and then follow to say how i could fix such issue so i can improve this mod. => Thank you, and i hope you all enjoy this mod
  11. Version 1.2


    ~~~IMPORTANT NOTE: I will no longer be updating this mod! Please refer to my latest mod: Additional Structures A crate is also included in it, albeit a different style compared to this. I want to avoid uploading multiple mods which have similar concepts and have decided to combine them together. ~~~ Basically it's a 4x4 storage which costs almost 3x the amount to make a chest, with an extra ingredient required. I wanted a different kind of storage instead of making rows and rows of chests. I drew and animated it myself and tailored it to fit in with the Don't Starve drawing style. Construction Requirements: - Science Machine - 8 Boards - 4 Rope Content: - 4x4 storage grid (16 slots) - Fully animated prefab - Minimap icon - Custom dialog per character
  12. Version 1.02


    INFO: »»» Here is now my first release of "Young Beefalo". It can be and will be your strongest companion in your journey if you protect him, feed him with berries, or plant things or wood, grass, care him! it's a very young beefalo baby when he get's in trouble he fight for his life and will focus anyone which hits him or his owner. Of course he have some favorite enemy's like Spiders or Tentacles etc. NEWS: WIP: "Standalone" Version of the Young Beefalo without the required: "Youngbeefalo Homesign" & "Younghorn". HOW TO GET THE YOUNGBEEFALO: 1. Find the "Younghorn". (Where: Spiderqueen, Spiderhole, Graves, Deerclops, Monkeys and Monkeybarrels) 2. Build a "Youngbeefalo Homesign" and place it somewhere on the ground. 3. Now wait some seconds and the "Youngbeefalo" will spawn near to you. 4. Have Fun & Enjoy Features: » Accept Owner Targets: Fight in a Team together! » Growing Stages: Gets Bigger, Stronger and Older in 4 Stages. » Backpack Feature: (soon). » Tree Chop Feature: (next update 1.05). » Standalone Version: (next update 1.05). » Health & Hunger Bar/Meter Display: (soon). Youngbeefalo Homesign Features: Research Level: Science 1 Recipe Tab: Structure Cost: Boards 6x | Log 5x | Twigs 5x Preview: Version: 1.02 - WIN32_STEAM [uNTESTED API UPDATE] Compatible: "DON'T STARVE BASE"/"REIGN OF GIANTS" Bugs: PLEASE LEAVE A MESSAGE BELOW IN COMMENTS SECTION! The MOD is still in development, so do not take it too seriously! Thanks to everyone for using my stuff! thanks & enjoy! regards DontStarver InstallNotes v.1.02: ABOUT "STEAM WORKSHOP" AND "DON'T STARVE TOGETHER": NO ONE HAS THE PERMISSION TO SHARING/UPLOAD ANY PARTS OF MY MODS. THEY ARE ONLY FOR PEOPLE ON KLEI ENTERTAINMENT FORUMS. ANY VIOLATION WILL BE REPORTED IMMEDIATELY!
  13. Version 1.73


    INFO: "This Is Lucy..and sometimes a horrirble..." » you starting with an "axe" in inventory if a new world will starts. » chopping action and combat damage with varying values! » New Features (1.73): - sound changes: some sounds now are disabled. » New Features (1.72): - higher sanity values: (1 up to 10) every minute while equipped the axe. » New Features (1.70): - passive growth spell: if you wear the axe longer as 2 min. will trees, grass, saplings etc. faster grow and +1 more drop by pickable items (eg. berries, twigs). Version: 1.73 - WIN32_STEAM Bugs: PLEASE REPORTING HERE! (a copy from log.txt) Compatible: "REIGN OF GIANTS UPDATE" Thanks to everyone for using my stuff! thanks & enjoy! regards DontStarver InstallNotes v.1.73: ABOUT "STEAM WORKSHOP" AND "DON'T STARVE TOGETHER": NO ONE HAS THE PERMISSION TO SHARING/UPLOAD ANY PARTS OF MY MODS. THEY ARE ONLY FOR PEOPLE ON KLEI ENTERTAINMENT FORUMS. ANY VIOLATION WILL BE REPORTED IMMEDIATELY!
  14. Version Beta0.4


    You can also subscribe this at Steam : ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- - Compatible with - Don't Starve - Don't Starve: Reign Of Giants - Gordon Freeman mod: Still on progress - Basics - Expansion of Freeman mod. - Add Alyx Vance. - Add Dog. - Stats She came from Half-Life series. - health 100 /- hunger 130 /- sanity 200 - runs fast but takes blows not well - has a special follower - Companion Dog - Attack: medium /- Rate: medium /- Health: huge~very huge - Does small area attack - Has some chance of x2 damage - Drop loots its parts to be recrafted - Painting is not over indeed - Weapons Alyx's gun - Attack: low /- Rate: medium-high /- Ammo(stack): 9mm bullet(30) - Can't be broken - You can get more 9mm bullets from Pig King by giving Gunpowders to him. - It has (NOT YET) 3 variation. (wait for next update)
  15. Version 1.0


    Walter "Walt" Hartwell White Sr., also known by his clandestine pseudonym "Heisenberg", was a chemist and a former chemistry teacher in Albuquerque, New Mexico, who, after being diagnosed with Stage 4A inoperable lung cancer, started manufacturing crystal methamphetamine to both pay for his treatments and provide for his family in the event of his passing. He is the central character of the show Breaking Bad, and is portrayed as both a protagonist, antagonist and antihero. Walter White has: 130 HP 170 Hunger 200 Sanity -Has brought his Heisenberg hat and shades as well as a jacket (recraftable) -Loses less sanity to darkness but somewhat more to monsters. -Is slightly insulated (50 inherent insulation) -Starts with and can manufacture Blue Sky, which can be traded and bought --- Known bugs: -Custom battle music doesn't stop on death and doesn't fade in/out. -The music will replace the original music if you play as this character then as another character without quitting the game, disable the mod or quit the game before playing as a different character to fix this for now. -While there are 4 working music tracks included, the game will seemingly choose one to stick with for your current play session sometimes it may play once then not again until reloaded, if I knew how to fix this I would, sorry. -Walter's head clips through his hat on certain movements, it shouldn't, but it does. --- Legal gubbins: Walter White's likeness is that of Bryan Cranston Breaking Bad is a AMC show created by Vince Gilligan All the music is by Dave Porter who created it for the series This is a fan work and makes no profit from Vince Gilligan's show, I only own this mod, not the game or the show or anything therein. --- Special thanks to: Vince Gilligan Bryan Cranston Dave Porter Cheerio AMC Klei Entertainment Saul Goodman and Mike Ehrmantraut for that one favour --- Maker of this mod: JohnSegway ( (
  16. Version 13.37


    DEH I FEEL NO SMAERT NAH MOA Weavile had the DAY off as complaints about being OP has stressed him out, this is all we could find at such short notice... and now he won't go home. He did however, get into our medicine cabinet and ate some more pills; this has made him less utterly useless. Nerphile has: 40 HP 50 Hunger 60 Sanity -Hits 70% of average -Moves twice as fast as runny bread (75%) -Immune to noogies but not cold -Loses sanity to anything ooky or that he doesn't understand (may include trees and certain birds) -Custom voice (and music) --- Known bugs: --- -Is known to be a bit too OP -Music overlaps other characters and itself --- Known phobias: --- Trees Pinecorns Grass Kabobs Rocks Those plastic things on the end of your shoelaces, terrified of those. That, somewhere in the world, a deer is drinking from a stream. And looks up. At him.
  17. Version 1.1


    This is me, WARIO himself, I always write my own manuals for my amazing games so I'm writing this as well! Look at my stats and wish you were me!: 280 HP - I can take a beating! Give me your best shot! 450 Hunger - I can eat and eat and still look amazing! I get hungry really easily though. 110 Sanity - Who needs sanity when you got muscles like me! -I'm THREE times stronger than that Wilson guy! -I ain't afraid of no ghosts but the dark gets to me a bit... -I got it all! Custom voice and music baby! I only talk my words so no reading for you bookworms! -My many layers of clothes (honest I'm not fat) keep me warm against the winter chills. -I come with my own hat as well! Stylish huh? Known bugs: -Battle music doesn't stop on death and doesn't fade in/out, it's too good! -My custom music plays when playing as other characters, just as it should be, who needs that when you've got my melodies? --- Legal gubbins: Custom audio, sound and my amazing likeness belong to Nintendo! Don't Starve and related characters and concepts belong to Klei Entertainment. Maker of the mod "Wren the Stormcaller" that was used as a base to learn: Sukoushi ( Written by: Wario Wario esq.
  18. Version 0.7.5


    This is Warrack the Prechewed Tree, he is a community member of the Klei forums. He's a tree. What other explanation is necessary? Pros and Cons ------------------- He freezes slower. He takes a lot of fire damage. He needs to eat less. He has a smaller stomache. He smells like a car freshener. -------------------
  19. 224 downloads

    This mod allows you to throw poop! It's fun for the whole family! Configuration options: -Customizable damage. -Explosive poop mode. -Flaming poop mode. -Recycled poop mode(poop isn't removed after thrown(doesn't work with flammable poop mode enabled since the poop catches fire)) Recent Changes: -Added recycled poop mode. -Cleaned up the code. -Everything is now applied to guano too.
  20. Version 0.4


    BETA [DS, RoG] Warning: This mod is not yet completely tested; please keep in mind, that it might crash on use. Im looking forward to change to a release stable version. Please test this mod and send messages, if you find any bug! Stinky in Here Have you ever had an ice box full of nearly spoiled food and didnt know, what to do? Just throw it on ur new fancy compost pile and get extra poop! This new compost pile (requested here: can turn veggies, meals, twigs, grass, seeds and lot more into poop. You dont have to run to your beefalo-plains to find poop, you can generate it by yourself! Features: Rotting veggies, fruits, eggs, meals, grass, twigs, cones, flowers, mushrooms and seeds (mandrakes, too ) Dropping 1-4 Poop after a few days (~1.5-10 days) with given criterias (amount of stuff, spoilage ..) Burnable with 0-3 ash (amount ~poopamount) Probability of fireflies (usual: 2%, 90% in a specific case) Design: ~Farm + fancy poop-flies, New UI(5 Slots) Tech-Category: Food (Science Machine needed) 6xRocks 3xPoop 4xLogs Future changes: Custom minimap icon (possible?) Special thanks to @Malacath for the great support! Balance and Variables:
  21. 217 downloads

    This mod allows you to play as James Willems from Inside Gaming! Now with less answers! Stats: 150 Hunger 150 Sanity 150 Health -Has a highly efficient digestive system. -Throws poop and explosive rabbits. -Glitchy, keeps getting caught in between worlds. Recent Changes: -Now with more glitches! Before anyone complains about the lack of dialog, I used up most of my good jokes on my Al Bundy mod and nobody uses that, so screw writing a whole new speech file. If anybody wants to write a description for each and every little item in the game then be my guest. I'll use it and give you credit of course. This mod was made with love, not contempt. So please lighten up before you complain.
  22. Version 1.2


    Harness the powers of science and 100 million volts of electricity into ordinary logs and give them a life of their own! So... What exactly does it do? It gives the good ol' Lightning Rod a useful function! Simply construct an ordinary Lightning Rod and place some logs near it on the ground. Later when the lightning rod gets hit by a bolt of lightning the logs will be transformed into Living Logs. Sound a little too OP? You can tweak it to your liking from the mods menu! - Change the range of the Lightning Rod's effect - Make each strike animate all logs in range, or only one log - Decide how likely each lightning strike is to bring a log to life This is a pretty old mod of mine, and I recently started playing this game again and decided to remake it. If you've used my older versions, thanks! And sorry for the delay on updates. Feel free to leave any feedback or suggestions, I'll try my best to read them this time. If you have any compatibility issues or crashes, PLEASE let me know so I can fix them up! Installation: * Extract file to mods folder * Configure and enable mod via Mods menu This mod is also available on the Steam Workshop!
  23. Version 6


    Koalefanta Proboscidea Made by _Q_ and Raccoon Superhero The mod gives you six special koalefants you can discover in your lands by following their footprints. Each of them are different in appearance and in personality. These koalefants are stronger in health and give you less meat when killed, instead you can get other useful loot. The dirtpile of the Special Koalefants has green hue in the smoke. Information of the koalefants: Feathered Koalefant: Periodically drops: Crimson feathers and jet feathers Loot on death: 4 meat, 3 jet feathers, 4 crimson feathers, 2 azure feathers Health: 300 Extra: Coward Hunt in base game: Summer Hunt in ROG: Spring Trunk loot on death: Eaten raw makes the player run faster 180 seconds. Hunger:+1 Health: +20 Sanity: -1 Spoil time: 10 days Forest Koalefant: Periodically drops: Flowers and fireflies Loot on death: 4 meat, 3 fireflies, 3 green mushrooms Health: 550 Hunt in base game: Summer Hunt in ROG: Autumn Trunk loot on death: Eaten raw makes nature grow over a large area. Hunger:-20 Health: +20 Sanity: +20 Spoil time: 10 days Rocky Koalefant: Periodically drops: Rocks and flints Loot on death: 4 meat, 6 rocks, 3 marbles Health: 800 Extra: Rock-headed Hunt in base game: Winter Hunt in ROG: Summer Trunk loot on death: Eaten raw casts a shield around you that reduces damage by 50% for 60 seconds. Hunger:+10 Health: +30 Sanity: -33 Spoil time: 15 days Frost Koalefant: Periodically drops: Ice in DLC Loot on death: 6 meat and 4 ice in DLC Health: 700 Extra: Has a cold aura Hunt in base game: Winter Hunt in ROG: Winter Trunk loot on death: Eaten raw freezes all living things over large area. Hunger:+10 Health: +8 Sanity: -20 Spoil time: 15 days Nightmare Koalefant: Periodically drops: Evil flowers Loot on death: 4 meat and 4 nightmare fuel Health: 700 Extra: Makes you insane Hunt in base game: New Moon Hunt in ROG: New Moon Trunk loot on death: Eaten raw puts creatures to sleep over large area and starts night. Hunger:-10 Health: +60 Sanity: -50 Spoil time: 10 days Albino Koalefant: Periodically drops: Light bulbs around every third day Loot on death: 6 meat, 4 light bulbs Health: 650 Extra: Glows in the dark, nocturnal Hunt in base game: Full Moon Hunt in ROG: Full Moon Trunk loot on death: Eaten raw makes player glow for 120 seconds Hunger:0 Health: +20 Sanity: +50 Spoil time: 10 days How to install: Download the mod and extract the zip file into your mods folder under Steam/SteamApps/common/dont_starve/mods Run the game and enable the mod in the mod's menu. If you encounter a bug please report it with your log file (C:/users/documents/Klei/DoNotStarve/log) attached. View in Steam workshop:
  24. Version 1.1


    Insanillumination is designed to make the NightLight a more useful and valuable addition to Don't Starve. I have reballanced the crafting recipe so that it is a more viable light source. I have also retuned how the NightLight works and interacts with the player as well. Key Features include: -No longer drains sanity while standing near it -New Recipe: 1 red gem, 4 logs, 2 gold nuggets. -Now lights up on player approach if it was extinguished, however doing so costs sanity. -Still consumes Nightmare fuel for maintaining light levels. The main objective with this is to have the NightLight act as a path marker of sorts, or at the very least, make keeping an extra large base well lit without having to burn down a sizable forest.
  25. 785 downloads

    Do you need more of a challenge? RoG isn't hard enough? Wes is too easy for you? You think all mods are too OP? Then it's time to nut up or shut up! Get your gear together cause this mod hates you more than could ever imagine and it's just waiting for you to screw up. And when you do, it will be there to make sure you die a slow, painful, agonizing death. What this mod does: Your movement speed is scaled directly to your health. The less health you have, the slower you move. That's just the beginning. Hunger is another factor. You'll move even slower if you're hungry. Let me guess, you think being full will prevent that right? Pfft, think again. Being too full will slow you down, too. I hope you're good at managing your hunger. Now before you go thinking this is too cruel, I put in a limit to how slow you can move. You can still move really slow but it won't be as bad as it could be. So don't say I never did anything nice for you. How much damage you do also scales in direct relation to your health and hunger. Low on either? Haha, your spear will break long before your enemy does. Did I mention you also get hungry 25% faster? I hope you're a fast runner. Oh... Right... The movement speed thing... Not impressed, yet? Well, try this one on for size, homeboy. Every time you're attacked, you have a fair chance of a getting something vital ripped open. What does that mean? What the hell do you think?? It means you could bleed to death! While you're bleeding, you'll lose 2 health points and 1 sanity point a second until you heal yourself. Oh, and don't expect meatballs or flowers to save you. Nope, you'll need something stronger to stop the bleeding. I hope you're resourceful. I know what you're thinking, "What about sanity?" Hahaha! Does any of this look sane to you?? No. Everybody's sanity drops over time. And by everybody, I mean EVERYBODY. "Including mod characters?" you ask? What kind of pathetic amateur do you take me for?? Of course them too! Nobody is safe from anything in this mod! And we're just getting started. If your sanity drops below a certain percentage, you can't use tools anymore. It doesn't end there, either. If it drops below a second point, you can't even do things like harvest crops, grass, twigs or even pick flowers. Don't lose your mind out there cause you may never get it back. Still too easy? Don't worry, princess. I've got you covered. Everything that attacks you also does an additional 35% damage and 25% of that damage is deducted from your sanity. Oh and Charlie, aka Grue? Yeah, she instantly kills you now. Yep, one hit kill. Every. Single. Time. Keep that torch close. Now you're probably thinking things like resurrection stones and meat effigies will save you. HAHAHA, guess what. Being resurrected cuts off a third of your total health. Permanently. Every time. Forever. Two resurrections and Wilson's maximum health is at 66 points! Getting it, yet? Haha, and reloading a save? Yeah, that won't change a thing. Like I said, it's permanent! I know what you're thinking, "Is that where it ends? Can I stop reading now?" Haha, not even close. Every time you eat something, there's a chance the smell of your food and the sound of you eating will attract hounds. This ain't no picnic, son, this is survival! Do you enjoy building your base up? You won't for long! Every time you build something, there's a chance a stray murderous robot will come running out of the woods. But that should be no problem for you, right? Well then how about this? Chopping down trees may wake up tentacles sleeping underground and they won't be happy with you disturbing them. Mining boulders? Yep, spiders might be hiding under them. This world is overflowing with lifeforms! It's too bad they're all so hungry. The dead lifeforms, too. Speaking of which, did I mention there's a decent chance a ghost will rise from a recently killed corpse? Yeah, that's a thing now, too. But wait, dogs, robots and spiders? Big whoop, am I right? Well it's a big whoop now. Very big. Every monster in the game now has a chance to be much bigger than the types you're used to. If they look bigger then that means they have more health, do more damage and move faster. But that's not all. There's yet another chance it will spawn as a "mega version". What's a mega version? Something that only little babies would be scared of. You're not a little baby... are you? While you're furrowing your brow in a vain attempt to answer that last question, let me ask you another. Do you remember how your inventory used to have 15 slots? And did you notice how I just now said, "used to"? Yep, your inventory has been cut in half. You now have seven slots to make miracles happen before you die. Oh and your map? It resets every night. Only sissies hide behind paperwork to keep themselves alive. Real survivors use paper for only one thing and you're not going to have time for that, not with all the dying you'll be doing. Is all of this sounding too hard? Then let me say it one last time, nut up or shut up.