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  1. Isn't this a reversed Battle Arena concept? Probably would depend on how diverse procedural generations one would get for such dungeon-maps and outside resource-area to instill consistent "replayability" to it. Yet it sounds more like a Gorge/Forge mode if anything. And judging on how popular ReForge and ReGorgitated (or what's the name) are on the long run... am not that sure. For short term perhaps, if some prizes are involved (like skins, chests etc). Who knows what KLei could bring us post "Return of Them". I myself wouldn't be interested in any Battle Arena concept, reversed or otherwise, sorry.
  2. The clearly-superior Chad Gobbler that needs to be in the game: Maybe. If KLei fixed all bugs they deemed necessary to be fixed and whatnot.
  3. Probably some non sequitur gag related to SCP project's way of writing. Anyway, regarding fruits growing in their respective trees... I believe is a lil too late for that. DST would need a major plant/tree system rework to accommodate such change - for starters a tone of sprite drawings and programming animations. Would be nice but I think from lore standpoint would interfere a bit as well with the established view we have on Constant (aka everything as props on a giant stage, basically a whimsical hybridization mockery of real plants and animals).
  4. 1-2 more islands/mini archipelagos would be welcomed. Someone proposed in other thread a "sunken ancient city" with traps and Ruin-ish loot concept. A heavy moon-like vegetation island/complex with deadly plants and possibly a plant-hybrid lunar-themed boss in center of it sounds interesting as well. But jungle as in equatorial vegetation.. not so much. Implied climate of Constant seems to be a temperate zone. Some Hamlet/SW type jungle would feel a bit out of place. Perhaps some Moon mangroves instead, yes.
  5. You're taking this way too serious. OP mentioned already would be a modded server (aesthetic mods I presume) set on only-day, only-autumn, no giants, no hound waves - aka no distractions, no fighting, and probably creative mode enabled. It's something done for fun mostly, pure creativity. And mentioning 1 in-game year means a lot of leeway. Perhaps in multiple sessions. And I believe you delude yourself with the concept of "speed run" applied in DST context: because WorldGen is pure RNG - sometimes you get DF desert beside Spawn Gate, sometimes way on the other side of map with no clear indication of neither (for a DF run par example). Thus no clear setup, fair for all attempting theoretical contenders. Also you do realize that Reddit isn't some very-popular social network where most people go, right?!
  6. I see nothing rude in his statement really. He might be often wrong and contradicting himself in a lot of posts, yes, but not here it seems. DS and DST are very-much 2 separate games with quite different mechanics. They have a majority of elements in common indeed, but still 2 separate games with sufficient distinct functions/re-balance/mobs etc, as stated, to differentiate them well. Yet seems some people - streamers - want them lump together because of convenience - for them. I for one if looking into DST streams because am hypothetically interested in DST, would find it bothersome to have and addition of 1/4-1/3-1/2-a.s.o. DS streams that I need to navigate through or use additional tags just because of a minority's convenience actually tied to personal choice and theoretic monetary profits. This as a principle, because I for one don't really care about Twitch and just "leech" skins with tab in bg (and probably wouldn't be bothered at all if both DS and DST streams drop skins anyway, as it appears to be the case).
  7. +1 from me for this idea. And you should post those base designs here on the forums. Make a special thread for this lil project you got (no matter the form it runs with - be it time frames of 1 in-game-year long, 1 season, 10 days etc). Perhaps you could do multiple contests over time, even if the "prizes" would be just a common goal to bring people together.
  8. "Play stup|d games, win dumb prizes" type-scenario. You don't start an error report with profanities. You provide a log file. You can fault people for not suggesting this option to OP: when you get a black screen going ad infinitum, CTRL+ALT+DEL, stop game process, enter in "User/Documents\Klei\DoNotStarveTogether", copy client_log, perhaps check "Documents\Klei\DoNotStarveTogether\backup\client_log" as well, attach to error report on these forums - aka provide as much info as possible. Going REEEE and no useful info is a sure ticket-ride to TROLOLOL-Land as seen above.
  9. "Lower sanity point to spawn it" would be the way to go at it imo. Atm seems too destructive/disruptive. I get KLei might wanna consider the tiny "try-hard" minority going "we need sanity to be way more punishing"-REEE with each occasion but with this one change sailing became a Walter-level hazard: at first seems to be okish till you get a bit down in sanity (a needed thing for Moon Island not-rushed exploration), and then "WHAM!" one gets the proverbial bat to the back of head. Process needs more middle ground, not extremes - from safe to disaster in in one fell swoop.
  10. Same. Seems it actually happens at my end when I get Close to Pearl enough to interact with her builds menu - I lose connection to my own server (kinda amusing).
  11. Jokes aside, what is this obsession with Mangos? Really. We got Stone Fruits, some kind of stand-in for Avocados that certain people complain about as being "ez pz op". Yet some - even from the complains camp - desire Mangos. Why?
  12. If you remember in past there were a lot of complains on these forums about "scummy Steam Marketplace tactics of shady people profiteering their luck" (pricing skins in double or even triple $ digits just because) plus fact a lot of avid players didn't get any good drops in literally thousands of game-play hours (me included) - and these forumites asked KLei to make some change in this system either by making skins available for purchase from KLei directly (at reasonable prices, international customer-base wise) or increase drop rates for higher valuable items. For these people (again, me included) current Spools system and ability to access GoH, Triumphant etc collections via their Elegant counterparts is a good thing (as people flexing their money in past can still keep in part this "ability" with the Heirloom variant class). Don't forget most people around globe earn lil money compared to USA/Canada (and thus each expense is precious - in my country with 50-100$, what some Wendy head-skins were priced on Steam Market like GoH, Rose or Halloween, one can eat plenty a month). And is very well known Apple products in general are kinda "snob luxuries for the masses" as PCs can do a far better job at equal price-bracket as one can make them from various separate components if one has basic knowledge about computer parts (opposite to Macs - you must buy whole factory-made package). And are a minority on the PC market world-wide, thus some mainstream minuses (especially regarding games) are to be expected by default - more so in the Indie segment.
  13. Make poll more balanced (SIC!), as you would need an equal amount of "indifferent" and "no" options to your positives. Also I don't get from where this obsession of some forumites with mangos - is there something am missing?
  14. I never bothered collecting any Lureplant bulb and won't start bothering myself now just because of some new (sanity) recipes - nothing that some good cacti or green mushrooms can't solve quickly. Also they don't spawn that much and basically are tied to Spring. All-in-all I for one think they're ok as of now.
  15. Walter certainly isn't awesome. He's ok, yes. Is excellent early game, provided you don't take damage. Can supply a lot of morsels by hunting small critters via Gold Ammo, can easily take aggro of Koales, Sheeps, Vargs, goad them somewhere advantageous and de-aggro. Can make early on a cheap auto Krampi farm (evidently low efficient though when compared to Wicker's Krampi farm via BotW+STS with a Tentacle Trap) by Birds-sniping with a Feather Hat equipped close to Friendly Scarecrow, using some baits surrounded with Anenemies (need to rush Moon archipelago). Can make Salt mining easy by keeping Cookie Cutters at bay. And with enough ammo can "cheese" AG (especially), FW and some seasonal bosses from across a ridge - not efficient, but if one wants job done the danger-free way, a valid option. These things, Walter excels in - again: provided he doesn't take damage. But if he takes damage for whatever reason, hell breaks lose - more so if other players close to you have spawned shadows to top your own. And no, not even a "try-hard" can write "having 5-6-7 Shadows on top of you during a boss fight is a good/desirable thing" without a healthy dose of low-key Dunning-Kruger effect flex.