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  1. Because he's a mighty griffin of epicness and rainbows, isn't it obvious?! Or maybe 'cause, as a player with over 1k hours in game (and that's a rare thing for griefers, only encountered 2 of these so called "experienced" players doing so, he included), goes on pubs and just burns bases; all the time he spends in said dedicated public servers, at least from my knowledge (encountered him 2 times, funny thing though: both times he died via shadows..revive at touchstones, die again some time later, one of which "helped" by yours truly), all he does is roam map and burn all encountered bases; then he hammers the burned remains and burns left materials too. I never saw someone so dedicated at destruction, and frankly I think there are some mental issues there as, even if kicked multiple times, he comes back (Klei should do something about those 10 minutes-or-so kick limit of rejoining, make it more like 20-30 minutes or till all players that voted a griefer out log off as well) over and over again, up to 4-5 kicks. If that's not madness (and extreme lack of imagination), nothing is Regarding Halloween event this year, again, considering The Forge planned thingy, most likely will be short, not too special and/or a rehash of last year's one with some modification, yet as time-frame goes closer to 31. Or could be no Halloween event at all; we'll see and, hopefully, be positively impressed, heh!
  2. As per the title, am looking for the admin of said DST server. Apparently is part of a bigger portfolio of different game servers - 4players.de - but unfortunately I can't contact them via their site as I don't understand the German language at all. Regarding why I wanna contact the admin: because of a nasty troll - yep, your run-of-the-mill Clouds griefer - that pops again and again there to burn bases, and, even if kicked, relogs 10 minutes later up to 3-4 times repeating this relog madness (kicked, relog, rekicked, rerelogs..). Thanks in advance to anyone who can provide some useful info!
  3. If we rightly assume newbies will die at least once in first autumn, then Wilson is just stock without cons. Winona builds 2x faster and has those tapes (not very useful, but still), so it should rank higher in stock area (also 1 free-pass from grue is most newbie-friendly). Then we have all the other characters with cons, thus being a bit less helpful for a new player than stock ones - sure you can argue that "some cons cannot even be considered really cons and can be easily by-passed", but that's just your advanced mindset; for newbies a con is a con, a lazy-leg and just that. Could help them learn better... or could make them wanna quit game (that already has a steep learning curve). And then there's Wes... why is this one even mentioned as a pick for noobs?! Why someone can even think of placing it in similar category with stocks (Wilson, Winona)?! Wes is a sure-bet for newbies to quit (again if you argue "hard mode" is a good way for players to advance quicker or the like... that's just your advanced-player mindset; think in therms of "I didn't knew I even needed a torch for the night"). Thus Wilson and Winona are nice picks for newbies, most forgiving ones, 0 cons.
  4. Read this as well, OP, will explain what is the minimum distance among placed Abi flowers so they won't turn into petals:
  5. You've given yourself the answer: an Wendy player makes a lot of Abi flowers and puts them in desired place for said "sanity farm". After some time those Abi flowers will turn into regular flowers just by virtue of sitting on ground. But unlike regular flowers, they are more tightly placed. Next have a ghosted player haunt them into Evil counterparts. Next step is really easy - just kill Queen Bee (or Klaus and hope for good RNG) - using Wes with bug nets; don't ask, it's a new trend - for Crown, heh. Final step: stay with Crown equipped in middle of all those Evil Flowers and try not to think at a small concept like practicality (aka just gulping some roasted green shrooms). But, hey, you have the famous "Sanity Farm", yeeey! (spawning *dance* emote time! )
  6. Chap advertised his server in the general DST section instead of Server Bulletin (again!) with I bet the excuse "It will be seen by more people, hihi!"; so there is a need to ask why tagging said server with "Klei Official"?!
  7. Oh, look: my burning-smashing-burning troll griefer! Hi Griefy! (Can I call you that? Silly me, of course I can!) Chillax, don't burst in flames (), there's still time till 31. Probably rehash event from last year will start 1 week prior. (Btw, griefed any servers lately? )
  8. That's why the word was between quotes (not because invented): not only "hey, here's a sequel, original is as of now nailed to the wall"; what Klei did (for better or worst) is a flexible/liquid game story-wise and pseudo-sequel that both can be altered even further. Parallel stories/universes if you will. Like the 1.000.000-deaths-Wilson, you have your solo DS universe that can have new stories, ramification, and you have your multi DST one. Is something new, I repeat, and only time will tell how this model will pay off in the end. I can understand you/others that want "all the eggs in the same basket". Yet I can also appreciate what we have now without wishing for that some kind of final amassment.
  9. I for one enjoy this game "sequeling" model, as DST is, for all intends and purposes, DS 2... but with friends. Also the fact solo gets new expansions.. alongside multiplayer, as well getting additional content - and I hope it will go the DOTA/WoW way, aka constant expansions over time, even if that requires payable DLCs (yet Klei seems to lean towards financing DST via skins, market etc which, again, imo is a good and interesting business model even if others feel entitle to free stuff and free stuff alone just because they ..can clap towards Klei or something?!). Thus yes, (seriously) no Hamlet in DST? No problem. DST will get another content and all will (hopefully) be well.
  10. Is this another troll galore topic and posting? Ok, suppose I'll dance a bit as well: weren't you schnappsy-chaps the ones with "hur-dur, Meatzball too OPish, nedzu nerfi"?! Someone did a trololol mod for that. Not happy it wasn't "full legit"? Not serious enough? What were you expecting for nitpicking, hmm?!
  11. Wow, this is still going on..
  12. Again, depends on the type of servers. I for one play exclusively Survival (a good portion on Dedicated) servers and, with 2-3 other friends, do these runs - Ruins rush, Wilds base, Misery Toad etc; and yes, sometimes, if server lasts, even Fuelweaver. Same group of people that loot Ruins regen them... and loot again, for fun, if there is time and/or server survives - most of the times it doesn't. But if Endless, then true, that is a totally different "food menu" and, from what people told me/have read, a lot of base build, rebuild and recycle is done on those, most times not in a good way (aka you find your base totally destroyed/looted) and mostly the dedicated players that maintain and care about said server do the regen thingy. As for OP topic... WX is easy if player knows how to play it well. Saw a lot of "munching shoelaces" casuals/newbies that die gloriously playing it, even after eating some gears (bonus if someone gives them or 'loot' them from others bases). As truism stating as it seems, playing WX won't assure you an easy game if knowledge and skill are not present (rhetorical).
  13. If is a Survival dedicated one, chill, there are rare cases when those go on more than 100 default in-game days. Also, after first autumn, very few new people join, usually newbies/casuals (or griefers) that die via Catcoon or classic grue. If Endless, just regen ruins.
  14. Depends on your goal. I for one take the angle of base builder that also enjoys a good fight, but for practicality I can't fight shadows all the time while building - it slows down your progress which in turn affects your team as you cannot provide in good time the structures needed to advance. Sure, if you are a fighting-oriented character like Wolf or Wig what you write makes perfect sense (and I've encountered some Wolfs that did exactly that, providing base with stacks of nightmare fuel while staying perma-insane via Glommer goop and/or channeling Lazy Deserter - if Bone Helm already obtained you have the most fun and efficient method for nf farming, makes perma-insanity obsolete). Yet even then, if playing alone, perma-insanity becomes, again, an obstacle towards building your base (provided you do that, not nomading or the like).