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  1. ban koopa for being a goomba, goodbye *crushes you*
  2. Costume Collection

    she uses a lot of grass to make her flex tape? that's possibly why
  3. Im doing extensive research into psychology of fellow players of dont feel strave togothar.
  4. ban rev because wes is bes
  5. Wilson is having a seizure asmr roleplay
  6. Dory is faking it god damn it. there's no way she has recent memory loss when she can clearly remember the ship that sailed near her It's not a special necessity. Ya need a hambat? just place down an alchemy engine or carry some in bundling wraps. Ya need a book? well just use a manure ton of papyrus to mass craft them all at once. It's not difficult, It's just annoying to deal with.
  7. *gets alzheimer's in spanish warbucks* but tbh Alzheimer's is a bad disease and would be a bad mechanic to be implemented, even getting some sort of map amnesia ( amapnesia? ) would be less of a hassle.
  8. Are you able to generate a large map?

    It's slow because THIS IS MY EXPLANATION AND ITS PROPABLY WRONG the Hamlet's islands are specially forced to keep in a special sorting system ( Trufflestone island , Malfafa, Pugalisk, Roc's and Aporkalypse ) which then need to be in a sort of a curve and setting the worldgen makes it more difficult to actually space out the islands so they don't cross ( even on default worlds the islands are close to crossing each other ) and worldgen scraps every incorrect world not matching the criteria ( sort,curve,space ) and starts a-new ( and yes, worldgen can detect whether something is connected or not, that's how the wormholes in hamlet are created. )
  9. Culturally problematic?

    I meant Maxwell but wilson is a good guess too.
  10. Culturally problematic?

    mfw people ship her ( a child ) with a old man
  11. A rare bug?

    So basically I was playing WX-78 and went to kill mant queen. placed 2 stone walls while the queen was spawning eggs and boom. I was transported into limbo and killed by bunch of mant warriors. Yeah. I lost a world where i killed almost every single boss due to a wall interior glitch. freaking cries and rees in pain