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  1. that's a nice GeOdE?!..

    yeah uhh.. i never really know what to do actually. i have yet to understand the way to make/power/fuel/even begin with rockets.. so yeah i have 3.5k+ hours of mostly "making it look nice" under my belt. actually built my very first auto sweeper yesterday! literally it moves stuff one tile away, but thats not the point!!! yeah.. i knew it wouldn't work, but i kinda didnt expect it to "not work", quite as well as it did!
  2. 4 dangerous ideas :D

    let me preface this by saying, i am in no way making fun/trying to cause offense...(there's always a "but") BUT i read in this voice which made it 10000000% more hilarious/terrible wonderful (:
  3. so you may remember my previous "experience" with a boulder GEODE.. WELL I was prepared this time.. This will TOTALLY WORK! its.... Aliiiiiiveeee!!! ... uhhh.... UHHHH..??? um.. hm all in all, i'd say its an improvement.
  4. What on earth...

    are you on the dev build? i believe that looks like stickers, from a joy reaction?
  5. [Game Update] - 379868

    her full name is Min-Max
  6. [Game Update] - 379868

    LOL sorry but i laughed so hard that tea nearly came out of my nose it's not as fun as it sounds.. (recreating on carpeted tiles that is.. well.. and obviously the tea thing)
  7. this. the same with the UI..? it feels like it looks different. normal distance.. looks kinda.. err.. crappy? zoomed in.. they look AMAZING. those layered drop shadows, oh myyy! i love it. UI before update: UI after (same size ui and such):
  8. two dupes chillin' in a hot tub 5 blocks apart cause they're not gaaayyyyy
  9. "not okay but pretty cool" achievement not activating

    based on this post , i am assuming this will be fixed in the next patch (:
  10. This world gen is getting weirder useful for finding out what vapor or liquids you will get in "i'm in need of air".
  11. This world gen is getting weirder

    oi oi. send the clone cloners to dig the tiles out and you will find a not-very-hot-condensed-water-vapor vent. idk how much "carbon dioxide is bad" you have played, so i am not sure if i'm pointing out the obvious.
  12. A few suggestions and ideas.

    infinitely. EVERYTHING in DS/T will kill you. at least in ONI you probably won't accidentally a "bad" flower right as you arrive from the "printing pod" also frogs and bees and darkness and trees that kill you.. yeah, ONI is piece of frost bun compared to DS/T (imo)
  13. damn those clone cloners. @Carl_Jackson you proper made me laugh there, which i really needed, so thank you on topic, even 1 germ is enough for them to do the "ick face", which, seriously is, pretty crazy.
  14. is it because of this? specifically