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  1. I put them all in a folder and then added it to the archive, but oh gosh... When you pointed that out I completely understood why it was having that error |D Thank you so much.
  2. Hello everyone in the modding community! I am working on a few character mods that my friends and I can play on the same server and I've managed to create the first one, adding all the perks I wanted to go with it with the help and advice of these people here. The next step was for me to create a custom weapon available in his start inventory, and I was roughly following this tutorial (although it might already be outdated? I'm not sure. If there's a better tutorial out there, I wouldn't mind being directed to it) All the images and tex files are done and placed within the mod folder and I copied some of the codes I saw from other mods i have subscribed to with the same sort of feature (the RWBYcharacter mods) and changed the names and other elements accordingly. Although I can't even begin to test if the item works properly, because the game crashes as I load up the server and generates this error log from the screen: From what I understand, this means that the bgale.zip in the anim folder is missing? Is that correct? But the file is right inside the set folder. This is my main concern as of now and I have included all the files I currently have been working on for this mod in this post if any of you wish to see it. If anyone also knows how to add these perks to the item, that would help me greatly (but it is secondary): - add both a wood chopping and rock mining action (can both be done?) - for those who know of the Ruby and Yang character mod, how is the effect of rushing towards the enemy when the weapon is in hand is implemented. Salem Rainsworth.rar
  3. I tried it out and it works well! Thank you very much.
  4. I see! I need to replace "waxwell" with the prefab of my character, is that correct? Will I place this in the modmain.lua like the earlier code or does this go into another file location?
  5. Okay! That's helpful. Thank you. I'm having a bit of a problem though (sort of stated in my edited post above that you may have missed.) I am not sure if it's an error on my part or maybe i just can use it on the specific object I chose for testing purposes? edit: I managed to find what's wrong! Thank you again
  6. I meant the code. owo; so I place the code you gave me within the prefab of my character, is that right? edit: It works now, thank you!
  7. This will be within the modmain.lua file as well, correct? (Sorry, I just want to make sure |D) Thank you by the way!
  8. Thank you so much still! I'm trying it out now. Am I correct to assume I can replace the "LARGE" with "MEDIUM" and "SMALL" respectively or do they call the function respectively I'm on the impression that referring to all monsters in general can be used, but the character I had in mind has very specific phobias. Copy pasting for every type of creature with an insect/bug/worm-like trait might be best indeed. Edit: I think there might be a few elements missing in the code you gave me. I tested my mod after the changes but the game crashes just after I load up my server. (It actually goes into the character select screen first even though I have already selected one. And, once I click on the screen, the game crashes.) Here's the modmain code I currently have: I thought that it only lacked a ")" at AddPrefabPostInit("wormhole", function(inst) but that wasn't the case and the problem persisted.
  9. I'm making a few character mods for myself and my friends to play in the same server. I've finished the art of the first character and now I'm adding quirks. I managed to implement a few of the character quirks already myself, but I am unsure of how to implement these two: - can eat nightmare fuel for health and hunger boost (is this even possible? I know some can get their characters to eat rocks. I understand how they did it, but I'm not exactly sure if FOODTYPE.(whatevernightmarefuelisclassifiedas) can be done or where I can find the necessary information in the files. I know wx78 can eat gears, but I'm kind of stuck with that) - loses sanity faster around insect/bug/worm type creatures Any help is appreciated!