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  1. I wonder why there's no lore image here...
  2. and this is what happens when I make a green triangle.
  3. This is literally maxwell making tallbirds
  4. Still better than unraveling Guest of Honor Wendies.
  5. This is just triumphant wilson after slurping the 5th nightmare fuel.
  6. It felt slightly nsfw-ish Anyways, let's rather go back to the meme topic
  7. How the hell do you even get a second firepit? Redeeming the code?
  8. So far it's been almost a year and i got 17 +around 3 elegants (the drop skin counter mod doesn't record the daily drops) Most of the elegants were during halloween and christmas due to the droprates being increased.
  9. it's the w endy goh!!! guys guys! Terra is a milionaire in the year 2035!!
  10. Doesn't warly make spices only with vegetables and salt? I dunno how it works for you since it's modded.
  11. When Wolfgang pulls out the darts and eats the strange jelly mixed with peppers I made this at 2 am
  12. We couldn't seperate them and they kept reviving so we just... Took long enough before I found out how to kill them without the team interupting but we won
  13. Where's my Eating Monster meat and jellybeans option?
  14. Yeah, you have 95% Woodie due to the both Heirlooms/Weaveables not being required. It would be annoying to weave every skin and still have a character not complete due to unobtainable heirlooms.
  15. There is a Guest of Honour set-of-skins and the skins of rarity of distinguished/elegant unfortunatelly stopped dropping for a long time while classy Guest of honour skins still drop.
  16. You get 8 gifts per week + 7 daily gifts. If you can't get a skin to drop, just wait.