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  1. Probably this Sealed Portal will remain just a prop in Archives, with a *wink-wink* bit of lore and that's that. Certainly would be nice if, in future, will have a boss or other biome attached to it.
  2. While I do use Adblock Plus and Ghostery on their most aggressive settings (aka blocking everything possible regarding tracking, commercials and whatnot), I added KLei Website on their excepted pages, but without avail, unfortunately. Even after clearing cache, still no pop-up (I presume) appeared past selecting the account to keep from the 2 choices. Edit: after adding KLei website to Ghostery trust list as well, I was able to go through with merging process - aka the options window below appeared and all that. Hence Ghostery seems to be at fault in this particular case. All ok, ty!
  3. That awkward moment when you got no call-to-action button to continue the merging process: Should I presume something went wrong at site's end? Or?!
  4. That's more like it! (not really, but shhh!) Jokes aside, yes, would be great if we can get that particular Wardrobe skin (and maybe other future ones following same pattern - aka given for various gaming platforms, services etc) via KLei Points. Making "dupe" accounts nobody will really use solely for getting a skin isn't helping anyone with anything in the end.
  5. Oh, really?! *werez mi dupe account?! need make one, papi*
  6. Smooth play, KLei. So, where can I redeem it with KLei Points as well? In the spirit of giving everybody access to everything, as you mentioned, of course. I use Steam on PC and that's about it. No "dupe" accounts. So.. What can we, ahem, arrange?! *slips bribe money envelope under the desk*
  7. *Picks random people's pet and puts it in Crockpot* Goes next to Willow/Warly: Will you do the honors?!
  8. In pubs such BQ setup won't last long, I reckon not even a season before being obliterated out of malice (griefing) or lack of knowledge (newbies/noobs/casuals f-ing it up via environment hazards).
  9. That's kinda the definition of un-moderated Survival pubs (akin Official KLei ones), more-so for rushers. Yes, still bad manners, lack of etiquette, but a fact, as sad as that might be.
  10. Sanity from forest, Pinetree Pioneer Hat mechanic, the portable Tent, even Camfire stories - they all seem redundant to me; but I acknowledge it's because are superfluous to my play-style. Even ability to use on-the-go Willow's lighter and faster roasting, although quite useful, to me as well - still seem like clutter. For sure I would eliminate, if it was in my power, the sanity from trees, Pinetree Hat and Tent. Take into account this is my personal pov, and I don't dress is as something generally valid or desirable for bulk player-base. Also, in light of the other refreshes, Walter's kit doesn't seem that bloated anymore now. And yes, they're consistent with his boyscout persona - yet I for one would still subtract them.
  11. I would reckon, OP, that game-play in general has been buffed - granted, with slight, punctual nerfs (which really don't matter on long-run). Has it been made more engaging? Relatively so. Is it more fun? Arguably yes.
  12. DS's future? Don't think it has one aside the modding community and its creativity. The future of DST? I reckon that will for-surely extend into the next 3 years of development. Current year for finishing rest of character re-balances (Wickerbottom, Wilson and Maxwell - well, this one's programmed for early 2023) plus QoL updates. Perhaps even starting to refresh base-content ("laying the ground for next arc"). Next year and beyond? I believe the quite-circulated idea of progression around these forums could be a valid direction: a string of updates in "Through the Ages" vein, with flora, fauna and weather being made into evolving entities/phenomenons, with "meaty" content, new mechanics, perhaps even porting certain elements from SW & Ham (sea waves, hail, snow storms, mob and player houses, interior decorations, etc). But frankly original DS creators most-likely departed from franchise, and with that its spirit and passion (as much as it was to begin with). Tencent acquired it, now game needs to constantly bring in profits (and justify the acquisition); new artists and programmers have been brought aboard (the "My lil Horsey" variety - one of the devs mentioned KLei hiring artists who worked on "My little Pony: Friendship is magic" series, hence the peppy atmosphere and varying drawing style on the brighter, more mainstream lane); lore is all over the place, full of inconsistencies and plot-holes. Etc. I for one am just curious how all of this will pay off in end-product terms. I can't say am particularly displeased with new direction past "ANR", but not happy either. Marginally satisfied. Base-building and decorative aspects of Sandbox have been bountifully buffed. Meanwhile Survival facet is relegated to a very-backseat, to say the least. I hope this might change in future. As always, hope dies last.
  13. Prevalence-wise, if 2-3 people rush stuff with same amount of 5-smashed-Pig Homes-per-person, that's it for that world's most-accessible Pig Houses locations - they've been decimated (and personally I've encountered this precise scenario way too many times). Also they aren't "renewable resources" - world doesn't re-spawn them after players destroy their spawners. Most rushers don't rebuild Pig Huts after they destroyed and used them into respective rushes (sadly, most rushers aren't very efficient anyway, "burning" a lot of armor in the process). Digging Blue Shrooms in Deciduous Forests? Not really efficient, since they're spread-apart and few. From Blue Forest in Caves? If is Survival pubs, nobody will really miss them anyway, since Cave is rarely visited, more-so from 1st Winter-to-1st Summer (if server even survives that long). While in Endless Community pubs such action is warranting bans, no 2 ways about it (likewise for Pig Houses mass-hammering & not rebuilding - both actions considered "functional griefing"). Yes, when all's said and done, is about etiquette. Yet, (Survival, since are played the most) pubs and morals, eh.
  14. You don't need 10 Pig Skins for a Ruins Rush. At most 2-3 (1-2 Helmets and 1 Ham Bat) and a Log Suit (or 2, to prolong Helmet durability). Your goal is for these to get you into acquiring Thulecite & Gems for Crowns, Suits, perhaps 1-2 Thule Club(s), Starcaller, Magiluminescence, Lazy Forager & maybe Decon Staffs as quickly as possible. And with those Thule items you go at decimating AG and rest of Ruins if total clear is your goal, for efficiency's sake - though is rather meaningless a complete solo clear rush in Survival Pubs, since you won't have what to do with all that loot/gear, even if playing for some hours at-a-time. Usually pub rushers use said Thule gear into rushing 2-3 more Bosses before calling-it-a-day. Extremely rarely pubs survive after "end of run" de-log for one to resume the 2nd irl day. As for OP question, I rush what I feel like it for the play session at hand, server composition (if there are other rushers too or not), friends on said pub, etc. Aka depends on many things. Since WX's update I main roboto nowadays and Ruins are a must (after rushing Speed 1.0, then Opto + Speed 2.0). Afterwards DF, Toad and, if friends present, BQ. Other times, after Ruins, I solely make a well-developed camp at Labyrinth entrance, Atrium, etc, constantly smashing Monkeys and Worms. There's so much stuff to list that makes me remember how versatile DST goals are, adding huge replayability to the game.
  15. What OP points out (among other aspects) is why many believe "Return of Them" arc was rushed, abruptly cut-short (akin Hamlet) and only KLei knows the reason(s) for this. Is a shame since it could've been so much more. Published conceptual art shows how Moon Storms phenomenon (or Full Moons for that matter) could've affected the Lunar Archipelago - making it dangerous, similarly to Ruins' Nightmare Cycle, with hostile ghostly tentacles/cilia, Crater Eyes attacking players, spectral Alter Ego enemies (aka the Brightmare Alterego), etc. Then the Horror Mobs there, that could've been expanded inside Storms raging on Constant lands after Moon Altars activation: morphing Pigs & rest of them mobs into Horror Lunar variants, corrupting & mutating vegetation a.s.o. Missed opportunities upon missed opportunities. Oh, and on topic of "missed opportunities": Crab King - each gem-majority combination could've yielded different loot, making for an interesting & unique fight a desired re-roll, not solely relegated to 1-and-done job. Perhaps in future KLei could revisit mentioned content and update it with exciting re-balances plus retakes..