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  1. Category: sound Platform: Standalone (windows 10) no mods In hamlet DLC: If you put the manure down on the ground inside the ruins and change the room, the sound of flies, which is created by poop remains even when there is no poop inside another room. The sound remains in all rooms. 1) find some manure or guano 2) go inside the ruins 3) put the manure/guano down anywhere on the ground 4) change the room Inside the ruins, the bat dropped some guano, and then sound of flies appeared because of that lying guano, which remained in all rooms. And that was really annoying.
  2. I recently knew that I can redeem my RoG key in DST. So, my friend redeemed my RoG key and he also remeed his RoG key and now he has 2 mini monuments. And I got 2 pirate cages from Shipwrecked keys. So. we don't need 2 copies of these items and these items are not tradable, which means we can't get rid of them. Is it possible somehow for us to transfer one of each items between us?