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  1. Enchance... You see this now? It's actually three depictions of microverses containting 3 other Don't Starve Games: Don't be hungry, Do not suffer extreme hunger depletion and Eat
  2. TBH either your PC's build-in fan is loud Ooor congratulations! you have a auditory halucination.
  3. I was asking if putting hatches in a space biome would remove the cramping problem. not some exploit thing
  4. hm... could said space crowding work for hatches though?
  5. Twigs HD

    sans undertwig likes this mod
  6. Could overcrowding be stopped by making the farm with access to the endless space? ( if it isn't blocked off by say autominer setups or something.. )
  7. hjoy, mr. hjiggsbury, whjere is my pet fjish? *wilson trying not to puke after eating said fish covered in merm-sweat*
  8. Maxwell Memes: The Sequel

    Noone: Lunarcat making an unepic and unoriginal meme: Everyone:
  9. Said drum sound is actually an ambience sound during summer Why? I dunno.
  10. water in winter does not freeze?
  11. Wurt

    tbh gorge hype was better
  12. Don't starve quiz

    speedboosts stack multiplicatively Magiluminescence+cane=50% instead of 45% for example
  13. Don't starve quiz

    no. For starters, magiluminescence. In dlc's, the leafy cane and sleek hat Then you got Wolfgang and WX's overcharge.
  14. Don't Starve Is Dead.

    Games never die.
  15. They were looking at us through the birchnuts all along!
  16. So since there's no screenshot thread and I want to post nightmare fuel... Here are my screenshots:
  17. Actually Wortox apparently went into the forge with the gang ( his quote that he unironically enjoys the jokes there on a forge-ornament from WF )
  18. I am really interested in the story yet it's very complicated if you put events and RoT into the perspective. what the heck is happening right now I think that Wilson and survivors ( Including Wortox considering his quotes ) are currently in the Gateway Realms since there was not a proper ''ending'' to the Event arc and that the RoT arc happens after said ending. For example currently Woodie and Maxwell call the Winter's feast- event ornaments familiar instead of remembering the Events. And Wurt are very confusing if they are going to be playable without explaining what happened after The Gorge. Tell me what you think.
  19. Wurt

    Minespatch thought that you referenced the head because the link is like... propably broken. unless you are showing us a way to backup our chinese pictures, then no thanks.
  20. Wurt

    Maybe Wurt will have bonus when eating merm-diet ( maybe getting a bit more powerful in one way or another )
  21. mfw you don't bring 20 glass cutters early game
  22. Secret Character

    back from the beta days of DST ( roughly 2014 )