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  1. So far it seems like San Francisco/ North France due to the island in the distance but it can be *literally any location with an island*
  2. or maaaybee four *distant wheezing* or fiveee!
  3. Interesting, also couldn't quote, had to multiquote you. Seems like I fixed your post in the quote by multiquoting it. lol. Try reinstalling google/doing a virus check to see if it is your-side.
  4. There actually are skins for prestihatitators; you need tophat skins ( such as the twitch drop one/chester cap/bowler hat/even the winter's feast event rarity tophat...) and then you can select those skins when crafting the prestihatitator.
  5. Not A Number Seems like that would crash the game...
  6. Why should I continue this forum game, brotha, do you know da wae?
  7. Ban GNO because I don't post new fake new gorge news but I post new gorge news.
  8. SoonTM A developer, Nome has annouced that they are running late in their schedule for the rewards due to accident's and sickness:
  9. Ivo breaking the world (2020, colorized) And before that, I was on a -klei pub-
  10. please stop making memes about this stuff, it happened for the second time this year It is unfunny, bad and peeps don't need to see this. This is not reddit.
  11. Yeah, you can still -edit- the code a bit to be able to get the unused carrats, the black carrat has the same checkpoint coloring as charlie's rats (what a surprise) and the ggreen variant outright doesn't have a checkpoint-coloring and makes the colorable piece invisible That broke too
  12. I fear to ask but what even is the second one? The ugly-pore-y head?
  13. The black one looks like it could have been an asparagus seed variant... Edit: A line from carrat.lua