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  1. hi guys! its been awhile. what did i miss?!
  2. WheatyCat's random art thread

    DST related prompts from last year's inktober. did only 10/31 lost momentum when i lost photoshop for the rest of the month 3. 'bait' 5. 'build' got lazy with this one. based on rhymes #158 8. 'frail' based on a theory a friend and i have. max possibly has marfan syndrome 9. 'swing'
  3. WheatyCat's random art thread

    and speaking of borderlands here wendy as tiny tina doodles art stream stuff that i never finished
  4. WheatyCat's random art thread

    i'm.. not... dead! hi its been a while! just been busy with real life stuff and other interest. haven't done DST art either. need to get back into gear. here's a wilson yeah the last two u where askin' are borderlands x DST. sorry to stagnate on that <X'<
  5. both Warly and Mumsy battle it out in a food competition to see whos the best chef in the constant. iron chef style! (bonus) based on 23/06/16 doodle jam, this what i imagine warly waiting for his winter soup to boil. soo ready
  6. ''This week's art challenge is to draw Wormwood (your choice of skin)'' and by 'your choice of skin' yon mean do my own skins eh? these are all based on native Australian plants. home turf! need more aussie stuff in DST. the dude's voice is a didgeridoo after all! wattle (a mix of golden, clay and sandpaper) waratah (with a cute currawong bird) kangaroo paw and silver spurflower and if that don't work here is a normal wormwood
  7. "as regal as she is ruthless..." - Wendy a dethroned queen becomes the nourishment of the next ruling monarch.
  8. didn't really have any idea for Wheeler. sadness....... this is the first thing i thought when a saw wheeler. praise for anyone who gets the reference. "in case you went listening, i'm not one to shy away form danger".
  9. lol thats annoying. guess you cant have your cake and eat it too.
  10. glommer statue is spawning in too close to the edges. this happened twice so far another is that too, wormholes are to close so character are end up walking on water. is this is happening to anyone; you can usually walk back into the wormhole then change the position where your characters facing (where their gonna jump out) in order for this to not happen. also i don't know if this is a bug but ill put it here anyways. cave gen is a bit iffy. ruin biomes are not neighboring anymore. so if your looking for a particular biome you may need to check the other side of the map. i got lucky and had lobsters nearby the sacred and village.
  11. ma god the hype! i'm ready for your Cthulhu stuff klei! and is it just me or the moon looks like Ghroth from the mythos?
  12. sir Bernie and miss Ashley team up to rescue princess Willow from the evil clutches of the terrible shadow cockatrice.
  13. didn't know what to do with this one. but here it is.... floof also super excite for willow's time to shine bernie approves