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  1. Ice animations look very interesting when they are in summer.
  2. screeching weses, dying woodies, crying willows. this sounds like a spell than a true tdlr of the events
  3. Sorry for pinging, melen The anims didn't load like the usuals for me and I thought it was the base-game shadow-gatherer base
  4. The crew member has died the crew member has died of overheating research complete reseach complete man those lines are 10/10
  5. Gorge is rael confirmed. Just going to drop it here without any context. The boards and rope dropped after the spawned spiders-and queens broke the invisible gate. Nothing else was changed.
  6. I ban Blewcheese because I grilled the cheese instead.
  7. to make an oven available forever in order to create new recipes would not be bad beyond the pot ... obviously I am referring to something that can be built by everyone: The Oven will propably be craftable on world's you visit during said event.
  8. Is it just me or did your profile picture disappear, nome?

    1. nome


      Think it's just you.

  9. I couldn't move between the invisible house and the one-you-can-see
  10. hotel hazbin screenshot woo so epic

    1. LunarCat


      I thought it looked cool, don't judge me 

    2. __IvoCZE__


      No, but really, a new pfp looks nice than the cursedcat.jpg thing

    3. LunarCat


      well, your welcome