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  1. Huh. I always thought they were Bullfrogs cus' of the horns, lol. Since ya know, other creatures are a mix of two animals or something in this game.
  2. Thank Klei some NEWS! edit: oooo I like how wurt can craft disguises for other non wurts. That enables others to join in on wurts perks a bit, nice. How does a pigman disguise for wurt sound though? It'll work exactly the opposite from wurts disguise.
  3. Maybe being near a Warly can offer every character a unique food to cook, their favorite food. Hunger and health would be decent but sanity would be high. If different characters eat someone elses favorite food sanity gain would just be decent. Wicker could offer unique books I suppose, not sure what exactly. Webber, something with webs, lol.
  4. Tbh I play solo online almost all the time too. I was just thinking of everyone else who might enjoy this, and for others who play solo to maybe try and play together with others.
  5. So basically every character in the game would have a crafting tab that's accessible by standing by another players character, like a crafting station. But what's available to craft is dependant on the two characters, the one crafting and the one as the station. So for example, a Wilson and Willow together are able to craft "Beard Bombs", lol. Just think of Water Balloons but with fire. Either one can craft it, just as long as they are in crafting range and have the needed materials. And for example a Wilson and another Wilson, they could either have nothing unique to craft or something but I just don't know what. But two Gentleman Scientist is surely better than one so they'll probably think of something. Alrighty, just thought I'd share this. What do you think? Any ideas for other crafts for other duos? Also, something like this so you'll want to play together with others sounds nice I guess. Like a Warly has unique stations and such but you'll want to find him and he'll mostly do what he can only do. But if you have things that can be crafted just by being near them that's like another incentive. It's mostly because not all characters have access to certain crafts or abilities. So something extra just by teaming up with others that you both have access to would be just as nice I suppose. Ha, hope that all made sense!
  6. I would still love to see Pyro in DST. I still remember when TF2 had those promo items for DS... As a Wendy main any buffs, more and better control over Abigail, some Lore, perhaps a little animation, and anything else to come sounds great. I'm very curious as to just what "traveling to new biomes" means here. But maybe I'm just over thinking it.