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  1. No animation, controls do not works

    i guessed that but thanks for heads up i kept extra file copy on desk top
  2. No animation, controls do not works

    dude omfg the main screen loaded dupes are moving with animations on select screen Alexrou your da best man you fixed it
  3. No animation, controls do not works

    my destop has 8 gb ram so i don't know
  4. freezing game on start of new world

    newest log output_log (3).txt
  5. freezing game on start of new world

    redownloading it with admin on now to try to get updated log
  6. freezing game on start of new world

    ok i loaded steam as admin but nothing changed ingame main menu was still frozen and same results as normal then i tried just turning off my antivirus software (risky but not bothered by it not downloading anything) and still nothing
  7. No animation, controls do not works

    also i do think these bugs are for devs to try to fix cause i play games like dishonered and dishonered 2 of this pc and they run amazingly along with don't starve together just putting that out there
  8. No animation, controls do not works

    alex nice job here da basic shots also you can get shots as well cause steam and f12 button is great i also got them in order of how we would see them this time
  9. No animation, controls do not works

    welp at least we are all in same boat shall i add my pics to bottom of list? to show the devs what is happening so they can also see it with their own eyes?
  10. in the thermal upgrade update my game when making a new world the dupes appear purple and have 0 animations in dupe selection screen and when the game load it is all black and the current development build is displayed at top of screen and after i alt tab and reload saved world i can click all the items on the ui like the dig button and all that but i can not use them to interact with the game and the dupes portal and dupes are invisible at spawn and i can unfreeze time but nothing really changes except the cycle changing here is a few screen shots i have taken while trying to get it working people feel free to do as i have done fill this forum with all the bug picks and output_logs you can i also added a pic of my epic base from before the update made it so i can't play
  11. Game crashing when starting a new save

    here is my output_log and the test of most recent world without doing anything except loading a new game after deleting all my game files and redownloading it output_log.txt Hip Base.sav
  12. When loading: game is frozen / resources are gone / can't build

    i have collected a little more pics for information use it if needed i have no clue what caused it not to work for me but it only happens when i have any of the thermal upgrade update turned on (currently i am playing in the archive beta mode cause its only way to run it) strangest thing is normally when choosing dupes they are animated in the older version/ archive version but they are not moving in thermal update also as you can see they are purple missing texture maybe? if i find more bugs ill share em hope you all have better gaming experiences then me
  13. When loading: game is frozen / resources are gone / can't build

    i loaded a new world the dupes selection screen they were purple and they did not move i thought that was on but when i loaded the game all i got was the build number on top of screen and rest was black. i then alt tabbed then closed the game and reloaded the world and then i took these pictures to help with showing what has happend. it has only happend to me since the thermal update hit and also when i tried to hop in the thermal preview to also show i am really into this game here is my super base. i built this base was built with out thermal update srry about the long message just feel like sharing how this game has been. sinserly Hellsfury(engifam)