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  1. Last pages of this thread put the proverbial meat on the "weird internet" bones - seem to go all over the place, hammering down from all sides a random name, gender-bender wishful thinking to whatever that "boomer" lad would imply; and now what i can only assume is some insult (?) in Bulgarian (?!). Jeezas... The "hype train" gets people really riled up; then Wurt's update hits live servers so we can gauge the actual abilities and their hard numbers, and probably prepare for even more complains from all sides of the aisle. Chill peeps and... just enjoy the ride without losing your heads
  2. Oh, what do you know, forumites ardently debating the "gender" of pixels... again Though I for one am glad Wurt can build merm huts, will remain to be seen how exactly this new character will fair in pubs and in the hands of general player-base. As they say, "Devil's in the details". I remain skeptic and have a feeling it will follow the same road as Warly, mostly 'cause of the strictly-vegetarian thingy.
  3. Ah, yes. Then those "4 Classic Characters Skins" are....a mystery wrapped into an enigma
  4. What does the "4 Classic Characters Skins" mean? The default Wurt skin plus Guest of Honor, Triumphant and Abyssal ones or the literally Classic aka default/essential skins for Wurt and I suppose Wortox, Warly, and Wormwood?
  5. The fact Wurt can make merm houses... golden! *mischievous noises intensify*
  6. You mean like how would "vanilla" games be if all mods in Steam Workshop would be added to it? Your game would lag and stutter af, constantly crash or wouldn't even start. And if by some miracle that wouldn't be the case, judging from what you generally see in said Workshop you might as well call Don't Starve "The Great Meme Furry Anime Madness Adventure"
  7. Wurt

    Oh, that weird image wasn't a meme? lel. Then probably some news will follow later today.
  8. Wurt

    News, not shorts, aka: hey chaps, next week Macarena character goes live, dancing like a madman being their perks, tripping balls their cons etc. They preview the character's abilities and whatnot.
  9. Wurt

    Usually, as many stated, there are some news 1 week prior to updates, or at least this was the case for several months now. If we won't get any news today, most likely next Hollowed Nights and Wurt theoretical update will drop on 31; otherwise 24 remains the probable candidate. This if Klei doesn't want to surprise us completely. My bet given what happen in past: said update will go live on 31.
  10. True, but is meant to shield casuals from too harsh conditions, more-so if joining late-game. Well one could argue if they aren't prepared they shouldn't join or if the event is started too early, is the same situation... Still, maybe to be a bit clearer on what I mean: have a similar type of event like FW-defeat-regenerating-Ruins, only this could be linked to Moon. And once kicked in, then the world slowly starts changing over time, if that's even possible with current DST WorldGen and the like. An idea. But in the end, to be frank, I believe we all work ourselves out in these type of debates for nothing as in foreseeable future nothing of this sorts will come, Return of Them being only about adding some extra content, most-if-not-all of it optional.
  11. Why am I quoted in relation to Rosten and Jessie's "very friendly" comments spar? I for one consider I've argued my view on DST's late-game content and general direction sufficiently clear. And if my replies for whatever reason, as stated, weren't to one's or the other's liking, c'est la vie, gloss over; or again, as you did, react "confused" as a form of protest I suppose. All good in the hood. Once more my stance on DST difficulty incrementation late-game: yes if hidden behind a player-triggered event (offers choice when player is prepared) - aka a 2-steps difficulty incrementation; absolutely no in regards to DST becoming a giant wave-based mobs/bosses Arena as a form of perpetually rising difficulty with passing time - aka no hard cap on said difficulty amp up.
  12. Is not about "leveling up" a gear, but its specs and usability in general, yet more so feasibility and lucrativeness. In that line of thought, Log Armor and Thule Armor are most advantageous to have, and you see that in-game, the general preferences of people - one 'cause of abundance of its resources vs protection given, other for mostly its overall pros. By comparison, how much is Grass armor prevalent in runs? From my experience almost no one uses it. Not even Night Armor - because of its cons - is at large as used as Log Armor. Most people use through all runs' length predominantly Log Armors - again, its resources are easy to gain and given protection is quite good. Thus, because Pig Skin is also relatively abundant in the vein of logs, we thought it would make a nice alternative between mentioned Log Suit and Marble - once more from pro/cons and abundance/accessibility view point. Take it or leave it, as it seems (aside from the control group), opinions are split on this matter pretty much evenly.
  13. From my knowledge the basic premise of DS at its core was "trial and error". That alone. No info at all, like one would be dropped in wilderness irl: survive to the best of your deductive abilities - thus no tutorial. Or die. Die 1000 times and more (remember "1.000.000 dead Wilsons"?). From there it came the "uncompromising survival wilderness" aspect. And, I repeat, just that. Rest was a so-and-so classic narrative thread, the story around which your adventure exhaled. You had the Sandbox World in which you learned via trying and dying. And when you considered you're ready, the Adventure Mode. At its end - a conclusion. Le fin. Yes, you mostly are correct in your assessment of current DST, @Crimson Chin and @Sketched_Philo: beyond those DS points in multiplayer you only have Sandbox and optional bosses. No Adventure Mode to have an ultimate goal, no epic obligatory battle to conquer the world for an epilogue. A perpetual limbo... that doesn't go beyond initial premise of those 4 static seasons with a final 10-dogs-cap per player on randomized periodical attacks. And yes, there is where developing direction hit a wall, hiccupped and only filled the void with optional, aesthetic stuff. Us veterans, that stuck with the game, found other creative ways to overcome this problem. I suppose is from person to person, preferences and how we entertain ourselves with given tools. I for one still am entertained - by other players in pubs. Seeing them, what they do, how they do it, the chat, etc while also enacting my standard mojo for duration of that respective Survival pub run: usually Ruins rush, mush a boss or 2, teleporting animals in communal base etc. Imagination is the limit. From time to time I hop on some dedicated Endless servers as well and usually make hidden base models that I print-screen after I do pretty much everything one can do in DST. But i concur: if my only goal would be fighting, and/or "hardcore" surviving.. I would be long gone. (And yes, always I nomad first 2-3 seasons, and usually camp in deep Ruins, at Labyrinth's entrance, Main Ancient Pseudostation extension loop, Cave Swamp, Moon Island or make a Boats Base) Much to write about, yet for now... will wait Wurt's update for some quality mermy time, heh. PS: I also learned the game via "trial and error", being way too lazy to read pages upon pages of what basically is random fantasy i don't bother with on principle. And the last sweet bits of "hidden knowledge" (advanced farms, exploits, bugs etc) I got from discussions on pubs (Dedicated ones mostly, where advanced players "dwell") or... these forums *thumbs-up*
  14. And just like that we got again into off-topic ad hominem and Steam Workshop $hitpostings.. For the Treeguard's AI case-study what would be the actual proposal for a "fix" am wondering. Have it perpetually locked on player and ignoring other hostiles like pigs, maintain secondary aggro on player after killing said pigs, have some form of new complex attack that deals with pigs and Ent still marches for player?
  15. @Pop Guy Oh well, what can I say more than what I've already pointed: no matter their personal circumstances, if someone finds a post not to their liking (too long, too divergent, too complicated, too etc), just gloss over, is that simple. As for the people themselves, who knows. Am sure my punctuation plays a prominent role, being faulty - after all English isn't even my second language - but hey, in the end they don't say "average" for nothing I suppose. The bigger problem though is their potentially low-end Dunning-Kruger effect and most worrisome the suggestions they might propose based on that fallacy. @Crimson Chin The "uncompromising survival wilderness" part recurrently pointed is rather subjective; some linked it with DS style-usage of Life Giving Amulets and Touchstones - aka actual wearing of said amulets and activation via touching of mentioned magical paraphernalia - coupled with total lack of Telltale reviving option, also the elimination of Ghost mechanic. For me, related to said survivability mechanic, "uncompromising" would mean no reviving whatsoever. No amulets, no touchstones, no nothing. You died, that's it, caput, you kicked the bucket and your world progress. Then there's the "wilderness" aspect: for me that implies no bases, no decoration no nothing yet again. You have your backpack, your torch and your guts. You live off the land, picking fruits, vegetables, hunting wildlife.. and in turn be hunted yourself, as part of the food chain. Would all above be fun? For me they wouldn't, as it only means struggle, and - most importantly - without consistent rewards is pretty much meaningless. This is not a tier-based games with ratings of players to be motivated via such method and should remain tier-less, as it invites the toxicity one can find in competitive gaming well too much. I get what "uncompromising survival wilderness" is accepted as in general by community - yet, as JoeW stated, and was a pretty heated argument in past regarding a theoretical multiplayer component for DS when it was first brought up, that "uncompromising survival" aspect cannot be maintained in a multiplayer context if you also want to promote co-op; co-op implies you helping your friends and vice-versa, including in life-death situations. You want to have fun with your friends, and if you and/or your friends aren't adept at the game, is a bummer to restart maps all over again under 10 days, basically doing same stuff on and on just to kick again the bucket in a silly way, without any possibility to redeem oneself. Don't forget: bulk of player base plays the game casually. If they die too often, have world reset and are stuck in same first 5 days... will quit, in quite large amounts, even more so than presently (and I have friends that did so even in current state of game, precisely because dying too often). We all have complains, but then there's the proposals part too. I read some people wanting "harsher" conditions. One aspect is the food, other - the enemies. What can be done?! I for one brought in the 2-steps difficulty event to not have newbies destroyed day 1 by an Ent with 2,3,4-margins of attack randomization I presume some people would want for enemies amp-up. Because I for one see only this type of enemy leveling up: either have 2-3-4 types of attacks in a set pattern, or have 2-3-4 margins of RNG for one type of attack's recurrence. Let's take the punctual case of Treeguards: you have it alternate between 2-3-4 types of strikes or have one type of strike repeat in 2-3-4 RNG patterns - now it hits after 2-kites-window, then it hits after only 1-kite window, next window it doesn't let you kite at all and just strikes you etc. In this case your best bet is to tank about 50% of hits, and you'll need even more armor. You can imagine what such scenario would do to casuals if implemented from day 1. You can also point to Forge for a combat revamp. But that was an arena, where only fighting was done, matches had the span of around 7 minutes and the strategies were so-and-so, theoretically, easy to learn. But when you opted for random matches with .. casuals... Moon help the wicked, heh. Most such matches ended in total failure even late in the event. And, again, Forge proposed clear roles, had smoother learning curve and so on. Imagine now how such tight/heavily team-dependent combat system would fair in regular DST pubs, where pretty much anyone does their mojo and most of times they have no clue about that mojo. What I stress in the end is: it's hard to re-balance the game, redo the core mechanics and whatnot without either alienate the hard survival enthusiasts and combat-oriented competitive players or ditch the bulk casuals that cannot invest time, effort and the like in the game. But not impossible. Time will tell how Klei handles this challenge. For now I myself would be happy to only have 2-3 more challenging bosses come for you RoG style, have some more weather mechanics (winds, chills, haze etc), 1 more MacT mob for ocean, good loot table that actually helps you survive and is well balance... oh well, list keeps growing doesn't it?! But I surely know what I don't want, and that is a giant wave-based mobs/bosses Arena. PS: there isn't just an issue of memorization with kiting and other stuff, but of dexterity from practice as well.