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  1. I couldn't move between the invisible house and the one-you-can-see
  2. hotel hazbin screenshot woo so epic

    1. LunarCat


      I thought it looked cool, don't judge me 

    2. __IvoCZE__


      No, but really, a new pfp looks nice than the cursedcat.jpg thing

    3. LunarCat


      well, your welcome

  3. I love myself a B o n e S w o r d, a B o n e W h i p and a B o n e W a n d
  4. I pinged melen like a month ago in a joke-y message and melen noticed just now (well not like now but like a week ago)
  5. Can we just admit that these OP W____ GUIDES were literally obnoxious at that point?
  6. Speaking of skins, the x-mas sweater was obtainable during x-mas 2018 or was it like Event rarity skins in DST?
  7. I mean it's highly possible that something went wrong, even the developers warn about messing with the world files for reasons like this.
  8. Oh ok! Thanks a lot, few people were talking about it missing and I didn't see it too...
  9. On the right side ( left from WX's perspectivee ) the black arm is missing.
  10. This is sad as meep will never experience the true winter. hAHA I RUINED THIS THREAD