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  1. It worked! Thank you very much, you're the boss! Any idea of what may have caused the problem?
  2. Here they are. DxDiag.txt client_log.txt
  3. Not really a bug I think, but since the YotP update the game won't start anymore. I managed to open it once, but after that there's no way to make it work. I tried uninstalling and reinstalling, veryfing the files, updating drivers as well as using old drivers... nothing worked. All I get is a glimpse of the game window which closes itself after less than a second without even giving an error. Any idea on how to fix this?
  4. @JoeW any chance we would be able to start the event even if we already built in the pig king area?
  5. That's funny if that's the real reason behind it considering you can cheese every other boss fight in some ways... but no, you can't do it for an event!
  6. Having the same problem, when I try to give the belt to the pig king it says "We need to clean up first". If having structures near pig king is the problem then this event sucks considering my base is built around him... Not cool.