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  1. First pls put some spoiler tags when quoting others' (pretty long) posts - or just quote the part you will actually comment on, it just stretches your own comments needlessly. Otherwise @nickname works fine for its purpose. Second: (oh well all of us blunder from time to time) And finally there are just 2,5 months from last big event's (The Forge) end - maybe we will see a bit later on some of its features implemented in main branch?! Willow and Woodie under-perform - that's for sure - but, as we can see, this issue isn't game-breaking thus not a priority (as for how many people are very displeased with this - global in-game survey would clarify for certain). Though would be nice if Woodie/Willow's under-performance would be addressed by Klei via some buffs. On the other hand Winona was, for avid players, just a general disappointment; Wilson without beard insulation, building 2x faster (ok), and making cheaper sewing kits (meh) aren't traits that could justify a new such character at this point in the game's lifespan.
  2. This just made me laugh, thank you, sincerely! Don't know what people and servers got you to this conclusion, but clearly not what I (and a lot of my friends) experienced. If I wanna survive (and then thrive) going in a Winter server knowing no one will help me (and I'm never asking for help) - as in most public official servers - hands down I pick Willow for her lighter (burning solitary trees for warmth). Second pick is Woodie (axe and small isolation perk, plus going beaver for mining). Need I say once more my main for a long time was Woodie?! Just one of my happy runs in a Winter-and-Night-Only server (love those), with an even more happy Woodie, day 312 at the print-screen time with a Cave base: Never mind that, I misread it. Regarding idea of "many people complain about", again it's actually a very VERY small-but-vocal minority as per 90-9-1 Rule for Participation Inequality in social media that can be applied here as well: ~1% from total player mass participates a lot and accounts for most contributions; and from these 1% - us here frequent posters - opinions diverge all over the place.
  3. Easy explainable via the classic "my cock-a-doo is has bigger feathers than yours" - a fundamental/instinctive human need of comparing to others in the race towards alpha status (and, theoretically, better/best access to further resources and opportunities). It can take more refined or boorish forms (what you see as "douchebag elitism"). Kinda pretty unavoidable.
  4. Klei could make some charts (in the vein of Forge ones, at least for Klei official pubs) with what characters are/were used the most at torching player-made structures; then we would have hard numbers about said griefing phenomenon (and its prevalence), no more speculation. But it won't happen as Klei doesn't even touch upon the very idea of "griefing" (otherwise trolls like Clouds and their bot accounts would have been long ago banned from game).
  5. Screenshot showcase

    DST WorldGen humor: "Hey, buddy, I hear you wanna solo Toad. Lemme help!" Over the edge, yet far away: another flawless game mechanic (inability to cross while flying over Sea/Abyss) of your friendly neighborhood Batilisks!
  6. Mmm. Actually it can't: its forward path towards you is blocked by the 2 lureplant bulbs, obviously. If you sit in front of it and bulbs, all Klaus can do is endlessly walk into said bulbs, make some threatening animations and, indeed, hit you if you go too close in an inappropriate moment (when it "smells"). It's an exploit. But is ok, there are a lot more of them and by now been integrated in the gameplay strategies. Some players are vocal against them, some giggle when they discover and forever use them; how many heads, that many opinions.
  7. You have a number of psychopaths with guns; whatever could happen if we give them rocket launchers?! Is not so much about less people picking Willow for griefing after nerf (I have no clue if that was the case; yet, logically, making something harder should deter some people from doing it), as it's about how much damage one could inflict via this character if arson-griefing is their hobby. At least now a sweet-karma number of newbie and noob griefers die in their own fires, as stated. Immunity will allow them to live longer and do more damage overall. That's my main concern. The efficacy of inventory burning (as fire-immune Willow) in different scenarios when using it responsible? Debatable. When using it to troll (non-PvP) is what I underline. And then it doesn't matter if not done with maximum efficiency (picking best burnable material, having a maximum of slots with said material, etc), even at lowest effectiveness will still up the potential damage a griefer could inflict. That's why I for one don't want to see her fire immunity (and, by extension, inventory burning) brought back in multiplayer. Other buffs (Bernie taunting all nightmare creatures - even shadow monkeys) on her? Sure! Beside that, I repeat, am all for beaver/shadow puppets buffs, and Winona skill-revamp. Cheers!
  8. Burning some ..twigs, grass and petals in inventory requires "setup, preparation, and care in execution"? I somehow get the feeling we are writing about 2 entirely different sets of players: you are referring to experienced players that know what they're doing and have benign, co-op plans; I'm pointing at vast majority yolo-ing autumn and dying via starvation, night Grue, spider or cat, and most of all at the newbie and noob griefers picking Willow from this lot with one thought in mind alone: to make other people's experience in the server a living nightmare for $hits and giggles. As these griefers happen to die the most in their own fires (oh the sweet karma!) - so yeah, fire immunity will surely aid them in their "endeavor" of burning stuff in a safe way for themselves (this also addresses your "make any points to justify why griefing means willow should be nerfed into oblivion" - because, with fire immunity, newbie and noob griefers can survive longer, thus causing more damage; plus with inventory burning their said potentially-done damage skyrockets). In mentioned video author ignited wooden planks (1 per inventory slot), that indeed requires a bit of preparation (not nearly something comparable to Wicker's tentacle trap or WX's Ruins dive for 400 hp of gears) - yet the trade-off? 3s to kill Deer (granted is DS deer, 1/2 hp pool). I point this again: fire damage is THE biggest damage dealer per time unit in DS/T. Something like this is not by a margin comparable to Wolf 2x damage while mighty; and fire chews 400 hp in no time. Why nerf such a thing in multiplayer context (having a PvP component as well)? Hmm. Are you honestly asking this?! Are you playing a lot of official Klei pubs? Or you mainly play groups pubs? In official Klei servers most griefers are Willows and Wilsons, and most used griefing method is burning - as those pubs have no moderation at all and trolls don't care if what they do is blatantly obvious - there are no repercussions. Here one encounters the bulk of newbie and noob griefers (first autumn) plus the advanced, Clouds-tier, griefers (first winter/spring - because on group pubs these griefers have already been banned). On the other hand group pubs - with at least a bit of moderation - face more subtle griefing methods (tentacle traps, logging off with valuable resources, wasting resources - par example using all grass from chests to make straw hats given to pigs, etc) and here one encounters mostly so-and-so experienced griefers (with a fair share of newbie and noob trolls, still less than in official pubs). The "destroying beaver"? Just 2 times I've seen this type in my ~2k h of pub runs (officials and groups alike).
  9. Out of the bat, I for one have chosen to continue playing DST (and eventually became my all-time favorite game) after experimenting it solely for its fun, relaxing aspect. Sure, survival and action, I like them, but that wasn't what primarily attracted me. It was the prospect of "road from scarcity to prosperity" and the creativity that comes with said prosperity. In that line of thoughts characters like Wickerbottom, Wolfgang and - to some extend - WX-78, are fun (for me) to play. Are they balanced compared to the rest of cast? Obviously not as, after mastering their cons, they can achieve things quicker and, again, in a more fun way. But guess what? I ALSO like Woodie to the point I 'mained' him for quite some time. And Willow. Not for the "balanced" aspect in global context, but because of their traits and (fictional) personalities - those made them, again, fun for me. Would I like a buff for them that would up the fun factor? Beaver sure needs some love, yes. Willow? I can manage her without fire immunity (insanity torching on the other hand was just hazardous, even more so for nf farming in base). But burning stuff in inventory for AoE damage? No, that just.. no. The video previously posted here shows just how insane such a mechanic is, even if you don't consider the PvP aspect. Once more: sure, it would be pretty fun to damage-burn everything around you while you yourself are immune to it, like fire-murder Deer in 10s - for the first 3-4 times. But then I also consider the second - still, obvious - aspect of DST: multiplayer. And my experience in pubs - yes, it is about griefing. Contrary to "but anyone can make a torch and yolo", by far the most used griefing character is Willow. Because griefers want immediate gratification: they run from spawn, lighter in hand, burning everything without a moment of rest. Looking for base, any form of "base" to burn. The basic ones, newbie griefers, don't pick anything, don't eat, just burn. Advanced ones, Clouds-tier, go in middle of winter or spring on pubs, pick Willow and roam map, nomad survivalists, just in search of "da bais" - to burn it; that's their only goal. Factor now fire immunity and AoE from fire damage via burning stuff in inventory (twigs, grass, petals etc) - can you imagine the insanity of such a thing from griefing standpoint??! (at least in case of Wicker or Wolf one needs quite a bit of preparation and gathering, for On Tentacles or amassing food in sufficient quantities to be always mighty/full perks - burning stuff in inventory just needs basic resources found everywhere, anything goes, for a huge damage potential - the highest in game) And now we can also underline the big pro of Willow in cold conditions, resource-scarcity: the lighter! On winter (bonus if also night) servers, Willow (and Woodie for his small cold resistance plus night vision in beaver form) shine, and shine bright! (pun intended) As for competitiveness and PvP aspect of DST... don't really care, personally, so no discussion in that direction from yours truly. TL;DR: beaver Woodie really needs buffs, likewise Shadow Duelists; Willow not so much, but some small buffs - Bernie being able to attract any kind of shadow creature - would be appreciated; Winona needs a revamp of pro/cons, is just a weaker Wilson atm, blunt in regard to "fun factor". Last but not least, an hones question: why do you guys asking for it want fire immunity for Willow? Why is that so important for you - you wanna always setup beside magma ponds and use them as makeshift furnaces and/or kiting enraged DF day 3 that much? Have you considered what consequences will be in regard to griefers?
  10. If there's even a very small opening into the encircling fence/placed Antlion boulders or fossils, shadows will diligently and in a very civilized way (how gentlemanly of them!) cross all your fence till they slip through said opening even if at beginning you are right beside shadow and opening is 1 mile away. Otherwise they just ghostly go through the fence where you stand and bite your hind.
  11. More Rose Skins!

    Hmm. Sure, why not?! The more (skins), the better!
  12. Well here's a thought to ponder upon: maybe if the repeated, virulent griefers like Clouds (cr@pping on people's work and entertainment right from DST beta tests) would have been dealt with by Klei, all this present insanity regarding the blocking of portal after first autumn would have not occurred?! Drastic problems beg for drastic solutions.
  13. Very nice work, @Altari! Just one thing: maybe remove the spoiler tag hiding your beautiful printscreens?! I for one almost glossed over your post because they were hidden - even if this way would mean a bit of scrolling for visitors, don't think anyone would complain, really Cheers and do post more if you have!
  14. First of, yes, some scaled-up difficulty should occur after your first Ruins reset/Fuelweaver take-down (maybe as option at World generation). As for proposed ideas: 1. I've played on a Winter-And-Night-Only server; at beginning is fun, trying hard to survive (even better if with friends/others), muster materials for research, getting better equipment. Yet after you do so (roughly 8-10 days later depending on land-and-resources generation) the dark and cold just become minor annoyances. Sure, if not well prepared cumulative dangers can do you it. But mostly is just annoyance; 2. Perma-insanity if not going again to Atrium and "appease the Gate"? Not very challenging after you already discovered (and looted/killed everything) down there. Would be just another choir (one could use in nf-farming) I suppose; 3. Saw how sapling-and-grass diseases are generally perceived atm? Annoyances, again (don't recall anyone posting "Why, I absolutely love the disease mechanic in DST, briliant!" around forums) - even more so as one can gloss over their foreshadowing signs very easy and then there isn't any curative measure. Roaming map while being hampered yourself by disease in search of proposed lureplant-like illness source is akin to running in sandstorm from hounds without goggles if dangers occur (and dangers do occur most of times). Don't know, to me seems very RNG-ish. However could be fun if implemented correctlyl. Yet I rather much have better-and-organised enemies after such a scaled-up difficulty event than anything else: warrior pigs could amount small wars on players (small groups of warrior pigs spawned in player vicinity), Hound and Depths Worm attacks become more randomized and without any prior warnings, Shadow crevasses began to appear at night over the world and more creatures become shadow-possessed akin to monkeys, Charlie becomes a more active, ominous presence in various ways, etc.