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  1. I restarted, the computer and the game, uninstalled and reinstalled the game, the drivers were updated correctly. I guess I just add the new logs in here then? output_log (2).txt
  2. Drivers have been updated, no change in game behavior.
  3. Upon starting the game, the first thing I noticed is that the main menu is not animated at all; no moving water, no moving fish, no dupes walking out, nothing. Each time I start the game, the fish is sometimes in different locations in the tank and its eyes are not always closed and the music still plays. Next, when I proceed to start a new map, the crew assembly screen has pink dupes with no animations. When I make my selection and I proceed into the game, I am greeted with a blank screen and only ambient sounds - no music. At this point, I am unable to bring up any menus, return to the main menu or exit the game without minimizing the game and manually shutting it down. If I start the game up again and I load the map I just started but could do nothing in, I am greeted with invisible dupes and buildings in addition to being unable to interact with the map. I can click UI buttons and enter tool modes, but I can't actually issue commands. I am also unable to move the camera or zoom in or out. The music and sounds all play as normal at this point. At this point, the sim is paused initially but I am able to un-pause by clicking the UI button. When un-paused, the gasses seem to be animated and in motion as normal and the values used by objects (The printer's time until next dupe timer and gas pressures/concentrations, for example) change over time as normal. I have restarted the game, restarted steam, uninstalled and reinstalled the game, switched between available beta settings (archive version still works like it should), but nothing has worked. I am unable to play the game since the latest update. The output log provided is from an initial startup of the game, the only state at which I can exit the game properly.