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  1. Well don't be discouraged, actually most of times Klei Official servers are pretty ok places. But yes, griefing does occur more often and also some... unsavory peeps do pop from time to time as well. Yet hey, no (small amount of) pain, no gain, heh
  2. When you read the title as: "Wes is desperate.."
  3. Own the public servers

    No biggie. As for how to "ping" forumites on threads: @kisashin - aka "@" followed by "nickname".
  4. I reckon, from a lore standpoint (old cardboardy-props waves of old "ocean" being replaced by actual water), waterfalls at margin of map makes for the logical choice in such development. Maybe this also hints at the nature of "Moon" as perhaps some type of water-deity or a Lovecraftian otherworldly being, linked to water (think in the line of Moon-and-tides, as Moon Island appears to be a part of "Moon" fallen on the Constant continent: "The missing chunk is a recent development." - Wickerbottom examining "Moon" Figure).
  5. Own the public servers

    So in the end that group lead by the blizstorm kid not only took a Klei Official Server captive by "littering" it with tentacle traps, kicking players on a whim, but also were nasty and broadly speaking toxic in chat and as general behavior (talking with some friends that are frequenting Discord servers of the most prominent DST groups out there pretty much conformed their shenanigans in chat-rooms as well) - and with this I fully believe you, enough to point at such lel "triggered" response to see a pattern. "Wonderful" bunch, what can I say. On one hand is admirable they tried to make a nice big base and keep a Survival pub alive for as long as they could from a challenge standpoint, but on the other hand the method by which they chose to do it was very ignoble, making it a case of "becoming my enemy": in the end they became what they claimed to fight against - griefers. Oh well... as stated previously, at long last it falls upon Klei to regulate these issues, being their server: if you usual/casual players of said "Clayfish Was here" official server encounter this problem again don't shy from contacting Klei (or "ping" a Klei staff member in one of these threads) - such hobbles (groups of "elitist" players taking Klei official servers "captive") have been reported in past and if memory serves well a Klei dev hopped the server and erased all traps, corpses and whatnot from spawn and around. Cheers!
  6. When you see a lot of posts in "Return of Them Status Update", hope is some actual news about "Turn of Tides" going live or something buuuut.. you find 4 pages of basically "where's my update" @Dynamix_Roxx can you pls let it go? We get it, Klei haven't been too organized, made some erroneous estimates, addressed this all to clarify certain instances and whatnot, and that's that. By this point conversations diluted more-or-less into "Have I insulted you?" (and for some reason a most "military enlistment is compulsory in some countries" also popped because.. why not at this point ) Am sure you have more games into Steam library or RandomConsole's inventory (if that's how is called), occupy your time with those if needed, chillax with a pint of icy schnaps under the calm blue summer sky, life is fun and don't forget: don't starve! Peace!
  7. "Deeply offended"...lol - you know, this isn't Twitter. Better word your posts in a more comprehensible English then, lad; because is barely understandable. Also it seems you have quite a bit of haughtiness ...for someone that basically took "captive" a server. I see how someone like you would kick people at the slightest "triggering" from people not doing what you tell them to. Your "reputation" kinda talks for itself at this point really.
  8. Ok. Ty for finally and clearly admitting the fact you chumps filled an Official Klei server's Touchstones with tentacles. And that you kicked players for "failure to comply to instruction, being unproductive, being a ghost, occupying slots meant for friend" - because ofc you and your buddies were "the owners" of a public server, proving the "taking the server captive" thing. Right. Congrats, you are part of the toxicity in Klei official servers problem. And yes, this is griefing as well.
  9. Own the public servers

    Is a Pacific I believe Klei Official Server. It seems for some time* now a team of people is "taking it captive" via traps (tentacles in various locations) and playing there a lot of hours in small parties I assume are made up of people from all over the globe - or some local people (close to server's location) just play a ridiculous amount of hours on row. * - is not the most representative link, but the other topic covering this exact issue seems to have disappeared; interesting thing in mentioned vanished-topic was: a certain lad from "inner circle" of the "captors" seems to have gotten "triggered" very easily by people complaining, hinting he is very short-tempered, and giving credence to the fact these chaps were indeed kicking people at the slightest sign of non-conformity to their rules and the like.
  10. Own the public servers

    Ok. First of this is why I say Google Translate misses the mark so often. Second - they did or did not: 1. spawned tentacle traps on Touch Stones, Spawn Gate, made traps all over map? 2. "Bossed" people around to do their bindings, the "inner group" (of which I saw plenty posting here eulogistically about what wonderful experience it was.. for them - no wander if you are "in charge") aka main team "keeping server alive" by playing a lot of hours on it and making said traps? If they reached that 5-6k mark legit, without actually killing most players spawning there (and ofc newbies go close to a shiny golden wall even if loot is not on their minds, that's the nature of curiosity more so if you are new and have no clue about tentacles or corpses) nor via kicking the "uncooperative" ones, kudos to them. Otherwise yes, Klei should not allow this madness to happen - Official Klei Servers are first and foremost places newbies of all mindsets, purposes and whatnot go to get an unaltered (trial and error) taste of the game, not be workers/pawns for some experienced players "hijacking" said servers with their own agenda (making mega-bases on pubs as challenges) via tricks and underhanded methods - the traps.
  11. This seems to needlessly complicate matters (for Klei and players alike). Sadly griefers in all their forms will continue to exist (and imo persistent notorious ones like Clouds or Master should be banned on all their bot accounts yet such subject has already previously been touched upon and nothing came of it). Exploits as well. If you want a safer DST experience aside from personal servers go for community dedicated ones, actively moderated.
  12. Workshop Cleansing

    Ofc I know that and that's why I've mentioned "maybe with moderators' help or the like, maybe via votes and whatnot" - moderators from these forums that can also be active on the Steam Workshop for Klei?! They also don't have time or are too few? Ok, get more moderators. How? From the dedicated forumites active here maybe? (Fun fact: a friend of mine and regular of these forums expressed repeatedly the desire to be a moderator - but hey, trust issues right?!) Would this be too much of a hassle? If so then I think our lil discussion on mods and Steam Workshop can end here as a whole, nothing came out of it And I will continue to do so as is my choice and prerogative. Because is an analogy. That's why I've pushed the "Steam Workshop is a market-place of ideas/concepts, potentially useful/fun software, and generally entertainment ..in a broad sense" envelope. For "commercial dealings" analogy: "exchange of goods and services" to be even more literal - the "goods" here are software products (yes they are products, are being produced), the mods; the "exchange" represents time invested by mod-users vs mod's popularity; again this "currency" in present case is the free time people invest in testing/using your product/mod (and potential rating/feedback): the more people using/rating it, the higher it goes into list of recommendations - and then those modders reaching a growing number of audience can theoretically get more Patreon donations if they do so choose (and some of them indeed do it) - or just "internet fame". Yes in the end is free time from users vs "virtual pats on the back" for modder's ego to be blatantly sincere - again, an analogy. Anyway this is the last time I address my choice of words, take it or leave it, this is not a contest of "who is in the absolute literal right" or something; or do tell me more, your choice, it's "a free market of ideas" Is my assessment from my personal experiences, beliefs, and I stick by it. That's your assessment as well and am sure from your own experiences and beliefs. Is ok, we can agree to disagree once more. Might very well be the case. Or those modders just didn't care, haven't had time etc. In the end (and this is indeed the end for my take on this thread's subject, don't have anything more to add): like previously, even if 1 modder reads this - pls do try to provide your mod with English description (if you do want a far reach, even if Eng isn't your first language - our Lord Gabe knows yours truly is included in this, hehe), nice representative images and give your best even if yolo: a quality trelelel is way better than low-effort trelelel Cheers!
  13. Workshop Cleansing

    And you have too a pretty strange, faintly belligerent take on my previous posts. Am not demanding anything to anyone, am making suggestions, like we all do, as we are free to spill the content of our minds here... in certain limits, heh. I don't ask anyone to "uphold sets of demands or standards just because they do mods" - am suggesting a way to reward by highlighting quality mods, quality-consistent with DST mechanics, lore, art-style. Ofc you can post your Sans/Anime/Furry sticks-like pixel style o/p or u/p fan-art mods in the most obscure language there is out there and in a most slang-manner of description or no description at all - but market concepts also govern over them, and that's an analogy btw. If yolo is the effort going into your mod, expect yolo feedback. But the problem is that yolo/trelelel-mods clutter Steam Workshop. And yes, in past I gave feedback on Steam mods pages, started discussions on Forums... Can you guess what happened, purely at discussion level? No input, no nothing. And am not talking about some changes in those mods, but about a simple reply showing at least author read my feedback (like underlying error messages, crashes etc) - and no, it wasn't about pages and pages of comments so that yours got lost in a list, but in mods with 5-10 total replies. Yeeey feedback!
  14. Workshop Cleansing

    Ofc, but why not both?! Eng and Chinese (or what other language-specific audience you wanna address with). An example: Myth Words-神话书说 (I haven't personally tested it, but it has very beautiful art from its page-preview). Another example of a beautiful and most consistent, balanced (game mechanics and appropriate DST-specific art style), well thought and executed mod I had the pleasure to discover on Steam DST Workshop - made by an international duo (Brazilian and Chinese): [DST] Legion - has a spot-on the matter English description, imo as they all should. And I don't think is a coincidence the most quality-wise mods out there are also ones with nicely articulated Eng description, attesting to the fact their devs opted to reach a larger international audience in said manner. Ultimately I think Klei could highlight - let's say monthly or quarterly - a couple (3-5 per batch) of these special, very well-made mods maybe with moderators' help or the like, maybe via votes and whatnot, and be awarded a special "Klei-blessing" tag par example so that both creators are recognized by Klei team this way for their wonderful work (as well as for further publicizing DST akin Twitch streamers) plus making it easier towards players in finding said gem-mods amidst a pretty cluttered Steam's DST Workshop.
  15. Enemies and Kiting

    In my case, because of a crappy internet connection and constant rubberbanding, the "kitable enemies with strict kiting timing" are a major problem. On pubs (well practically everything I'm not hosting) is impossible for me to kite Dragonfly for example - also when my ping goes over 150 + mentioned constant rubberbanding, even kiting spider warriors (sometimes even regular spiders) becomes an issue, more so as the pattern becomes inconsistent: at times I can land 5 hits before it attacks, other times 4; same with werepigs, occasionally I can land 1-2 hits, other times not even one hit before it attacks. Also, as a personal preference, am going with lag compensation on, 'cause otherwise I got the impression my keyboard goes bananas more so as "w" and "space" began to act up (old keyboard, need to get a new one, but this is neither here nor there).