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  1. One of my Dupes, Ellie, somehow entered a "sweep pending" status. I have no idea what happened. After quit and reload, she is still waiting for someone to sweep her off her feet. I can cancel the sweep request on her. I have attached the save file in case that helps someone figure it out. sweep.sav
  2. I'm not sure if this is truly a "bug" or just a "quirk" of the game, but it seems a bit illogical. When the Dupe uses the hamster wheel manual power generator, the skill assessed (per the jobs screen) is athletics. When they level up on the wheel, the Dupe increases his skill in tinkering. It seems to me like if the Dupe spends all that time running, then the skill raised should also be running. As it is, the Dupe doesn't get better at power generation even though he spends all that time generating power. I can understand if this is a balance issue, though, since increasing athletics by using athletics could cause the skill to grow exponentially and create a super-monster power generating Dupe.
  3. A minor error with the way the Dupes at the mess table / dining table are drawn. They appear to sit behind the table and chair, instead of on the chair.
  4. Dupes have been seen with both "holding breath" and "recovering breath" status at the same time. In this status, their "breath" level increases, but oxygen in/CO2 out readings remain at 0 as if holding breath. I have seen this in both depleted oxygen areas, and once underwater.
  5. I have seen the same bug. Fortunately, it looks like you can click and drag anywhere in that materials selection box to scroll your options -- you don't have to use the slider bar.
  6. When a dupe levels up, the "skill increased" notification in the upper left appears to reflect the number of skill increases the dupe has had since being printed, not the dupe's actual skill level. Example: Meep - learning raised to 5, but Meep was printed with +5 learning, and his actual learning stat is now +10. When dupes increase a skill that they started with at 0, the notification and actual skill level do correctly match.
  7. Duplicants seem to prefer eating field ration over liceloaf. I have watched several in a row go to a refrigerator with only field ration and liceloaf inside, and they remove and eat the ration instead of the liceloaf. (Unfortunately, I'm just too slow to grab a screen shot showing that). It would seem to be a bug since latest release said that dupes would choose the least fresh food first, and liceloaf actually has a freshness value whereas ration does not spoil. I'm not sure if the same choice will be made if it's a ration box vs. a refrigerator.