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  1. So I noticed this issue last night and forgot to report it, but I had my Tidier sleep right before everyone else went to sleep, so they could clean during the night. She was scheduled to wake up right as everyone was scheduled to go to sleep- She remained asleep, doing this for several nights. If I manually moved her she would get up and do tasks- she had 100% stamina after all- but would not get up on her own. After some fiddling around I think this happens for every dupe on a schedule set to wake up at some point during the night of the cycle. Moving them to periods where they wake up during the day works fine. Save file included. Second schedule set to wake up one block before night ends, and sleeps through this until morning. Crew.sav
  2. So I noticed others mentioning this on the forum post for the release, but I'm not seeing it in the bugs yet. My dupes don't seem to get a morale boost from having a rec room, being in a rec room, or in any other circumstance. It's not listed under their buffs OR under the morale break down. Save file is attached for reference. Hotfix, please? In break room, on break: Not listed in Morale breakdown, and no buff numbers given: Crew.sav
  3. Is this still being actively worked on? Just getting into modding myself and this seems super cool.
  4. Dupe never needs to eat

    The Chaotic Timeline.sav
  5. Dupe never needs to eat

    This effect seems to continue even when he's not researching, but this is the only difference between him and the other dupes I believe
  6. So I built a mess hall a number of cycles back, and noticed that even though I have 6 dupes, only five tables were assigned. I noticed Meep was the one who somehow got by without his table, so I checked him out. He. Um. I don't think he's eaten in eons. And I definitely don't notice 30k of food missing each cycle.
  7. After I have a certain amount of items using power, no matter how much power I've got pumping through the (plethora of) circuits, I'll get items that flicker saying that they've got no power. This has been detrimental when it goes on for a bit longer than just a flicker, especially when all my dupes are suffocating. Might be related to the reprocessing of power after loading back up a save?