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  1. If I have, say, dirt marked for sweeping, and one of my duplicants is set to not sweep in the jobs tab? They still sweep anyway. It's really annoying because I should, theoretically, be ab le to only have my athletic/strength dupes be janitors and yet this currently isn't possible. Screenshots below show Catalina delivering materials that she just swept to the storage container, despite having sweep unticked in her job bar. Update: If you set your dupe to not "deliver", they won't sweep. This is a good temp fix, but really if I untick the sweep job they should be ignoring those too.
  2. I've noticed this one too, but I didn't know if it was a bug or not either so I didn't report it. But, yeah, I can confirm it happens.
  3. As you can see in the below image, the notification about "Sanitation Sciences" appeared for me even though, clearly, I had finished that research some time ago. No, it's not a matter of me having not removed the initial notification; I always do so right away. Is it meant as a reminder if you don't build anything from it right away or is it a bug? I honestly can't tell.
  4. If you click the "move to" button on a duplicant, but then press esc to cancel because you decide you don't want to do that, wherever your mouse was with the little targetting reticle for it? That reticle will remain until you press "move to" on another duplicant.
  5. I'm ASSUMING this isn't on purpose, anyway. But basically if Duplicant A enters shower, then gets out when their bar is at 80%, that bar will remain. Then, if Duplicant B enters the shower after A gets out, B will start his shower from 80%... meaning he gets clean MUCH faster. Basically, showering is being treated as a task to be completed by anyone like research or building, rather than being done on a person to person basis.
  6. The screenshots here won't tell you much, although you can see in the second one that it's "Awaiting Material Delivery" but doesn't even say what it is it's waiting for (it's a Mushbar, though). Anyway I had actually delivered 4 bars to this thing before my duplicant decided she could cook on it and yeah. I THINK this glitch has something to do with the fact that you use two mushbars to make one fried mush bar (which actually makes two fried mush bars, btw. I'm pretty sure that's an accident.), and so it gets super confused. Other versions of this glitch I've seen include the cooking station having like 3 different "versions" of "insufficient resources" appearing underneath it, as if it's 3 different buildings. And those warnings don't go away even if I cancel the order. All of these seem to only show up if you queue up more than one item at a time; ie, if you queue it fabricate continuously or make multiple fried mushbars in a row. Whatever the case, though, it's frustrating.
  7. Yeah it's super weird. There never seems to be rhyme or reason for it
  8. Not sure how best to describe their all purpose weapon, so I went with "gun". Anyway what's weird about this glitch is it doesn't seem to be caused by mining specific things. Sometimes I'd see it during water gathering (like in the image attached), sometimes when grabbing seeds, sometimes when grabbing food, a couple times when delivering copper ore... etc. So I honestly don't know how to reproduce this glitch. It's also worth noting it only has been happening to this, specific, duplicant. None of the others. And, finally, I only noticed it after I had him use the medical cot but again, I've had other duplicants use that cot and no problems. Apologies for not being more useful.
  9. As you can (hopefully) see from the images above, there is a Briar seed on the far right but I cannot use it in my flower vase because I deconstructed a vase early in the game that was waiting on a delivery. So, it still thinks there are zero seeds in the world, and isn't counting that one.