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  1. Thanks klei, always wanted to say: I like my comments,... with salt.
  2. To bad totally missed the bug. Due to work. Damn it klei why are you so fast in bug fixing
  3. Today I resurrected 2 different player at different times with a Cherub's Heart and those 2 players got invisible after that. Couldn't reproduce it, it seems to me that it was kind of random. One guy was later visible after the bug, the other one wasn't. Even after ressing multiple times.
  4. they are called shine bugs for a reason. Shiny and Buggy
  5. Finally can play on a public server and dont have to worry that a couple of new players join (no not the griefer ones) that think "hey, a regen would be nice" and then the progress is gone. Thank you very much for this update