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  1. So you have your nice lil server, day 1000, a fine mega-base going on, killed all giants, all good, you're the king/queen of your world. And all looks great, isn't it?! Well, apart from all that rot-and-twigs madness now infesting said super 'kingdom', making every corner of it looking like the aftermath of a mad rave party: puke, puke all over! Yeah, no secret there, rot has the visual appealing of profusely gushing barf. And those damn Twiggy Trees, popping all over place, permanently PUFF!-ing 3 twigs on ground each. What does all this mean, beside the aesthetic look of a post-modernist "work of art"? LAG! You may not experience it too often or severe, but your friends half-and-earth distance surly do - you don't see them moonwalking for no reason when battling foes and "taking it like a champ". So what to do? Good thing you ask, my imaginary chat buddy! As I am here to ease your mind. Enter the stage this guy - the Slipstor: Now imagine: after first full year, when puke... I mean rot and twigs begin to pile up, the small, larvae-form-or-whatever-that-critter-is appears (Slip stage - slips in to "save the day"?!), and roams the land, "eating" rot and twigs from the ground. Basically a mob that cleans the landscape. And stores it, as I am sure the "but I need my rot and twigs" lot of you surely and rightfully will object. It eats more and more till it grows up at the second stage seen in that small gif, maybe a sign its inventory got full ("full belly"?!). And then it begins to be aggressive toward players. Or some other mechanic that shows players they can fight-harvest said rot-and-twigs (or befriend it, after which it will barf-give its inventory to you, like Catcoons?!). It doesn't mean it even needs to be this Slipstor(e) guy (Slips-in-and-stores, see what I did there?!); can be something else, but core proposed mechanics - "eating" of rot-and-twigs, Depths Worm style, needs to happen. That would certainly help with 'aging' worlds' lag plus keeping them neat. Also this Slipstor gimmick would happen after 1 in-game full year-or-so, as newbies can still just pick rot-and-twigs of the ground and don't get bothered by harder fights vs a new mob/more advanced stuff. What do you think? PS: this mob could be made optional from world settings such as with other customizable WorldGen stuff, thus if one wants to just hand pick rot and twigs would set it to 0/none.
  2. I for one will end my diatribe about the Wes pick with present post. Will just state this: there is a portion of forum visitors - you can name them casuals, heh - that comes here for information; not jokes or memes, not for reading puns in all or most topics - just information regarding some specific subjects of interest. And those are not into the "inside joke" thingy and don't even care about it. Sure, again, you could giggle you've pranked a neophyte, kudos to ye, you're za man and all that. Will the lad/lass that got pranked be happy about it? Probably not if all they wanted was valid information about something. And reading everywhere "Wes is best" and then even "Wes can go insane day 1 to farm nightmare fuel" could convince them said character has something good going on, making him valuable to a team when most Wes players on pubs are just dead weight. Yes, pubs of random people, the ones you most avid forumites avoid like the plague and brag about it as well, afterwards making statements with generalization claim - for pub people as well On the subject at matter: Woodie, Wigfrid, Wolf, Wicker, WX, even Willow are all good on the nomad front. Also depends to some extend on the season.
  3. Internet (as a reflection of real world) is full of "gullible enough to believe it" people. Some of them even read guides; but don't also read into sarcasm. Sure you can blame them. As sure as that not helping one bit. But it helps shift some from the angry camp into the griefer one. Because "someone made fun of them" and they wanna pay it back... on another random. Life is wonderful.. as "Wes is bes"
  4. Yep, I saw a lot of newbies/casuals dying by shadows day 1 because playing with Pile o' Balloons seemed fun. Also that 0.75x damage modifier helps a lot in combat Speaking of characters that can go insane day 1 (without 0.75x damage), "say hello to my lil" ..beaver: Woodie! And by doing that he also provides wood. Unlike rock-bottom Wes that provides.. added hunger.
  5. How about you schnappsy-chaps cut the bull poop with this Wes thing/inside joke and stop misleading beginners/casuals into a "hard mode" stink character, will ye?! From that complete list, op, Wes is the worst - at everything. Sure, if one likes challenges go for said madness; otherwise know the mime is rock-bottom pick for everything you could have in mind regarding named purposes.
  6. Today, when started DST, I got this friendly greeting screen: Ok, no problem (hopefully!), cancel and try again. Yeey, it worked. Let's select a random survival server: Hmm. Let's try again: Wot?! No, no! Cancel again. Retry. Oh, got it. I am in. Finally! Let's play. Got a pickaxe; look, a cave. Getting in: Gosh, Error, my old/new friend! Any ideas? This happened after yesterday "XP fix" update. Beside that nothing else. No new mods, no un-updated mods (well they seem all to be updated - 5 of them client side) no etc. I'm from East EU, Ro if there's a global problem in that area atm.. or?!
  7. Strings of connection/authentication errors

    Issue fixed, thanks!
  8. Strings of connection/authentication errors

    Europe, Romania. Client log attached. client_log.txt
  9. Yep, pretty much the same here.
  10. Authentication failed - Al skins dissapeared - HELP

    Yeah, something similar happened to me as well.
  11. A lot of comment downpour that will amount to pretty much nothing. For the moment is clear Hamlet will not be part of DST, Klei stated a lot they don't wanna mix the 2; also they are doing a lot of experimenting. Sure, in the end, said concept of Halmet and SW could come in some capacity to DST if.. many thing. Till then... let the rain pour
  12. Winona Rework

    Yes, that's what I got this week, a friend as well.
  13. Winona Rework

    One aspect people ignore about Winona's Trusty Tape is the fact they work very well with spelunking players / players that spend most if not all of their times in Caves/Ruins: no more need to bother about hound teeth. But beside that she is just a Wilson who builds 0.5s faster yet without beard aka no insulation bonus during winter. Also the weekly skin drops rarity has been increased +1 these days, courtesy of ..Winona
  14. No lore, no how Winona happened upon the DST world, no nothing? I mean Metheus was hinting to something about the story's progression but... This looks more like a plain fix update. Not to be picky, yet....the story?!
  15. Elaborate trolling is... elaborate
  16. Just out of curiosity: what's that project/operation about?
  17. Shouldn't this be in Server Bulletin or something?
  18. need megabase building tips!!

    A SMALLER image pls?!
  19. Ruins Regeneration

    I think the only thing it doesn't regenerate are Thulecite Walls.
  20. Bundling Wrap

    You mean using Canary as underground bird without suffocating it? Other birds survive in caves' birdcage without problem, no need for that bundling trick with them. Nice bundle wrap.. inception
  21. Moral of the story: don't drink and...write On topic: yeah, DST is more enticing, content wise. Solo? Neah, better with friends (nothing beats the human factor).
  22. Tips for Bearger?

    One thing to point: don't simply make Bearger step on trees, will destroy them. Instead, with it aggroed on you, go close to make him AoE punch the trees; that would 'chop' all 1-5 trees in close vicinity to it when doing said punch. After 3 swipes it will do the ground slam that has a much bigger AoE - when it happens try be in middle of a patch of trees for optimal effect. All this will spawn in the end a cr@pload of Treeguards who will eventually kill poor hungry teddy bear if left to their devices. You can also use the tactic described for mining, but in that case you can simply walk Bergy, for minerals this will not destroy deposits. And most of all have a LOL out of it
  23. Astrology.... ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  24. Do you remember when setting earthquakes to less actually increased the "default" of it - like A LOT? I think this is happening now with vegetation. Story short: I made a server with all things set on "few" as a challenge, picked Wig and set out to conquer the dark forests supposed to be glades or something. To my surprise a couple of seasons later I encountered the growth best illustrated in print screen below: That's happening in inner Ruins, Military biome close to Ancient Pseudoscience Station (the complete one). So now growth happens - aka evergreens, lumpy, mushtrees, birchnuts - in all the wrong places resulting in Ruins, Swamps etc being overrun by dense forests of said tree variants. And this happening, again, when setting trees on "few". My question: is this normal? If it's a bug, pls an admin move present topic in the bug threads. Thanks in advance! PS: all 4 seasons are set on "very long", in case it counts.