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  1. Need support for Japanese. Will there be Japanese characters support?
  2. Thanks a lot! well... I know its work for a while. but sometimes move command doesn't save Dupes. idk why but its ok. If Dupes are dead, I can make the new one. Its just a Duplicant.
  3. I did it but absolutely not work. (and i realized now Otto is a man btw)
  4. at the first, sorry about my pool English. hope you can understand what the point is. so, sometimes Dupes keep moving side to side untill they got dead by suffocation. this pictures Dupe(Otto) needs to breath and she want to go these red arrows pointing place. but these place is looks like same distance. need to deconstruct one of these ladder for save Otto. idk its just a bug or i should care about it to build Buildings. but i feel its so annoying and bothersome,then i post it.