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  1. Oh thank god(and klei obviously), i was gone for a week for vacation with no pc access and for a moment i thought i wouldn't get the sweet skins cause they ended the metheus puzzle. Also back on topic rose collection looks soooo gooooooood.
  2. Pretty sure there wasn't but now yeah there is. (if you compare it to the previous ones it wan't this cracked) O_o the wall's about to break brah edit: Ah you are talking about completely broken down. yeah never mind
  3. Yeah for some reason i remembered less being spawned the last time I destroyed one. Anyway never mind.
  4. Okay I made an account just to say this. I destroyed the ancient pseudosciense station next to the chest (cause it was on every picture i saw as well as my world) and it spawned 4 shadow creatures 4 cave spiders 4 bats and a TON OF TRinkets, unfortunately no staff or anything out of the ordinary. ( the rock lobsters were spawned by me to deal with the sudden wave of enemies). I am not sure if this is helpful but maybe you guys can make something out of it.