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  1. Doesn't warly make spices only with vegetables and salt? I dunno how it works for you since it's modded.
  2. When Wolfgang pulls out the darts and eats the strange jelly mixed with peppers I made this at 2 am
  3. We couldn't seperate them and they kept reviving so we just... Took long enough before I found out how to kill them without the team interupting but we won
  4. Where's my Eating Monster meat and jellybeans option?
  5. Yeah, you have 95% Woodie due to the both Heirlooms/Weaveables not being required. It would be annoying to weave every skin and still have a character not complete due to unobtainable heirlooms.
  6. There is a Guest of Honour set-of-skins and the skins of rarity of distinguished/elegant unfortunatelly stopped dropping for a long time while classy Guest of honour skins still drop.
  7. You get 8 gifts per week + 7 daily gifts. If you can't get a skin to drop, just wait.
  8. So far it seems like San Francisco/ North France due to the island in the distance but it can be *literally any location with an island*
  9. or maaaybee four *distant wheezing* or fiveee!
  10. Interesting, also couldn't quote, had to multiquote you. Seems like I fixed your post in the quote by multiquoting it. lol. Try reinstalling google/doing a virus check to see if it is your-side.
  11. There actually are skins for prestihatitators; you need tophat skins ( such as the twitch drop one/chester cap/bowler hat/even the winter's feast event rarity tophat...) and then you can select those skins when crafting the prestihatitator.
  12. Not A Number Seems like that would crash the game...
  13. Why should I continue this forum game, brotha, do you know da wae?