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  1. Legends say that they absorb the hat thanks to it being made of snouts.
  2. Hey ____, do you wanna play DST? the line that annoys my friend the most.
  3. Unfortunatelly there isn't much to do when there's nothing. So far I noticed that Depth Worms Those actions are nice to see, however the AI will always be exploited. It does need a bit of reworking but then there's farms which will always find a way to utilize the mobs' ai to harvest their drops.
  4. Guys, we need to overthrow steam market hierarchy and start OUR community market, where everything is free!* ** *** **** *Ivo the Time Traveller is not responsible for any possible dismemberment, deaths, pain and suffering, psychological misfortune and price crashes. **Except Wes skins, because everyone should try playing as Wes when they first start. ***Excluding everything that should have been included, including GoH skins. ****This is just pain to read, isn't it?
  5. Unlimited, Yes. You can store gems/houndiuses in other worlds ( such as hamlet/shipwrecked) You can already have infinite gems using the pigking ( he gives gold for trinkets/meats)
  6. I believe the Goh 100% doesn't drop, and Survivor sets sometimes rarely drop.
  7. whoopsie doopsie toilet knowledge starts an all-masse war between dark and light
  8. This- it would slightly soothe me if the retrofitting would make a perma-dead tentapillar. It would look at least slightly normal.
  9. I hope that this won't be one of the few ending-rot update set updates
  10. Nonono- i don't want to get klei to force cave regeneration. I will propably regenerate caves ( even if it means losing 7+ houndiuses) just because I can't change the actual world layout.
  11. Yes I do, it's just that I want seamless transition. I have experimented with world files and... it's possible to regenerate caves...
  12. I just hope klei can add a way that would attach the biomes so they would spawn just like in new worlds.
  13. The wormhole drains sanity, I wonder if there a purer-way. (maybe a proper retrofitting?
  14. Explore the mushroom biome in the wormhole, it should slowly-blend with the new biome
  15. threre's plenty of place nearby and sometimes multiple mushtree forests spawn, so couldn't it be possible to search for empty places and force the new biomes there?
  16. Can't the wormhole be replaced with a tentapillar though? I just want the biome connected though, I have plenty of space where the biome could spawn into but it doesn't
  17. The menu backgrounds have their own consistency and I like it.
  18. It works properly and links between the blue shroom forest and the moon shroom forest, I just dunno why they don't link normally and a sign spawns?
  19. Pretty much Klei servers just allow logging in, the entire game server hosting is on your side. (Unless you are playing on klei-hosted dedi servers)