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  1. need megabase building tips!!

    A SMALLER image pls?!
  2. Ruins Regeneration

    I think the only thing it doesn't regenerate are Thulecite Walls.
  3. Bundling Wrap

    You mean using Canary as underground bird without suffocating it? Other birds survive in caves' birdcage without problem, no need for that bundling trick with them. Nice bundle wrap.. inception
  4. Moral of the story: don't drink and...write On topic: yeah, DST is more enticing, content wise. Solo? Neah, better with friends (nothing beats the human factor).
  5. Tips for Bearger?

    One thing to point: don't simply make Bearger step on trees, will destroy them. Instead, with it aggroed on you, go close to make him AoE punch the trees; that would 'chop' all 1-5 trees in close vicinity to it when doing said punch. After 3 swipes it will do the ground slam that has a much bigger AoE - when it happens try be in middle of a patch of trees for optimal effect. All this will spawn in the end a cr@pload of Treeguards who will eventually kill poor hungry teddy bear if left to their devices. You can also use the tactic described for mining, but in that case you can simply walk Bergy, for minerals this will not destroy deposits. And most of all have a LOL out of it
  6. Astrology.... ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  7. There is one other strange thing, regarding speed of regrowth. I and a friend cut all trees in base vicinity, ALL of them, in a Wilds biome; that, theoretically, should have hicked in the Desolation Regrowth mechanism. 2 or 3 days later they already started to repopulate.. from nothing. All 3 types of trees (evergreen, lumpy, birch) and the blue mush ones. After that, one of my friends burned down an entire green mushtree biome; you can guess what happened some days later. Thus yeah, from all this and what you guys wrote it appears more and more this is a bug. Could an admin move this topic to the bug section, pls?! Thanks in advance!
  8. More pictures of the overgrown madness happening on my, ironic, scarcity server (this happens in both Caves and Forest alike, as I've already mentioned in previous posts): Funny-and-yet-annoying thing, I even cut all the trees (mush, birch, lumpy) in the place from first print screen attached here and they grew back EVEN DENSER (as seen in image). So.. no one has any clue about possible cause or if it's indeed a bug?!
  9. Not made by me, is from its Wikia page of unimplemented DST features. Anyway, same thing in video format for anyone interested in details:
  10. For clean, stress-free disposal of Tentapillar use a stack of 5 gunpowder (placed as close you can to it) - will insta-kill the Big Tentacle. Otherwise go with what the foreword poster wrote.
  11. So you have your nice lil server, day 1000, a fine mega-base going on, killed all giants, all good, you're the king/queen of your world. And all looks great, isn't it?! Well, apart from all that rot-and-twigs madness now infesting said super 'kingdom', making every corner of it looking like the aftermath of a mad rave party: puke, puke all over! Yeah, no secret there, rot has the visual appealing of profusely gushing barf. And those damn Twiggy Trees, popping all over place, permanently PUFF!-ing 3 twigs on ground each. What does all this mean, beside the aesthetic look of a post-modernist "work of art"? LAG! You may not experience it too often or severe, but your friends half-and-earth distance surly do - you don't see them moonwalking for no reason when battling foes and "taking it like a champ". So what to do? Good thing you ask, my imaginary chat buddy! As I am here to ease your mind. Enter the stage this guy - the Slipstor: Now imagine: after first full year, when puke... I mean rot and twigs begin to pile up, the small, larvae-form-or-whatever-that-critter-is appears (Slip stage - slips in to "save the day"?!), and roams the land, "eating" rot and twigs from the ground. Basically a mob that cleans the landscape. And stores it, as I am sure the "but I need my rot and twigs" lot of you surely and rightfully will object. It eats more and more till it grows up at the second stage seen in that small gif, maybe a sign its inventory got full ("full belly"?!). And then it begins to be aggressive toward players. Or some other mechanic that shows players they can fight-harvest said rot-and-twigs (or befriend it, after which it will barf-give its inventory to you, like Catcoons?!). It doesn't mean it even needs to be this Slipstor(e) guy (Slips-in-and-stores, see what I did there?!); can be something else, but core proposed mechanics - "eating" of rot-and-twigs, Depths Worm style, needs to happen. That would certainly help with 'aging' worlds' lag plus keeping them neat. Also this Slipstor gimmick would happen after 1 in-game full year-or-so, as newbies can still just pick rot-and-twigs of the ground and don't get bothered by harder fights vs a new mob/more advanced stuff. What do you think? PS: this mob could be made optional from world settings such as with other customizable WorldGen stuff, thus if one wants to just hand pick rot and twigs would set it to 0/none.
  12. Ice is not abundant like twigs, flowers or seeds are, almost all year-round. Collecting ice needs a trade of resources for pickaxes, unlike flowers, twigs and seeds. Unlike twigs or flowers (even more seeds via farms + birdcage), you cannot make ice in base or whatever-place you want it be produced. Ice spawns only in winter, as opposed to the other 3 ones mentioned. So that logic kinda falls for making a parallel between them with commonality/ease of access in mind. Procuring ice is harder. And, at the end of day, ice is water - being abundant should be a given even in game context. Plus, again: meatballs are minced meat boiled in water, perfectly in-tune with "1 meat + 3 ice", logic for that is present/substantiated. Withal ice preserved in fridge is substantiated, game-context wise, as you need a fridge in the first place, aka "trading" gears (among the most valuable items required) and fridge slots for possibility of preserving said ice. Ice is not a beneficial food? Ice provides 2 hunger points, in extreme "dying from starvation" cases can be a real life saver (happened to me, oh the shame, lel!), pretty beneficial then. Ice "should have a downside as a filler"? What downside do the mushrooms, especially red ones, have as fillers for example? PS: by the way, how about the "1 berry + 3 ice = Fist Full of Jam"? Or "1 veggie (especially mushrooms) + 3 ice = Ratatouille" in "too OP to use 3 ice in dishes" logic? Should those not be "polished" as well on the nerf side?! PPS: from your fervent reply it seems you understood pretty much my post
  13. Simple-and-quick answer: because that would, mostly likely, be tackled in the event of a "failed dish" with a "wet goop" make-over or a percentage of one - like with bacon and eggs when using 2 monster meats (at the moment there isn't implemented a method that interdicts you to put in pot more than 1-3 ingredients or so; you either can place ingredients or can't; and a revamping of this mechanic would probably mean a lot of work... for 1 recipe?!). In which case one has a more sure way to just go the "1 meat + 3 berries/mushrooms/etc" way for convenience as there already is kind of a hassle all that running around map to mine ice - at least that would be the case for me. Will it be harder (for me)? A bit, more so annoying knowing the concept of nerf was applied for no good reason - as you haven't provided me/us with a good, objective reason for why you go on-and-on about this desired (by you) recipe modification - since for advanced players isn't really challenging in any way; and you want devs to work on a specific dish (considered by a very minor minority OP) when, if you really consider it THAT OP better opt for a complete revamp that would justify said time and work invested by devs to "tweak" this specific recipe (when, again, that time could be better used to make new content for example). And what is in the end your underlined idea with this specific recipe modification: to make people more cautious? More attentive with food items? (even if most of existing recipes aren't used by vast majority?!) And why do you want to impose so much a type of play, a more cautious one I presume, on all DST playing people? Why do you consider it "good for the game"? What's your reasoning, again: general and constant cautiousness?
  14. @Lumina - in your train of thoughts about "making an effort to obtain some easiness later" ("did something to obtain the advantage"), same is with ice in those meatballs: you must run across map all winter, each winter, to get desired amount of it for rest of year (talking about a minimum of 3-4 stacks only for food) when clearly would be much easier, time-saving wise, to just get in first autumn all bushes (plus tufts and saplings) you find, transplanted (with the help of piggyback and Chester) to your base and torch some forests for charcoal on racks as that is one time, not every [insert-name] season. Thus that ice as well "it's not a free option" - you must run a lot on the map and mine it (also losing some resources on pickaxes). Not the same level as with a gnome (on my "harsh world" server I got over time about 12 of them suckers, but anyway), and I for one find making gunpowder and walls a lot more easier in due time, yet is a choice. As with making your base beside an open sinkhole ..even if killing bats is not your thing (and they do drop loot too, for incentive).
  15. Back at the popularity of a (meatball) nerf and how people in general react to easier-and-fun setup compared to harder-and-challenging one: Meatballs Nerf - Posted: 5 Aug 310 Unique Visitors 22 Current Subscribers 1 Current Favorites By comparison, a random buff mod: Cave Guardian - Posted: 6 Aug 4,920 Unique Visitors 753 Current Subscribers 41 Current Favorites Numbers and general preferences speak for themselves regarding "what most people want". So, yeah, I bet the "officially nerf of meatballs, too op, challenging stuff is good for game" would 'fly' perfectly well with most DST players (like how the bird-on-monster-meat nerf did as well... and got reversed)