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  1. Most likely he means that if he doesn't get in time Desert Goggles bp (the RNG/gambling-like thrill) before Hound Wave or Anltion attacks when being in base... a lot of things can go wrong, more so if no Flingo and/or tanking-armor are present as mobility is significantly hampered.
  2. Giants atack pattern

    I've touched upon in my second comment, why I don't set Lag Prediction: off - for me is more problematic playing with the delay you get between pressing any action-key and time said action actually takes place when ping is moderate-or-high. On top of it is also the rubberbanding I constantly have from my faulty cabling, thus adding to a type of unpredictability in mentioned delays that make efficient kiting hard-ish, more so the tight-timing one being rendered practically impossible (aka kiting DF on pubs). What I'm pressing wiht all this is the fact people in my situation aren't rare, and making the game regarding mobs and bosses totally pattern-less will basically mean we have 1 option: tank it all. Also yes, play public servers, Klei officials and/or dedicated/community-hosted, and you'll see how people usually fight DF and the like - and in a lot of cases is not only convenience (what you frame as "boring"), but actually only option available to them in relation to ping. As for most player-hosted servers.. they don't do bosses, the vast majority of player-base.
  3. Fix Spoilers

    Oh, I thought spoiler as in "Wilson dies at the end... well, he died at beginning and a whole lot in the middle too" type of spoiler
  4. Giants atack pattern

    That would be indeed valid... if I wasn't 2-3 tiles from her nest. Sadly the "hitting ghosts" (character does the hit animation but enemy takes no damage) pattern happens to me, albeit rarely, with other mobs too like spider queens, ents etc. When I disable Lag Compensation is even more horrid - I press keys and character does action after 0.5-1s (confusing me further as I have 3 faulty keys on my keyboard atm.. yeah, problems problems ).
  5. Giants atack pattern

    I don't think that "m/goose doing random movements and attacks" is an intended game mechanic and more of a lag issue - sometimes it jumps close to me, I'm attacking it but no hit lands - is like I just hit air; then she smacks me. If your proposal would be implemented with totally random attacks only one strategy/meta would emerge: tank it all. You see that happening with most Wig/Wolf players just tanking Deerclops and even Klaus. Look what happens with dragon when a group of players fight it - they all tank and keep F-spamming it. If 4-and-above players are present (or a Wolf/Wig and 2 others), she will not even enrage. Also another problem with DF-types of attack, aka tight-timing ones, is moderate/high ping and/or rubberbanding. For example I constantly rubberband (on top of lagging) and effectively can't kite DF even on dedicated servers in my country (yeah, I know, the classic "get another ISP you scrub"; still where I live is a general problem with global cabling infrastructure in the area).
  6. I for one never had any issue with timing of Sandstorm, Antlion attacking, and Hound Waves so as to be proverbially "caught with pants down" - there are sufficient buffer-times and you must also plan ahead: have a small trap field close to Oasis, make at least a minimal camp there etc. For me current mechanic is fine as it is plus RNG plays like gambling (the risk/reward aspect) on the incitement field.
  7. Oh well, no biggie (minus the sarcasm), at least there's a start-point towards a non-spammy specific-action announcer regarding what players equip on hand-slot. I guess I should take upon me the task of finding a programmer to first translate in Layman's terms what your mod actually does and how depicts information on screen in relation to what and how I would find useful to know in pubs regarding potential griefers and... all that you enumerated to bring about a functional well-made Workshop Mod. Ty for at least making that code public
  8. For years now people have complained on Steam and Klei forums about the griefer pub problem and Klei themselves did nothing - actually what could one say when even the DST Trailer has a Willow griefer; Steam Workshop is full of all-kinds of loco mods yet the above has never been touched upon 'till now. Finally a rudimentary Client-side mod that at least underlines what players might be doing in said pubs pops and yet... is for a handful of players with questionable tactics regarding Klei pubs. What can I say...
  9. updates characters need

    First of, your title doesn't reflect OP's content: you want a Wilson re-balance/re-work and that should be reflected in said title. Second, "longer the beard the slower you move" plus "get stuck in his beard" are cons - where are the pros? And third: why nobody nowadays puts their suggestions in the correct section of DST forums - namely Suggestions and Feedback one?!?
  10. Find on your Ocean the spot(s) with below fish-icon: Fish there and you will eventually spawn Malbatross.