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  1. Does anyone know the exact specs for Midsummer Cawnival's Prize Booth trinkets/gear, namely: Corny Slush, Chirpy Scarf, Chirpy Cloak, and Chirpy Capelet? I reckon they do heat protection, but what are their exact numbers?
  2. I don't believe there will be any meaningful lore expansion regarding Crow or Crab people. Pearl and DST's Wagstaff projection are NPCs fulfilling partially the function of DS Adventure Mode - since in past quite the number of people demanded for such a thing in DST context via these very forums. Hence Pearl and Crab King main roles are to provide a quest-adventure, and just that. On a smaller scale and event-dependent, Midsummer Cawnival's Corvus Goodfeather is another NPC with micro-quests (amounting to the setup of its Cawnival), hence his role is similar to Pearl's and DST's Wagstaff: pseudo-Adventure Mode. There is a chance some future Sea content update may introduce a Crab-people mob (with inherent lore bits) akin Pigmen or Bunnymen, but don't keep your hopes high. As for Crow-people, most likely will be limited, self-contained to said Midsummer Cawnival. Hope at least a future Cawnival update will bring some kind of quest-boss like Winter Feast's Klaus, probably crow-related, and then other tidbits of Crow lore may come.
  3. I can walk the full distance between 2 biomes without kicking hard the bucket - and KLei still doesn't pay me for epically doing so. My "professional" dream is in shambles
  4. * Tesla making 30 easy dollars out of gullible "science enthusiast" fan for sparkly lantern.
  5. Don't get me wrong, am not a proponent of nerfs, au contraire. Just pointing at what devs said in a stream some time ago, that how Wolf stacking buff works wasn't intended (maybe someone else will provide some screenshots/quotes for that if having at hand). I for one am not into "strict mechanical balance" territory, since I value dope fun more than anything.
  6. As an "almost not playing at all" Webber player, all I can say is nice for KLei to have listened to community feedback on their very-own dark-fantasy gothic "SpiderMan" rework (well, not so dark anymore, but that's another ..general.. thing). What am curious about now is: how fun will it be to bundle Spider Warriors equipped with Thulecite Crowns and leave said bundles, on pubs, at spawn under a sign "Take and open only in emergency cases, like low health and/or low sanity. Best of wishes!" Joke aside (maybe), Webber seems to get a pretty fun "arsenal" of abilities and builds.
  7. They are powerful, more so than most characters, but not "brokenly/over-powered". There are aspects of their mechanics going beyond overboard (Mighty Wolfgang with Chili-spiced Volt Goat Chaud-Froid for example, that am sure will be addressed with a specific nerf when Wolf rework will come due), yet over-all aren't more "broken" than a Wendy with "elixired" Abi or Wormwood in Spring with stacks of seeds. Not to mention their over-all pick rate is pretty low-average in bulk player-base preferences.
  8. Warly and Winona would need some "selfish perks" (unique benefits) to become more desirable, and fun for all-runs. Aka maybe Warly should gain, akin DS, bons from certain/portable Crock Pot foods; and Winona machines should perhaps be refillable with fuel by Winona-players only. Likewise, to mitigate character swap frenzy, a 20-days Celestial Portal cool-down per player switching characters could be implemented. And/or a more-costly Moon Rock Idol - let's say 1x Purple Moonlens + 5 Moon Rocks.
  9. Autumn to me looks like is meant to be a "respite season" among the madness and shenanigans of the rest (default settings), no matter how old the world gets, even in Endless mode. More-so if host wants new players of all skill levels to pop-in over the course of respective session. Sure, some form of progression would be desirable now we have that 1-macro-event-triggered-by-player (Celestial Champion fight after Moon Storm quest) that can "up the stakes" generally by ushering-in something akin to Terraria's "hard mode" (to certain degrees). Yet a respite period is still needed, since game's not only Survival but Sandbox as well (meaning building-and-decorating leisure time).
  10. Yes, I have no seeds to give. Ate them all. Now am successfully starvin'.
  11. You know, am not in the mood to press TAB and mute 20 times per pub session. If you fancy that, go for.. random Discord servers. No need for default DST to get more insanity than already has.
  12. Oh, that's why I see "so many" pub bases in DF desert? Because "that good", eh. This game isn't mostly for experienced solo players. Bulk player-base dies flamboyantly in said desert, hence it needs not be even harder by having almost all Tumbleweeds lost in sea before people can catch them.
  13. From what I've seen/read, all major SW-porting mods (in various degrees) seem to have been abandoned by their devs/modders from an assortment of reasons. Aka: Tropical Experience | The Volcano Biome and Island Adventures. Looking in their status updates plus comments on their respective DST Steam Workshop pages, there is activity. But they do look like causing frequent crashes. I for one played in past the pre-"Return of Them" Island Adventures on a community server and indeed had plenty bugs resulting in game-crashes. There was one more major mod-pack with SW-elements, namely Megarandom world generation, yet that as well is outdated and very unstable (still I loved from it the Beaver Forest biome and still wish someone would make a separate mod for it in the form of a specific island - spoiler below). As for an official KLei SW porting... "never say never". Who knows what medium-to-distant future could bring, even if not a complete port, but 1-2 specific isles on current DST Ocean with particular SW-like flora and fauna. PS: meanwhile here's a functional Doy-Doy mod.. to keep you safe; since "is dangerous out there".