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  1. Potatoes - cooked: 25 hunger & 20 hp. Almost all-year-round easy mono-culture crop to go for in giant form. 1 Potato + 1 Berry/Ice + 2 Twigs = Fancy Spiralled Tubers: 37.5 hunger & 15 sanity; 1 Meat/MM/Morsel + 1 Egg + 1 Potato + 1 Ice/Berry = Pierogi: 40 hp & 37.5 hunger; Dragon Fruits for Dragon Pies: 40 hp & 75 hunger. That's it. Simple & neat for all one's needs.
  2. And that's why my conclusion: "Thus you have your answer, OP, seems everything goes on the official servers". Indeed from my point of view the issue is clear now, no need to persist past this post. I will avoid in future KLei official pubs plus advice anyone else wishing for healthy, friendly, long-lived pub experiences to do the same.
  3. Except there aren't enough Fossils in the entire world to make such a big space into a viable pen to trap people. Once more, if we go with the fatality approach, resignation that no matter what nothing changes... nothing will change. And "we will still have the day-1 vote starting for world regen" even today. I am not writing about personal servers, but KLei official ones. All this thread is about KLei's dedicated vanilla pubs and the griefing occurring in there.
  4. With that mentality even today we will still have the day-1 vote starting for world regen.
  5. I get it that there isn't an universal easy solution for the griefer issue, as I've previously stated, when we talk in general - hence the hands-off approach. That's why I gave the punctual Florid Postern/Touchstones protection example against spawn-kills. Because more-or-less saying "since we can't fix everything we chose to not remedy anything" doesn't sound reasonable to me. Like some others pointed in past, KLei official servers are at least perceived as the places showcasing the game at its vanilla state and how KLei meant it to be played. And then you spawn from Portal to instantly getting nixed by tentacles. Or trapped there via Fossils for a Night-Grue death. A form of griefing that cannot be avoided at all, like the server-resetting issue in 2017. At least this should be addressed with a viable solution - and I've given an example with the 5-tiles-radius-protection from the top of my head. Am sure KLei could find an even better one, yet.. My take or not, at the end of day same result remains: for the time being griefing stays in game since is not seen "so much of a problem", including the spawn kills a previous post above exemplified (and experienced myself last time I've tried to play in one of the EU Survival KLei servers). Same with Touchstones. On the other hand all these situations (seen as griefing/trolling) can be swept under the "uncompromising survival" - as some others pointed as well.
  6. Well, good to finally know KLei's view on the griefer matter. Thus you have your answer, OP, seems everything goes on the official servers, basically griefing is ok aka "a valid play-style" like in DST's trailer with Willow yeeting a base. Clouds was in the right all this time
  7. I understand said hands-off approach they had and the relativity of standards for what is considered griefing in general. But there are certain clear consensuses regarding griefing: I don't believe anyone would say spawning Tentacles in Florid Postern/Touchstones or blocking people in a small area around Florid Postern/Touchstones with Fossils with the express purpose of killing players is anything but griefing. On the other hand, if KLei considers any play-style - including any-and-all types of malicious actions like what I've mentioned - a valid one, then why did they fixed the ability to reset servers day 1 in 2017 after those troll incidents, and last year its corresponding console command?! By that logic, those trolls' action of going on servers, resetting them day 1 by sheer power of numbers (were 3-4), leaving, coming back later for a bis, was a most-valid play style: they got satisfaction in-game from their actions (causing misery to others). Good to know - so a general >60% of all existing DST servers are using mods. I got my numbers from here. Thus my point actually gets extended into a majority of servers/players using mods that tone-down DST's difficulty as seen in the mods-list you provided. Ty!
  8. That wasn't related to griefing. People complained, mostly for long-running servers, they accidentally had pushed their goats into extinction via various ways (goats being close to Swamp and tentacles, giants attacking them, killed all by mistake when farming etc). Also let's be real here: how many pub griefers go for Goats extinction? Not even the ones burning all Swamp Reeds on Endless servers aren't more than a very-rare *blip* on the griefing radar. As stated, most griefers either burn/smash around gate, go for yeeting of communal base or spawn detrimental elements in Florid Postern/Touchstones/bases.
  9. Point is KLei didn't really do anything to address griefing of any kind after years of complains by now, even on these forums, time-and-again from various people for various major happenings - some related to recurrent, very-persisting griefers like Clouds, using bots and such, which in its own is quite ridiculous but it is what it is. Writing "KLei doesn't care about DST in-game griefing" by now is an understatement. From its inception, DST should've had a protected area around Florid Postern and Touchstones from harmful player intervention (at least against spawning of Tentacles and Fossils placements). Plus a longer time (let's say 20-30 minutes) for kicked players from being able to rejoin servers. At least these. Till the 2017 incident with the trio of server-resetting-en-mass trolls, KLei didn't had even that 20-days-on-server required time before a player could start a vote - was instant. Not to mention, via console commands, such action was still possible till last year - seriously: why are console commands even permitted to non-admin players?!?
  10. Look at DST personal server population (in general ~ 23-25% from total are modded servers) and what mods are prevalent in those rooms: by far most used are ones that make the game easier in various degrees - that's the reality (check most popular Steam Workshop mods). Further more, and you can call this for what it is - anecdotal evidence, lately I for one have started to go on such random personal servers for my own fun of observing what people do and how. Vast majority are newbies, but that's beside the point - in each such servers, after some time passes, I ask owner if he/she knows console commands (how to use, types a.s.o.). To no-one's surprise, bulk doesn't. At that point I open the Pandora Box for them. Can you guess what they do afterwards, at least the ones knowing a bit about rare loot? Yes, they start spawning in such items, some for all players in respective server. Thus, given the opportunity, most people opt for instant gratification and not gambling or-the-like. That is secondary, when instant gratification isn't available. Trivia. Without any Hasty Generalization, for fun like always. Anyway, end of off-topic. Griefing has nothing to do with cheating/console commands/various mods. Most common grief methods are via fire and smashing. Then intentional/malicious spawning of detrimental elements (Tentacles, Spiders, Merms, Ewecus, Vargs, giants etc) in vital, commonly used areas like Florid Postern, Touchstones or bases. And is a sub-set of Trolling.
  11. No, they didn't. Still works fine. KLei's "it' a feature, not a bug". If you have (a lot of) time to burn for a more "manual sniping disposal", you can farm Krampi as Walter everywhere with a minimal setup (bait/pen, Feather Hat, Friendly Scarecrow). Not efficient, but fun. Else Glommer-Blowdarts-diagonal Walls bug ftw.
  12. I have almost 9k hours of DST and over half of that time was spent on KLei official server - yes, I know, am a sucker for punishment. Do you know how many spawn bases I've seen in those pubs that have successfully survived past.. a season at most? 0. Lemme spell that: ZERO. As a wonderful contrast lemme mention this next thing as well: for some time now am playing on a friend's server that's open to public; out of courtesy I've build at spawn a Firepit, Endo pit, Lightning Rod, 1 Crock Pot and an walled area (1 interior Moon Walls row, 1 exterior Rock Walls row) containing Moon Orb. There doesn't pass 1 season in which a Spider Egg isn't placed in Spawn after some random Webber logs in, puts it there, leaves; or the damn Pot doesn't get burned by a random Willow doing the same for 10s. It's so ridiculous that at some point a certain player sat there at spawn smacking the walls (Moon ones!!!) till they finally accessed Orb, took it, went a bit further and de-logged. This happening on a personal server with owner right there, able to kick/ban, and rollback at any moment. And you're telling me people successfully go for KLei Servers - totally un-moderated - spawn base?! Not to mention my proposal was strictly related to: Not being unable to build structures in/around gate like Science Machine, Chests, Firepit etc. Is not I who pointed at walls for prohibition - "Walls can be punched, so they can be build - in vein" - but to all the rest of shenanigans previously mentioned in my posts above, that have no place at spawn anyway. Of course I suspect people when I see them so vehemently denying any-and-all proposed measures - viable ones mind you - that could limit at least Florid Postern griefing for starters. Also yes, you clearly caught me, am totally a griefer. That's why I advocate for years now against griefing and came on these forums in first instance because of the early 2017 server-resetting trolling problem at that date - to inquire and signal it. Because am totally a self-hating griefer wanting trolling be stopped/limited
  13. Only a tiny fraction of personal-server base builders build at gate - either ones playing alone or with fiends. Because any opened pub with some spawn-anything done by players will sooner-rather-than-later be smashed/burned to kingdom come. And you can have a WorldGen slide option for that - Spawn Protection: On/Off. Having a 5-tiles-radius protection around gate will mean: no easy 1-2 On Tentacles reads in Florid Postern aka what certain Wicker trolls do; not enough Fossils in the entire world to surround such space with; Walls can be punched, so they can be build - in vein; not enough Spider Eggs in entire world for the first 5 in-game years to surround such space with, wall-style. And so on. Really, the more I read the anti anti-griefing measures replies the more I get the feeling respective commentators might be griefers themselves. Because simple effective solutions are more than possible - at least for Spawn Gate griefing.
  14. In DST's Launch Trailer at 0:22 mark you have a prime example of Willow base-burn griefing. Take from that what you will - keeping in mind that's the game official trailer and message. For starters KLei could add some simple lines of code prohibiting Tentacle Spawns, Fossils placements, Spider Eggs, burning of structures etc on a 5-tiles-radius around Spawn Gate par example. I saw such safety-measures on community servers, admins saying is a very simple solution. KLei: crickets. Nothing costly, time investing etc. Even more so as Spawn Gate is supposed to be a starting safe area. Again: take from that what you will. Oh, and maybe make longer times for people being able to rejoin servers after being kicked - lets say up to 30 minutes or so.
  15. Sees OP's underlined "overpowered" characters: Wicker, Wolf, WX, Wortox. Sees last 4 pages of "pls nerf Wendy, KLei, it breaks my game, no meaningful punishing downside, no fun, day ruined". ..... Profit?!