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  1. You get 8 skins in-game + 7 Dailies. The in-game gifts drop roughly at hour intervals of playtime. ( you play 1 hour, you get a gift, 2 more hours, gift) I believe the hour count is somethibg like 1-hours for 4 gifts, 2-hours for 4 last gifts.
  2. I tend to leave like 5 moleworms in ruins just because when I am running around/fighting, they do the slow picking job. They like, collect literally everything with the exception of monkey loot+nightmare fuel. Pretty great.
  3. The Catcoon dens could be createable by making a sort of a mound that would take some time before catcoons would move into the mound and make it into a proper den.
  4. Honestly the problem with RoT is that the updates aren't so often than ANR updates were ( for a good reason, character reworks and QoL ) which leads to people feeling like it's not great. So far we got ocean, 1 miniboss+1 boss, plenty of cool enemies, fishing, the moon island ( and it's good items), Pearl (who expands on fishing and sailing via the bottle mechanic) Though another problem is that RoT is centered around the ocean. So far. I believe that when Klei added the ocean, they knew that it was going to take a while to populate the whole place to make it nice, I just hope that soon it will be complete and Klei will start working on non-ocean updates
  5. It's just that it makes making music in DST easier and more authentic. *sad bell noises*
  6. This is honestly THE only thing hamlet didn't live up to. (and the roseate sporkbill, GIMME MY PINK BIRRRRBBB)
  7. Uhm, I just was looking through the sources via the inspect element, the pngs of Sad and Confused were gone and now they are back. enjoy this meme though
  8. Though the same thing happened with ANR, where Arts and Crafts update brought the shadow pieces and after almost over a year the atrium finally had a use.
  9. I do. Only at the moment, obviously it's something like the atrium was before the Heart of the ruins update.
  10. Is it possible for the DLC to be retrofitted into older worlds?
  11. Since DST is rated 13+ I believe that it is fitting the category nicely.
  12. I dunno if you guys ever heard of this game, it's like veeery good and made by totally great people, it's called: