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  1. Well my do not starve is original I have it, the reign of giants, shipwrecked and the togheter and they are all original I got it in the bundle pack that comes all of them and then I installed it I was playing the shipwrecked and the whole map was revealed more only the items The water and land not, and already tried some things like, check the integrity of the cache do not starve, delete it, the klei folder and all mods delete all any trace of do not starve and then restart the pc open the steam And installed again and installed checked the integrity again and was happening the same thing I tried this without any mod and then after I installed my old mods again and this error only happens in shipwrecked if someone can help me thank !!!!!!! ( Excuse if I spoke a little wrong is that I use translator, because I speak Portuguese but I know a little English I'm not fluent )
  2. I think this was an easter egg of the time before launching the shipwrecked, I found and I decided to share with you very cool :v hahaha