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  1. The G O A T team won a battle once again @lakhnish
  2. We did it BOIS ! Thx for the goat fix Klei <3
  3. Thx Klei foor this Winterfeast , Goodnigth Sweet prince , you will be missed Edit for the curious : 209 ligths
  4. Winterfeast I was waiting for you my old friend ......
  5. So after further investigations I've made some discovery . First I know that you've made some fix on the beefale herding mechanic on the game update 280490 . -Fixed bug causing Baby Beefalo to sometimes split from their herd when fully grown. -Fixed bug preventing herds from merging properly BUT the thing I didn't know that the goat and the Beefalo shard the same herd.lua file . I'm not sure anymore this is a bug then .... But Goat where not mentionned is this patchnote at all . Intended mechanic or bug ? Klei will decide the fate of my goat herd now .