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  1. Nothing but when i dont need anymore rot i cook it.
  2. Both Juicy = Rot/Fertilizier Berry = Food/Crock Ez Profit
  3. Old Bell Mod, also New old Bell mod both on the steamworkshop both working for me tho~.
  4. If i just could buy him a new one xd
  5. A complete Wilson Spriter Project

    PSD = Photoshop project file
  6. Hello Klei As the Titel already pointing it out when u teleport ur charackter via wormhole, Lazy Explorer etc.. while in Godmode. The godmode gets turned off everytime.
  7. Can't get rid of Mods. Help.

    I had it only once and i simply unsubscribed the mod deleted the folder manuall and resubbed worked for me perfectly. On Windows 10 Klei is mention that u should run Steam as Admin. I didnt had this bug yet again but thats how it worked for me without any problems but im using windows 7 tho.
  8. How to make a follower?

    Well u could take a look @ the bernie_active.lua and bernie_inactive.lua under : C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\Don't Starve Together\data\scripts\prefabs That should give u a start atleast. I Wish i could help more but maybe someone can give u a more detailed answer Good Luck.
  9. Ask Edgy Rick he can give u perfect Tierlist (kappa)
  10. LoL i had the same idea that he copyd urs because it was popping up like same or 1~2 days after u realesed urs. But then saw he done it differently wnated to link it to u, but was to lazy to search ur steam profile out :^)
  11. **** that one is to gud m8 20/10 xD made ma lugh hard Depending on the sound editor it is, didnt u watched the sound stream from klei ? just barking walrus sounds in mic adjust them and done.
  12. Just to clarify no time to check myself right now, but it is for custom animations about how much customization we still need all the parts for the charackters like in Sample charackter i guess. But we can just make new animations beside the default ones right ? So speaking of working more with Spriter how we pleases.