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  1. Noob stories

    i was playing with my 3 mate. we were noob so we decided to making world everything on lots. So we wouldn't search for resources. And so, we could learn the game... nah... first days we didnt go far away. we found a place with lots of berries and stones. I and my friend collected stones like crazy. Other friend built a wall similar to great china wall. Crock pots, a fridge, chests... Everything was okay... Till our first hound wave. Lots on hounds.... Noob 4 players sitting at base... 2 wendy 1 wilson and 1 wicker.... Great China wall... No weapons... No armors... Sounds like a horror movie, isn't it? When we heard hounds we were like "pfft, we have WALL. We are invicible* Then they came. We were in skype. Talking about how wonderful gameplay we are making. We didnt even care. They came near of our wall. And BAM! They started to eating walls. When they were eating walls, me and my friends were screaming... They killed abigails. Then us...
  2. DST World Tour day 3200+

    You must spend a lot of time for making thoose marble statues. Shires looks great. I like that bearger one xD Graveyard is also good. But idk... It looks so crowded. Grass, twigs, stones... Everywhere. Im not a fan of 'lets build a base with TONS of decorations'. It probably causes lag. But of course, it is personal preferences. I have to ask... This koala pen... Did you really chase over 100 koala into the cage? Wow... I mean im an impatient person. I can prey for have this patience...
  3. Mandrake soup in ice box. Most painful thing you can ever see.
  4. okay this is probably my last trying anyone for puzzle? im here if you want a puzzle bud
  5. anyone for puzzle? T_T
  6. help me for second puzzle i dont get it
  7. I do! I am making your black marks (wow double post)
  8. Im avaible again (sorry for last trying im new in forum so i didnt see or notice that messages. I am more careful now! ) here my code. İ can take gold code as if you want
  9. Okay i made yours But i cant see any colour difference (should it be like that?) Ohh i can see yellow lights! Curse you phone lol
  10. Can anyone take my black marks? (ill take gold one) Thanks!