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  1. Is it possible for the DLC to be retrofitted into older worlds?
  2. Since DST is rated 13+ I believe that it is fitting the category nicely.
  3. I dunno if you guys ever heard of this game, it's like veeery good and made by totally great people, it's called:
  4. All of the above, preferably later than rushed. Take your time devs.
  5. He's clearly proposing to Wigfrid until she makes a helmet out of him
  6. It would be propably better if the purple part was darker and the gem would be red, then the yellow tendrils would be red too? That'd look like a classic Triumphant
  7. 2 Rolls in the trade inn isn't worrh it. I'd rather buy some heirlooms and sell them at a later date/unravel them
  8. i'm pretty sure he meant the people that blocked the portal, not the new, clueless players.
  9. I wonder why... Maybe "everyone" reacts with confused because they are confused.