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  1. Frozen Oceans In Winter

    Which is also why Gold is harder than most other materials, and has Mercurial properties. Wait a second Mercucial Properties; mercury expands, DOES THAT MEAN WE CAN DUPE GOLD?
  2. Own the public servers

    this post was made by the no friends gang. or idk if you have friends or something please dont ban me
  3. [Starts steering invisible car wheel while being stuck in a box]
  4. Yeas, nobody should trust me! unless it's an endlessly long paragraph explaining how tf can werepigism work as a genetic.
  5. More of City-building simulator?

    *with the exception of the pig ruins turf that may spawn in jungle
  6. I sent him a list of three thread ideas; the second one was How Old is Wendy?
  7. I have a interesting nerf/buff to Wes. Him being to craft slightly smaller/bigger structures with completely 50/50 chance ; for example smaller engines would take 2x more time to prototype items, bigger tents would restore more values but none of these special effects would apply to Wes, for he is the big dummy
  8. Maxwell Memes: The Sequel

    more like some otherworldly abomination between woodie, wx and god knows what else
  9. Maxwell Memes: The Sequel

    you forgot woodrow
  10. Make the Carrat a pet.

    Make Carrats a carrot disease, making every carrot they bite a real carrat.
  11. I have a file on my pc and it's called ItsLiterallyABeta.bruh
  12. Own the public servers

    Tencent. also a manure ton of hentai anime mods not in non-asian languages
  13. It's more likely that the content updates will follow through the year... so next year?
  14. The Gorge Fence Skin

    I would love to see the gorge lamps as a mushlight skin!
  15. then main wes, see what good it does. reputation is bad.
  16. 2B2T - Wait I mean Here Piggy Piggy! - Klei Official
  17. Enemies and Kiting

    I would prefer bosses with phases for example phase 1 - must kite 2- optional tanking and 3- only tanking
  18. it should be related to the reputationn on forums *spineless noise*
  19. Maxwell Memes: The Sequel

    When you craft a piece of board to fuel a fire for 4 logs when you could burn only 3 logs as willow and have the same effect
  20. Ban reverent for being a nuisance to society because you had to open the spoiler.
  21. noobs like me already think the game is complex and overwhelming enough without complex-er mods.