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  1. Metheus - First Puzzle Buddy Thread

    I'm still looking for a puzzle buddy, if you're interested! Edit: nvm I was just helped by the kindest soul on Earth, @smallishbird
  2. Metheus - First Puzzle Buddy Thread

    So... anyone wants to pair up? I'm pretty clueless about everything and will probably need someone with lots of patience.
  3. You've got such a nice artstyle! The coloring is absolutely gorgeous, whatever brush you're using is perfect for it.
  4. A New Reign Puzzle - Metheus

    Geez, it took you back to that screen even after solving the second one? That's so weird... has anyone else had this issue? I wonder if it has to do with the page resetting between the first and second puzzles for no reason? 'cuz otherwise I'm at a loss. I hope they fix whatever's happening soon.
  5. A New Reign Puzzle - Metheus

    This is happening to me as well, have you figured out a way to fix it yet? We've done it around 5x and it just keeps resetting as soon as we get to the second puzzle.