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  1. Maybe you should start learning the concept of electricity before calling people ignorant. But please quote me where I was in the wrong. If you start throwing terms like fuseboxes around maybe you are missing the point here lol and you should leave it to the people who know what they are talking about, because fuseboxes have little to do with how electrical circuits behave. Thanks.
  2. No, that's not how electricity works. If we take for example a regular household AC circuit then any wire will only consume energy (Watts) when a device is drawing power (Amps). The circuit carries a voltage, and the energy is W = I * V. The only way the cables in the game can burn out is when the voltage would be too high for them (assuming there are no consumers on the other end), or when devices draw too much energy.
  3. Wires seem to draw ALL the energy that is available in the system like it's some sort of loop. When branching off a wire to an individual component there can never be more energy than that component can draw (like in real life). See attached screenshot. The water pump is supposed to draw only 240W but the electrical wire leading to it indicates it is drawing 1.4kW. This shouldn't be able to happen.