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  1. charlie in a ol' bat costume. based on this image -> https://thegraphicsfairy.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/09/Victorian-Bat-Woman-Costume-Image-GraphicsFairy-Copy.jpg
  2. very old stuff. but revenge is too sweet to pass by
  3. hi guys! its been awhile. what did i miss?!
  4. DST related prompts from last year's inktober. did only 10/31 lost momentum when i lost photoshop for the rest of the month 3. 'bait' 5. 'build' got lazy with this one. based on rhymes #158 8. 'frail' based on a theory a friend and i have. max possibly has marfan syndrome 9. 'swing'
  5. and speaking of borderlands here wendy as tiny tina doodles art stream stuff that i never finished
  6. i'm.. not... dead! hi its been a while! just been busy with real life stuff and other interest. haven't done DST art either. need to get back into gear. here's a wilson yeah the last two u where askin' are borderlands x DST. sorry to stagnate on that <X'<
  7. both Warly and Mumsy battle it out in a food competition to see whos the best chef in the constant. iron chef style! (bonus) based on 23/06/16 doodle jam, this what i imagine warly waiting for his winter soup to boil. soo ready
  8. ''This week's art challenge is to draw Wormwood (your choice of skin)'' and by 'your choice of skin' yon mean do my own skins eh? these are all based on native Australian plants. home turf! need more aussie stuff in DST. the dude's voice is a didgeridoo after all! wattle (a mix of golden, clay and sandpaper) waratah (with a cute currawong bird) kangaroo paw and silver spurflower and if that don't work here is a normal wormwood