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  1. Void eats everything placed near it (graphically that is)
  2. the messages that appear as you mouse over the dead dupes name flash SO crazy fast and also do not fit in their boxes
  3. water out of nothing

    might be tears from an ugly crier
  4. I no see storage bar

    also mentioned here, here, here, etc.. so annoying ):
  5. Angled or Slide Tiles

    i was just saying to myself the other day its a shame there aren't angled tiles. if nothing else, it would look nicer than the hard minecraftian edges we have right now
  6. Trap door/Horizontal airlock

    or a one tile .. a ladder with a iris type opening/closing thing
  7. Stinky died and turned into Frankie

    i tried to reproduce it over and over but it didn't do it again, but yeah, i didn't have a Frankie.. you see in the second one? it says stinky, but its not his face or whatever.
  8. Storage locker bar random vanishing:ENHANCED

    still happening.
  9. he was the regular Stinky, as seen here, then he dies and turned into Frankie
  10. How it all began..

  11. How it all began..

  12. How it all began..

  13. How it all began..

    oops i broke the forum
  14. How it all began..

  15. How it all began..

    there are maaaaany many many many dildos characters (; also i coloured each one individually on the screenshots (more coming later, i'm being held up by children and animals >_< ) i prefer to do it like that as it allows me to be more.. idk, actually i'm dumb and didnt think i could do it any other way lol ah well. i like colouring in ^_^ e:ok i can show the next two hah, wow. i cant believe how many hours of playing and editing for this collection and thus far i'm on day 2 and have 67 screenshots.. really long time lol