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  1. I thank you all for your appreciation of our mod, it has been on the wild by some time now, we've reached 10k subscribers in here + steam. We've been planing to review and maybe update something, although we've been busy doing our own game! And not been playing much Don't Starve now.

    Both mods seens to work fine so far, even many updates to the game.


    Sorry for the lateness @shePenguin, It doesn't need to be fertilized, just wait (take some time) ! xD

    Then when there's buds all over it, dig it !!

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  2. @N1nj4L1nk

    Hi there, and thank you all for the appreciation.

    The mod is open-source, the files are in 'lua' the modding language for the game (awesome language), they are plain-text and can be opened with any text editor!

    I appreciate your appointment for the 'ice', we will see to this now that the mod is in the air for some time and have more than 10k subscribers here and in steam (at least for the DST version).

  3. @Vady Thanks for pointing it out! Now it's fixed, and by the way you can download from the download button in upper page, it's correct there too.


    @vaporman14 I'm so sorry man, but you've graabed the wrong version, when I realeased it here it was wrong and buggy version, in a matter of a day I noticed and put the right back, please just delete what you have and re-download from here.



    - Those who own only Don't Starve should use ''

    - Those who own only Don't Starve and Reign of Giants use that one too ''

    - And those who own all single-player pack: Don't Starve, Reign of Giants and Shipwrecked shoud use ''


    [Alternative download links] Ganjamod DS_ONLY -- Ganjamod DS_RoG_SW

  5. @gerzulal and @ILycaon

    sorry for the delay fellas, we've encountered a series of problems while porting it over shipwrecked thus to even consider a separated version, not to mention we've been very busy with works (freelas in my case) and others things, putting not so great effort because lack of time, mostly.

    I thank you for the appreciation, it will come to exist eventually, hope soon.

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  6. @Tritonvelocity

    It will take about an entire season for it to grow buds. Prease refer to the mod descriptions above for more instructions!

    PS.: you should play the mod at least for the bush to grow a stage (there are five), because when you close the game the grow times will be reset to the stage the bush is. When you load the game the bush will retain it's last stage, but the gorwth time will be restarted for it.

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  7. @minespatch Yes, I was heavily working on the art for the weeder, it yet needs some polishment. You will see him soon I hope, with a bong!

    @SamuelCTB We've encountered some problems on integrating certain parts with shipwrecked which is delaying our release for the DS (Single-Player). Please be patient, we will figure this out somehow, and release it.


    * Sorry for the late reply, had many things going on!

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  8. HUGE update fellas! Despite the version_number we actually rewrote a lot of things, program is very polished now.

    The 1.1 updates bring some news too, now you have to dry the ganja to use it, put some in the Drying Racks and in about a day it will be dried .

    Ah, and there's more coming... Foods, and the Weeder character!
    WARNING: We had executed test to check compatibility for 1.0 worlds and it seens ok, but you may encounter problems, requiring to create a new world.

    PS:. Also note that as sugested by Steam-User @Shaniqua we changed the chance of ganja_seeds double drop to the old stage of the bush, so you have to choose between growing the farm bigger, or your head!

    Ah, and for those waiting the DS (Single-Player Base Game) version, we are working on it and it's almost ready to launch!

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  9. Hi there, I'm so sorry, but the ganja mod is yet no ported to Don't Starve Single-Player, it currently only works with Don't Starve Together, seeing your issue I will make a more appearent warning regarding that compatibility and as sad in the TODO part of the post, we intent to port it to single-player including shipwrecked and reign of giants, please be patient for that and you shall have it. ;)

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  10. Hi bangcyeah88, could you be more specific? or may post the log?

    Did you grab the 1.0 version? A lor of people run it without problem, and I've been testing with no errors.

    Maybe it is a incompatibility with other mod(s) you use?