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  1. CHALLENGE: Keep this thread away from NSFW topics for a month! please seriously stop
  2. Just stick the phone inside your head at that point.
  3. *Abbigail's full name is Abbigail Lillian carter, wendy didn't die.
  4. I wonder why there's no lore image here...
  5. and this is what happens when I make a green triangle.
  6. This is literally maxwell making tallbirds
  7. Still better than unraveling Guest of Honor Wendies.
  8. This is just triumphant wilson after slurping the 5th nightmare fuel.
  9. It felt slightly nsfw-ish Anyways, let's rather go back to the meme topic
  10. How the hell do you even get a second firepit? Redeeming the code?
  11. So far it's been almost a year and i got 17 +around 3 elegants (the drop skin counter mod doesn't record the daily drops) Most of the elegants were during halloween and christmas due to the droprates being increased.
  12. it's the w endy goh!!! guys guys! Terra is a milionaire in the year 2035!!