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  1. I've tried restarting the game, and it doesn't move the screen back, if that's what you mean. Restarting the game also doesn't solve the problem total as this has happened on back to back restarts.
  2. This may have happened to me in the regular version, but currently I am in the Thermal Upgrade , and this has happened at least 3 times... My computer is constantly on low memory so I can't update windows and have to abruptly "minimize" the game window whenever the notification of a failed update comes on. When I open the game window back up my screen has scrolled to some other place on the map that I haven't discovered yet. And it's impossible to tell which way to scroll even when zoomed out the greatest distance. The only way I've found as a sure fire way to get back to my people is to open the job screen and double click on one of the duplicant's names to get back to them.