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  1. Bundle-wrap 160 killer bees. Leave the "gift" at gate for Random-Newly-Spawned-Bob to open
  2. My "Stuff 'n' Things 3" personal server's caves/Sunken Forest pseudo-megabase project (24.10.2017): Again many fun experiments, also many mistakes; project never finished, server deleted because of some update error. Plus mods - More Sculptures, Storeroom, and Path Lights. Previewed here. Btw, too bad your past thread, @disies, for tidy bases was closed, some topics should remain open just by the virtue of their on-going required posting/updates, at least that's my view on said matter. Cheers!
  3. i need a methius partner

    Yes, they can. Reset the panel and you're good to go.
  4. How old is Wendy?

    Story/lore-wise, there are 2 type of "times": • biological time (what previous posters pointed): Webber being a small child (8-10 years), Wilson early 30s, Willow early 20s, and Wendy, probably, 10-14 y.o. - aka at what age each character entered The Constant, as time seems to just stop in there; • The Constant's chronology in relation to Earth-time: and each character probably has spent different amounts of time in DST main world (the "1 million-deaths Wilson" implies at least some Earth-years for Wilson). Thus Wendy speech could suggests she is mentally much older than her biological (stopped/slowed down) time. Also personal experiences and IQ/EQ are at play (pun intended) here.
  5. What happened to Slipstor

    Nobody knows nothing for certain. It had a lot of animation to it, then all got removed. Probably was some intended mini-boss mob like Spider Queens, growing over time from the Slip form or having those as minions.
  6. What happened to Slipstor

    Late at the party again?
  7. "New free on-demand dedicated event servers (Forge Only)." - source I thought was well known that all Forge servers are dedicated, provided by Klei. Thus, except for the case in which you use a hidden-password server, all these servers are per se public serves (again: even the ones with password, but written in description so that your dedicated server won't go into Quick Matchmaking rotation). Your argumentation/premise is erroneous. Sure you can ask joining people to leave for whatever reason, won't be nice, but whatever. With this you will not be, regarding OP, part of the solution, but of said problem. Also helps to be polite, in game and here as well. As for "The Community - what happened?" - the more people you get (as game popularity raised over the years), more "bad seeds" will appear too. Plus fighting games usually attract more belligerent, easily irritable folks.
  8. I Think New Characters Would Help DST

    Look! It's a puppy! Not a pleb puppy mind you, but a sparkling wonderful princes! Is Puppy Princes Musha!
  9. I Think New Characters Would Help DST

    Sure, new characters (like all new content) are welcomed.. in a way; or more. Depends. Mainly about purpose and balance. But realistically speaking, as Klei stated already their plans for a couple of Forge-like future events that would introduce new mechanics and further the lore, new characters would be a low probability - more so even after how Winona was received (I for one still wish for an introductory video about her and her role in The Constant). As for this thread I do really hope "more 24 pages about character balance" won't be the thing in here as well; is really annoying and without actual scope. Cheers!
  10. 1) Yes, there is DST lore in form of dissipated bits and pieces of a story, hints of one. But not an actual story. You've got some characters you know almost next-to-nothing about (beside Wilson and Maxwell), you have a world you don't even know the nature of (there is even speculation it's all fake, a pseudo-living stage with props), an ancient civilization of bug (?!) people gone through a cataclysmic event, the shadows themselves... all mystery. You have a big mystery. But is ok, is just a loosen premise/context for "here's a hostile environment, survive by getting the gigs of it via trial-and-error". Thus it comes into place said "road from scarcity to prosperity" as ultimate goal. So no, DST isn't story-driven, just your mystery-solving mind speculating about some bits and pieces, connecting dots where maybe there isn't even a connection to begin with; just theories. 2) "You're restricted to meleeing pretty much everything all the time" - not really; you can gunpowder everything into oblivion given enough determination, time and resources. Or use traps, mobs etc. Also darts (again if time and resources are at your free disposal). Regarding in-game efficiency ..just don't give in to social pressure (aka "players end up playing the exact same way and get triggered when someone plays differently than them because the method is inferior") if you don't like that, letting others dictate what you can and cannot do. And sure, game isn't very polished and we can agree a lot of stuff could be made better... yet time hasn't passed for Klei to not do so anymore (look no further than Shipwrecked and its recent update). 3) "..nature of a player typically is to demand more comfort, not more challenge" - how does this apply to "the cosmetic in-game skins issue or "pls more raid bosses" one: people demanded more, and Klei gave us The Forge"? We got a game mode that is combat-challenging. You want more challenge in the base DST? Again, the time has not passed for that to happen (indeed WorldGen and its options would do some tweaking). More updates will come and is precisely because of "supply-and-demand between Klei and the fandom" we get our collective amount of desires somewhat translated into DS/T. In the end it seems you just wanna be guided through a story (more or less in the vain of classic initiatory journey trope) where players are compelled (read forced) into perpetual scarcity survival all the beginning-to-end road. Namely what has been done already in other titles . And I think here you've misread DST and what is all about: freedom of choice. You can sit at gate and survive 1000 days in something akin to a mini-camp if you wish so (and have the how-to knowledge), avoiding fights altogether; or go nuts roaming the world and killing everything (otherwise grow Tallbirds in a corner, heh). Do whatever you want in the given context. And that's the great thing about DST - exactly what you actually want changed into a guided/directional experience (maybe the core of DST is not your cup of tea ..anymore?!).
  11. If I remember well DS tagline, probably extended to DST, is "Your world, your rules". Freedom to do whatever you want in a given sandbox setup, from a survival-adventure standpoint, rogue-like included. Yes, it has obvious action elements, some horror (without gore, being a "family friendly" game). And sure, you can impute a lot of shortcomings, starting with its steep learning curve, mostly based on trial-and-error, no information given, imbalanced characters and mobs, glitches etc. But at least the learning aspect is nothing unsurpassable by "What's out there and how can I profit from it?!" drive ..and patience. Curiosity if you like. And given all this, you are in the end (of a world without actual ending) presented with this seemingly ultimate goal: your road from scarcity to prosperity. In classic, story-driven games, ultimate goal may be a belletristic outcome; and thru that story you can intentionally be kept in a perpetual "barely surviving" scarcity - what you call a true "survival experience". However DST has not such end or cohesive story; so your goal most likely is the mentioned prosperity, aka well-developed bases with farms (semi-automatic gathering of resources) and fighting (with those resources at hand) all hostiles - "conquering the world" if you may. And that's really ok; I'm not the only one saying this, but an "Overwhelmingly Positive (41,030)" atm status of DST just on Steam store. (Again: precisely because "your world, your rules" is in place, folks fancying "barely surviving" can very well do so.) Plus your "supply-and-demand between Klei and the fandom" is EXACTLY why Klei is so much appreciated for (also the desired essence of commerce). Take only the cosmetic in-game skins issue or "pls more raid bosses" one: people demanded more, and Klei gave us The Forge - where you can earn numerous skins and fight lots of minion waves and bosses to your heart's content. I for one name this a rather well serviced demand (as it should be). In the end what you seem to ask is a narrowing of "your world, your rules" from end-game prosperity to perpetual scarcity because.. forced perpetual survival; a constrained style of play (and I've seen in many of your posts this proclivity, to push your subjectivity as objectivity). I for one wouldn't want my proverbial hand be forced like that when at beginning was given total freedom. Also is not Klei's fault people' end-goal became mega-bases or the like, just a trend via crowd dynamics.
  12. Klei we NEED a vote to kick function

    At first I too thought a kick button for Forge type events would be a good thing. But how easy would be to abuse that? I think, based on how the kick option was in general DST prior to the time-survival condition, is easier to make a new pub/lobby than having a bunch of trolls just randomly kick people for "sh|t and giggles". PS: one way to minimize faulty team composition is that you, as the pub maker, pick your character last; this way you can ask (politely) people to choose something else if their option seems bad/trollish before auto-start. Usually they conform to instructions. And when that wild le troll appears and just sits there silently/not conforming, make a new lobby - he/she will probably afk or troll (pick gear of other classes, spam emotes and not doing a thing, etc) anyway.
  13. UPS! Well, in Forge with randoms we have the lovely AFKers, at lobby without picking anything or in game, sitting at spawn or in a corner (or just insta-quitting). Also some trolls: le wild tank that picks equipment for runner and then spams /step dance or any other facepalm trololol combination
  14. The (Holy Trinity) tables have turned!

    1) runner is very important, and in that role I would place Woodie (can insta-aggro via ax throwing, has a good HP pool, and can dub as tanker later on); 2) healer and, bonus, "pause" enemies with petrify - Wickerbottom; 3) mass damage dealer, bonus if on large number of mobs at a time - for that role Maxwell (another bonus: the "pause" of enemies via petrify). Those 3 would be the named "Holy Trinity" in my opinion. Tankers are needful, the standard duo of Wolf and WX (in any combination; also Winona, as she can dub as healer via hers passive in tandem with Wicker for extra team spice); likewise another adjacent ranged damage dealer via darts, probably Webber being the best pick out of him, Willow and Wendy (later on, Abi can be a nuisance, waking up GFB). My 2 cents on the matter.
  15. Indeed, FEEL the GRIEFING FORCE in them pubs, my young padawan! How else can your hopeful and cheerful path lead into the madness spiral of seeing your base gone up in flames than by playing in them pubs, extra points if those dedicated servers are Klei officials?!