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  1. To bad totally missed the bug. Due to work. Damn it klei why are you so fast in bug fixing
  2. Funny how everybody wants a nerv for the portal. I'm not using the portal very often, and when I do I stick around with the char I play with for quite some time. Cooldown would be ok for me I guess cause i rarely use it anyway. change the cost of the moon idol to cost more moonstone? maybe but moonrocks are very tedious to collect. I remember me sitting in a world waiting for the moonstone to come down and still didn't had enough of it (I'm talking about waiting 2 full years...ofc doing something else in between) to upgrade the portal. Anyway why would I care about some tryhards switching the game and "abuse" the mechanic of the portal?
  3. Pretty nice, a ~ 29,5% chance to get at least one elegant per week. Will those heirloom rarity skins ever drop from the system? or are they just obtainable by buying from other players? How long will the skin package for Winona be purchasable?
  4. Today I resurrected 2 different player at different times with a Cherub's Heart and those 2 players got invisible after that. Couldn't reproduce it, it seems to me that it was kind of random. One guy was later visible after the bug, the other one wasn't. Even after ressing multiple times.
  5. [Game Update] - 266516

    they are called shine bugs for a reason. Shiny and Buggy
  6. Finally can play on a public server and dont have to worry that a couple of new players join (no not the griefer ones) that think "hey, a regen would be nice" and then the progress is gone. Thank you very much for this update
  7. A New "A New Reign" Update Log

    @AnonymousKoala jepp totally sure that everything was on default, played on DST Academy [public].
  8. A New "A New Reign" Update Log

    The thing with "doesn't have Hound Mounds" is a joke right? Just had a Hound Mounds yesterday on a public server...