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  1. Every time I try to start a custom game with the Flosten Paradise World, the game will load up to 51.8%, flash "Includes oxygen," and then either crash or suddenly completely close the game. Is that world a random debug feature that hasn't been finished, or is it supposed to be able to load? It crashed at the same time on four separate attempts (even after checking Steam files for corruption). This is the current version: 01-235856 (same day as posting)
  2. Thanks! Here's the auto save from the problem, as well as after i reloaded, just in case you need it. Good luck! The Death Comet Cycle 36.sav The Death Comet Cycle 45.sav
  3. I'm afraid that I'm at work, so I don't have the file with me. I'll upload the save when I get home, but it was working again at the last save (saving and restarting fixed it). This only happened once, but I figured I should let you know just in case someone else had the problem.
  4. In the thermal update, as recently as March 26, occasionally air pumps would stop working and display the status "Not pumping." This was with power on and connected, full pressure at the pump end, and almost vacuum next to the exhaust vent (will all gas pipes properly connected as well). Deleting the pipes and adding another gas pump did not fix the problem (the new pump stopped working immediately as well). Once I restarted the game, the pumps immediately started running again. (Now to deal with the several hundred kilos of contaminated water that my dupes made while stressing over the lack of oxygen ).