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  1. Unfortunatelly Carrats (outside of the YotC event from february) and Saladmanders ( outside of Hallowed Nights event - via using the moon potion on a dragonfruit) don't naturally respawn or get farmed.
  2. So it's not a mod issue. I have also repaired the Pearl's house to 2nd tier and then after a second got dc'd too.
  3. I have played the game and sailed to the Hermit's Island to test things. I have been getting disconnected for no reason.
  4. It was around 2 weeks not counting Turn of tides ( since that got a major bug I believe )
  5. Wickerbottom would just propably get Wurt as her cat...
  6. S: James Bucket A: Giovanni? (Sorry if it's incorrect), orangE, Glermz ( does it count?) B: Mostly everyone else D: Edgy Rick F: Just Beard and Lakurion/Lakurius? I hold a grudge againist Beard for his unfair bans on his discord and Lakurion for being the way he is. Behold, Drama.
  7. I got to know dst around 2015 and I got the game after it came out of EA in 2016 so I missed the bottomless pit (I was slightly confused and thought I got the game before EA.) Happy birthday! i suck at doing birthdays
  8. Maybe getting more ranged-sea-themed weapons to deal with different enemies on the sea would be better. Imagine fighting a boss/enemy specifically themed to be killed using crossbows/canons.
  9. She isn't? She still attacks you in the dark+ in the ANR cinematic (from cyclum) she
  10. are you able to do a cover of this song? of course only if you want