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  1. Shark is abusing the out-of-boundaries bug/exploit. Shark is a cheater. Admin, pls ban Shark!
  2. Yep. Diligently "leeching" Twitch first day when new skins for it are out. Well, not 100% "leeching" as in small breaks from work I do click the bg tab to see what shenanigans other people do in DST; but yes, I got them all - only time I used Reward Points was for Hunters' Shovel and Axe I believe.
  3. Oh. I even forgot Reward Points was a thing.. Then nvm.
  4. Yeah, I for one would really fancy not only worlds that are 1/2 of current "Small" setting or 2x "Huge" setting, but even micro-worlds that are 1/4 or less, as well as 4x "Huge" or far more. Likewise I would like a lot if WorldGen had special customization around type of biomes (for example I would desire to play a Desert-and-Mosaic-only map), or even tweak landmass' shape, spawners etc. In past I've played a particular community server named "Catcoon Island" that was basically a micro Birch Biome with 3-5 Catcoon Dens, a micro DF desert with 3-5 Tumbleweed spawners, a micro Mosaic with 1 Meteor Field, and a dangerous maze akin Ruin's Labyrinth with loot (also a Pig House, a Spider Den, a MacTusk spawner and some other minor stuff in there) - mainly was an exercise in hardcore survival: one's choice how would go at this challenge (spoiler: vast majority failed long-term runs) - the idea is I would murder DF with bare fists if such settings would be added to WorldGen.
  5. He finally found base and took everything good from it, didn't he?! *also prtscr seconds before forever de-logging from server*
  6. You guys philosophically going at this 2nd hand meme realize out there in the wild pubs and discords, OP and his friends are hi5ing each-other for basically $hit-posting (and not even on Max's memes) cartoons twerking on KLei forums, right?!
  7. DST: Cuties Edition. Sponsored by Netflix. Critically acclaimed by MSM. "Epstein-ed" Wait for KLei to delete your post make some kind of response - they surely check forums. Most likely won't be a reply you're waiting for. Also probably the correct forum section would be [DST] Mods and Tools.
  8. Probably this situation should be a "cautionary tale" for people not to buy overpriced goodies from Steam Market. Most often than not, when scarcity/rarity is high, suppliers lucky enough to get their hands on said rare goodies propose to the market "insane" prices; and find others willing to give such outrageous sums on a whim, basically maintaining outrageous standards for all the rest. Profiteers are all over Steam Market, and is a welcomed change imo that KLei finally decided to sell themselves the very-rare Halloween Belongings, at affordable costs (not to mention they are also weavable with spools in-game). I too bought in past, when it was around 1.5E, the Macabre Birdcage yet am fine with current situation. I, willingly, gave my money to a random Steam user and KLei has nothing to do with my decision, and now shouldn't be responsible for what, in the end, was my action, giving in to my desire for gratification.
  9. Random names I stick with, from the top of my head: Peter the Porker = Kukus ("kuku", sound they often make when scared by dark/caves) = Pig Men; Peggy le Birb (peg legs) = Tall Bird; Bonnylads = Bunnymen; ("Smashable") Becky = DF; Beargie, the CareBear that really didn't care; Kevin, the courageous Koale; alternatively The "Old-People-Making-Out-in-the-dark-of-the-night" Bundle = sleeping Koales in pen; Baisu/basiki = base; Pepito = bird in cage, usually Crow; Puffy = if Puffin; Willy-doesn't-find-his-nilly = "Were base?!" Wilson; Wulson = Wilson that failed at "wilsoning" (didn't find "were base" was) and kicked the bucket; Willu = default-skin Willow (most likely noob griefer) dying from overheating/night/spiders/pigmen/bats/cats (yes, it happens); Wart = Wurt; GoGoDuck Express = Woodie in Goose form; Intestinal Fiendish Friends inbound = not-so-Happy-Meal fast-food delivery (depends who will be le fast food in the end, players are too on menu) = Depths Worms; S@tan-senpai = Klaus; S@tan-kohai = Krampi.
  10. Loki at the meeting. Someone will die. My money's on Wilson (he didn't find base even to this very moment).
  11. The fact someone or a certain group of people used game exploits/bugs (certified as such by the fact devs addressed mentioned issue and corrected it) to have an unfair advantage over the rest isn't an excuse for others to do the same - if healthy competition is at heart. Best case: you report the perceived bug in appropriate forum section (DST Bug Tracker) and make more forum threads/posts to rise awareness if fairness across the board is your aim. Otherwise you do like the rest: use the bug/exploit knowing what you do is unfair but its advantage being way more alluring than any moral viewpoint, and move on when is addressed/corrected. Making a forum topic demanding mentioned exploit/bug be reinstated because offers (unfair) advantages is, frankly, a laughable course of action. And a later fix is better than no fix at all. It also may be the fact some new mini-game (similar to Forge) might be made in future where animation-cancel bug could be further used, diluting the game experience, and devs finally decided to address said exploit now. Lastly is quite well-know on KLei forums (and Reddit) by now top players in Forge and Gorge pseudo-tournaments cheated bountiful, using not only vanilla animation-canceling, but also made particular mods that basically instructed them when to do every micro-action to minimize times, signaling every cool-down to teams, auto-canceling, and even exploiting the out-of-boarder bug to the point it was a competition between code-diggers for whom found and used more bugs - another statement to why DST should never be competitive in any capacity. In the end you got your particular solution you point at yourself: Re-Forge mods reverted the fix with an update of their own, so now you can continue your fun exploit endeavor. Yeey gaming! Cheers!
  12. Evergreens, likewise Lumpy Trees, do regrow in Survival worlds too. All tree variants do, only plants are excepted (still it seems some plants do re-spawn around Portal and beside Sinkholes, in Caves; am not 100% sure about this, but in past, in my many Survival pub adventures, I do remember having some Berry Bushes reappear beside Caves exits). Here's a DST Regrowth Wikia article for more in-depth information.