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  1. Mine world ( around day 911, map was written by sailing for a loong time, around a year I think) Wormholes in the desert lead to the 3-walrus biome which leads to pig king and Moon stone There's also a reed setpiece right opposite of the base ( in desert) EDIT: unfortunatelly this map is before the seed worldgen patch, meaning that there's no seed.
  2. Maybe it could be unlocked as a recipe by Pearl's trading?
  3. Unfortunatelly Carrats (outside of the YotC event from february, outside of HN via using moon potion on a carrot) and Saladmanders ( outside of Hallowed Nights event - via using the moon potion on a dragonfruit) don't naturally respawn or get farmed.
  4. So it's not a mod issue. I have also repaired the Pearl's house to 2nd tier and then after a second got dc'd too.
  5. I have played the game and sailed to the Hermit's Island to test things. I have been getting disconnected for no reason.
  6. It was around 2 weeks not counting Turn of tides ( since that got a major bug I believe )
  7. Mr. Higgsbury, I don't feel so good-
  8. Lore: The spider and the boy were born at the same day.
  9. Speaking of breaking the world gen and servers...
  10. He's also a good meme material... Thanks for the character, Klei.
  11. are you able to do a cover of this song? of course only if you want
  12. Someone tried to scam me the other day... Brilliant use of english though.
  13. The honeydome looks kinda like the moon-seed boulder ( the one that drops the orb for celestial portal craft)
  14. the ultimate few-hours-late time travelling april fools day prank
  15. aw man, we will propably have an english test... done in kahoot.