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  1. If Wortox can give his soul on other players then can have at least 580 souls at any time, and i didn't understand that for Wormwood...
  2. Everyone I've met in the game for so many years says the same thing "I am tired to play alone" anyone who enters to play on a public server the only thing they will encounter is selfishness in all its glory and "solo basers" who don't talk or if they talk is for giving you orders because "they know better" and we talk for abilities to help the others!
  3. my opinion is all the character can help even without abilities, i have play with Wes who kill all the bosses alone with few pierogis. So no need for some new abilities to help the others, if you know how to play with your char you can always help
  4. Do you read the rest? The only reason rework bother me it's because 1) i like the game as it is so much to play every day and 2) because we don't want more op chars and all want that (not all but the most)
  5. I will say a lot and forgive me if I tire you ... Rework: Personally, I do not agree with this whole issue of "rework". It all started after demands from players who don't know how to play, so they can play more easily. Everyone wants Klei make changes on each character so that it matches the way they want to play with the excuse that "it's useless like that" and "he can't help other players". The main goal is everyone can play and spend their time with fun and not to help each other, this can be achieved without special abilities! How can Maxwell help if he can clear all the entire rocky biome and keep all the loot from him or (worse) logout with all the loot at his inventory? How useful is a Warly if he cook only for him? Or a Wolfgang who kills all the bosses in order to get all the loot from him and never kill them again to give the rare recipes to the other players? So all the different characters are there so you can choose the one that suits you best, depending on how you want to play at that particular moment. And some examples to make it clearer: If you're in the mood to build a quick or a large base you'll choose someone who can pick up materials very quickly like Maxwell, if you want to play "boss rush" you'll choose Wolfgang, if you want to go around the island and kill, you will get Wigfrid and so on. What makes you better player is the knowledge of how you can do everything you want playing as a TEAM and not COMPETITIVELY (as many do) This game have the name TOGETHER for a specific reason... Let's take a look now at the names suggested by this thred: Wes: I don't know what changes you want to see on Wes, it is a challenge character and MUST have these stats because it's for those who know how to play otherwise it will be very difficult to survive and it will be very difficult for the others (with sanity drain or with food consuming). If you want changes like to be able to read signs i am with you even though i don't agree because it's funny he can't talk and makes sense because it's mime. Wolfgang: I think he's the easiest character to play because he can do everything with a handful of mushrooms and a handful of berries and with his speed he can kite anything much easier than all other characters (except Wortox). If he gets stronger and after that you want to play with him then shame on you ... And of course I don't think there are players out there who want to become weaker so I also can't figure out what rework can be done to him. (I personally don't like it at all and I consider him one of the worst players, anyone who is interested to ask why he can just send me a pm and I will gladly explain it to him) Maxwell: What else do you want in a character that constantly raises sanity and don't need to touch a pickaxe or axe and pick up 2k logs in one day (I may be exaggerating but i don't think so) or fill 10 chests with flints,gold and stones also at the same time? Wouldn't it be too much to have even higher stats or more abilities? WX: If you can't survive with WX then you better find another game to play because DST just doesn't suit you. He can go for a simple walk in the ruins (if you know how to charge him) and come back with all the items from pseudoscience machine and with stats that are the definition of op for DST data (hp 400, hunger 200, sanity 300). Now if it bothers you when you take some damage from the rain, i don't have anything else to say (even that can help you survive the whole night without light) I left Wigfrid for last because it's my favorite: I don't want to see any change in Wigfrid other than new skin for her helmet and spear and another new costume, I think it's just fine as it is. If klei definitely wants to make a change i will agree with those who say to give her the ability from the forge just so that the others don't cry (although i don't want it because the ability of the forge is for the forge and if we start with that all the other will want the forge abilities). And lastly I would like to say a few more things about Wigfrid (I know this is not the the correct section but I will say it) I know that Wigfrid is a controversial character, you fall in love with her or you hate her and in my case i have fallen in love with her since i unlocked her in RoG, but I can no longer see that "Wig is op" because if it is then what is Wolfgang (which as i said above with a handful of mushrooms and a few berries can kill everything), or what is Wickerbottom, that with her books can do EVERYTHING, or WX for the reasons i also said,or Winona with her machines (especially the catapults) or Wortox who only wants a few butterflies and a few green mushrooms to survive everything and forever? So almost all the characters are or can be op and stop this "racism" because the other players having a fun playing with a player you think is useless, give a chance to the one who handles it, it may surprise you! Or that "all Wigfrid does is make useless helmets" because i've been lucky enough to see this "Wig helmet please" several times even in 1500 days ... Before people rush to tell me that "Wig is you favorite because you are noob" come play with me and tell me what character you want me to choose and you will see how i play, i playing ds since the day the food don't even spoil (older players know what i mean) and DST from the release day is the only games i've been playing all these years because i'm tired of the competition that dominates all the other games and it saddens me when i meet this competition style here too ... I play with Wig because he thanks me and because even after all this years still laugh alone with her quote, with the fact that she is an actress who is stuck in this role and with the incredible animation when she tries to eat vegetables (for this animation i call her guitar hero) I end with a request from Klei (especially) and all the players: PLEASE stop demanding from Klei to make the game easier than it is, all you can do is make even the most dedicated players stop it and you will stay only with those who just bought it to play 1-2 months and they will give it up too!!! All that above are personal views that will not change for anyone and i will not apologize to anyone (I only apologize for the size of the text and for my English (for some points I had to use google translation)
  6. I make new world without any mod, i just use the console command for godmode and same i have this message
  7. First time i have mod enabled, i close the game and disable the mods and same thing happen again and again. When i step on the island the game crashes
  8. i have add you (if i have choose the right guy)
  9. arubaro Madrid Spain? because i see too many with that name :P
  10. Do you have the same name on steam? i already add you
  11. Hello! As the title suggests, I'm looking for a team that play enough (not once per week or once per month). I am 30+ years old, from Greece and i can say i am very good player! my steam name is Hinin (black wolf picture) I am tired to play alone or on public servers... ps: please no people from the other side of the world because we can't play with that ping together! if you want to ask me anything you can here or add me to steam, if i am active i can play and talk
  12. For the purpose it serves, this recipe is very good just as it is, if you want to make it with less ingredients you can do it using a construction amulet. It would be good to stop asking from developers to make the game easier because in the end we will not play at all because it will be completely simple! My opinion only and always with love
  13. Hello! The game don't save any setting or changes, when i restart the game all the settings is on default, all mods are off and all of my saved skins don't exist... It's so annoying to change all that over and over again, please help!
  14. This is the tab "Lag Compensasion > Predictive" on my settings?