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  1. Seems like the weird part of the internet ... at any moment I expect a Pop-Up from that clogged site to bestow upon me the latest hip-n-trendy scam - "..only one click-away!", lel.
  2. Progression can't happen ad infinitum, only in 1-2-3 steps. Now we are at the point when not even Step 1 is present. Depending oh how large-of-a content each step might bring, we are talking months or even years of developed game-material. Don't know how realistic that might be, so that's why I for one am a fan of "1 step-event incrementation of stakes" akin first AFw take-down, amping up survival difficulty with one new level (for now, once more - realistically) - in this way we separate newbies/noobs or relaxed-session players from a perceived "hard mode" all enumerated above will bring upon worlds. Randomness indeed can be a very good ally in mentioned endeavor - and I like the practical examples you give.
  3. Wes' B-Day

    @JamesBucket can't wait to celebrate this ( )
  4. Someone ate Klaus.. proverbially
  5. Wood Gate Bug/ Glitch

    Same problem as well, fixable via what Electro pointed to - smash first item that connects to it (fence or wall).
  6. Archery mod

    First - correct section for this kind of post would be DST Mods & Tools. Second - best chances for you to get an answer regarding some specific mod (in this case Archery Mod [DST Version]) would be to directly contact said mod's author(s) - looks 3 people are responsible for Archery, so you should continue with other 2 if one of them doesn't respond/is "MIA". If none will, and looking at this mod last update (19 Nov, 2017), plus the fact none of its modders interacted with any of the comments (since 23 Aug, 2019 when, quote "I am on vacations and just read the comments and bug reports. I will be looking at a fix soon but probably won't be before first week of September"), most likely this mod was forked/is defunct. Thus you could ask another notable modder to take a look at this mod (in DST Mods & Tools section) and maybe come up with some fix after you also provide them with the error (LUA) message you get. Gl!
  7. The principle is "affects speed of what is on it" - applies in both cases - rest are details.
  8. This proposal feels like your standard DST Workshop anime mod character: something-something night vision, nimble on the feet, "edgy" wannabe-monster_darklord-y-tralala trope/stereotype. Also, as others pointed, it disregards a lot of Webber's lore - Webber's core is a naive human small child. Most proposed items/abilities are "reskins" from other existing characters ("Webbing" from Wurt, "Silk Wrap" from Wormwood, etc). "Moon"'s influence (Shattered spiders) is a mutagenic/hybridization effect, not a Webber ability - or rather one could say this is debatable "lunar magic" Klei could build more upon in future updates. Ok for "Cave Spider Den".
  9. Got it. Yeah... don't think Klei will add now said loading screen or that WIlson-on-a-cliff promo art as vignettes, yet one can hope
  10. So in fact it was a vignette that dropped during YotV? Or only a loading screen for that time?
  11. I've checked the Vignettes I can weave atm from apparent total available (41) and can't seem to find the Clay Varg you pointed at - see below: Are you sure it was a Vignette to begin with that dropped during Year of The Varg event or was only promo/bg image art? I don't remember it as a vignette available at that time, yet my memory isn't something to be proud of (and ofc I blame alcohol for that, oh my many earthly sins, heh). Maybe the image you posted, aka: ..is only promo art like this one (you asked to be available as vignette as well):
  12. Your answer isn't polite. It just is a short, neutral statement of your personal opinion; and not really argued with facts regarding OP's proposal, only own wishes related to totally different content - basically "I don't like your idea 'cause I like something else devs should do". Mine was sarcastic - sarcasm is life, the joy of small things with horns. No? Oh, the wonders from current year! Again: a semi-permanent fog-of-war requiring some mid-game item while basically running in the proverbial dark at beginning only rises the bar for new players even more, theoretically thinning bulk of player-base further than current DST difficulty-degree. And have I said is annoying for the rest? Oh dear me, my memory slips away with each passing day!
  13. Yes, this will fair excellent with bulk of player-base, that huge mass of casuals barely reaching winter - not to mention pi$$-off experimented players even more with no end-goal aside making game artificially-and-unnecessary tedious. With this suggestion - yeah, I know, DST: Suggestions and Feedback is not hip and doesn't bring in traffic so f-it - most likely vast mass of them newbies/noobs will only walk in circles to ultimately camp at gate where your random N+1 grifer pops, torches/hammers all stuff, laughs maniacally at the poor schmucks looking dumbfounded how their lil work gone up to kingdom-come in seconds and quit game even more quick'n'hard than present shenanigans. So no, I don't see this fish-memory (Alzheimer?!) condition implemented at all.
  14. Yep, am sure the addition of Godzilla to the game would be best idea ever. This is a prime example of why most "suggestions" are rightfully glossed over and just drown forums in nonsense over-the-top fanfic.
  15. Well, most people voting in recent polls pointed at Wendy as "next desired rework of a character" so is no wonder, when looking at that preview image, it might very well be from a trailer (more heavy on le lore front this time around) or bg promo-image of Wendy and Abigail - Klei listened you, Wendy mains The Abi-like flower-decoration on the porch was a nice touch ofc.